Product Information Management 101

Essential Reading

If you’re brand new to Product Information Management start here – What is PIM?

If you’re currently evaluating PIM or looking to understand more about implementing PIM in your organisation, our resources below have everything you need to ensure a successful project.

Analysis of how PIM works, the benefits you’ll see and how to build a strong PIM business case in your organisation.

Learn about the procurement process, creating an RFI and all the costs associated with buying and implementing PIM.

How to identify key project stakeholders, build your data model and drive real Return On Investment (ROI) with PIM in your business.

PIM for your Industry

Why retailers & marketplaces need PIM to drive their omnichannel growth.

How distributors will stay ahead of the competition by simplfying and automating data management processes.

How PIM can help manufacturers to take control of their product data & assets, and own the brand experience.

PIM for your Sector


Fashion & Apparel

Drive sales in new markets, boost productivity and increase your online conversions with PIM.


Branded Workwear

Streamline complex data structures, and easily drive sales from cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.


Centralize your data and assets and easily automate production of catalogs and spec-sheets.


List more products on more channels and marketplaces, and get them live faster than ever with PIM.

PIM and your Tech Stack

key differences plm and pim software