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Pimberly Partners Gain:

  • Referrals

    Pimberly operates a 100% referral program, so when our customers have a need, we work with our partner network to solve the problem. With 100s of global brands across retail, distribution, and manufacturing, we’re passionate about driving referrals for our trusted partners.

  • Dedicated partner team

    A dedicated partner team that provides exposure to our prospects and customers through strategic marketing initiatives, direct access to our passionate sales team, and first-to-know product updates. We have partner managers dedicated to building valuable relations across the globe.

  • Sales Resource

    We have a dedicated outbound team across the UK and US connecting with an average of 800 brands a month. Work closely with them to make the most of these conversations and discover intel on leads for you.

  • Consultative, customer benefit focussed approach

    Our implementation team works with our customers to understand where else they can add value. Our partner network is the first place we go to for this. And when we on-board a customer, we deliver the full-service ourselves, so you know they’re in safe hands with the Pimberly customer success team.

How will PIM help your customers?

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  • Accelerate time to market

    Are your customers battling product data on multiple spreadsheets? Are they swamped with multiple versions of the same product, with no central source of truth? Pimberly automates all areas of product enrichment, management, and publishing, greatly accelerating time to market.

  • Drive business growth

    Are your customers looking to expand their product range across more channels or geographies? Pimberly enables brands to easily scale up their offerings, with customized product scoping for each channel. Managing translated product data is easy within Pimberly, making it easy to connect with international customers.

  • Reduce product returns

    Providing plenty of rich, relevant, and accurate product data means consumers will have fewer nasty surprises when they receive their orders. PIM allows brands to seamlessly manage rich, complex product data, creating confident and happy customers and reduced returns.

  • Drive business agility

    Freak weather? Want to run a fast promotion on snow boots? If product data is in Pimberly that’s not a problem. Essentially, populate a new product category ready for marketing in a few clicks, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

  • Increase AOV

    Guiding consumers through their purchase journey is what good eCommerce is all about. Well-defined product relationships allow brands to encourage customers to add to their purchases. Whether it’s a bundle that gives them a saving or a complimentary product. Well-structured product relationships are a breeze to set up in Pimberly, which is a huge business benefit of PIM.

Do you have a contact that’s a good fit for PIM?

Why Pimberly wins against the competition:

  • Full service implementation

    Pimberly are the PIM experts. That’s why we handle all implementation ourselves, meaning our customers get up and running in the shortest amount of time. Our top-class delivery and account management team is there every step of the way.

  • Infrastructure and UI

    We are a multi-tenanted platform. This means every customer gets the best version of Pimberly. Our customers have a direct influence on the product roadmap. As such, Pimberly continually evolves to serve their needs.

  • Integrated DAM

    Pimberly has a fully integrated DAM that is included in all licenses as standard. Image management is easy in Pimberly, with unique re-sizing options.

  • Commercial Model for Growth

    Pimberly supports the business growth of our customers, by not charging by channel. Our customers can open up to unlimited sales channels with no additional fee.

  • Complex Data

    Pimberly can easily handle large volumes of the most complex and technical product data, making Pimberly the easy choice for enterprise clients.

We’ve managed to increase the amount and quality of data we handle without increasing our headcount. Without Pimberly, we would have to employ another three skilled employees.


A product change used to take 3 days to reflect on the website. With Pimberly it takes 15 minutes.


Pimberly is a key element in getting 1200 products and languages to the top of Google.


We’ve gone from creating 30 products per week to 30 in a single afternoon – and we’re only a few weeks into launch!

Pet Drugs Online
Pet Drugs Online

Partner Resources


We use Crossbeam, a partner data platform, to create targeted campaigns for our joint top targets, customers and opportunities. So identify new leads and create strategic plans to move forward within minutes.

Outbound sales team

Our outbound sales team reach an average of 30 DM’s a day globally. We can utilize this team for our partners to gain insights and identify new leads.


Set up a cross-company slack channel for instant communication across teams on opportunities and marketing projects. So our sales teams can move forward on joint opportunities straight away, wasting no time.

Experienced Marketing Team

We have a dedicated Partner Marketing Manager to organize joint marketing initiatives that drive mutual lead generation. From CX dinners, webinars and panel events, to joint content. We’re experienced in creating marketing plans that drive results.

What Our Partners Say About Us…

Brightpearl Logo

“With multiple shared merchants with Pimberly, we have been able to see their expertise and product first hand. The platform itself has brought many benefits to our shared customers. The Pimberly team are a pleasure to work with, always on hand to support with any questions, and collaborate on new projects together.”

Head of Partnerships, Brightpearl

BigCommerce logo

“With Pimberly, we’re able to offer both B2C and B2B merchants a best-of-breed PIM solution. The Pimberly team have been hugely supportive with mutual opportunities both during and after the sales cycle.”

Partner Manager, BigCommerce

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