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As a leader in the field, we set the standard for what a Product Information Management (PIM) solution should look like today.

Businesses navigating the digital landscape recognize the need for robust product information management. They seek solutions that harmoniously centralize, curate, and distribute product data across multifaceted channels.

This is where Pimberly, our premier PIM software, drives powerful eCommerce success. 

Global brands using Pimberly to drive growth:

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Why Pimberly?

Take Control of Your Product Data

Our PIM offers a full suite of tools tailored to tackle the challenges of managing all kinds of product data.

Inconsistency, inaccuracy, and time lapses in product data can seriously damage a brand’s reputation and revenue. Our platform is structured to ensure that brands, retailers, and distributors always have the most accurate, timely, and consistent product data at the ready.

The PIM Experts

Many companies claim to be experts in Product Information Management, but our approach is unique.

We believe that it’s not just about data management; it’s about data empowerment. The platform’s intuitive design makes it easier for users – from seasoned IT pros to marketing teams. Our suite of information management products also integrates with other enterprise systems, ensuring a smooth data flow.


Pimberly saves me about an hour a day. Finding and filtering products is a breeze with Pimberly. I can export exactly the information I want with a click of a mouse and update launch dates without any fuss at all.


Customer Commitment

Our commitment is and always will be customer-focused. The wide variety of businesses we have the fortune of calling customers understand that in the age of digital transformation, businesses require a PIM solution that is robust.

Equally, our platform is agile, scalable, and forward-thinking. We continuously innovate so that we’re fully ready for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Partner for Success

We aren’t just a product — we are a strategic partner for businesses striving to excel in digital commerce.

We ensure businesses leverage product data as a potent asset rather than a cumbersome challenge.

Send products live in hours

Create exceptional product experiences

Expand globally

Streamline operations

Aldridge Security

Pimberly has improved our speed to market by 30% and helped us manage and enrich product information for over 290 brands.

Aldridge Security

Product Information Management system with built-in AI functionality

Our PIM system is a testament to innovation – particularly with our integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Pimberly AI Module

While traditional Product Information Management systems centralize, manage, and distribute product data, building AI within the framework of the Pimberly platform brings these functionalities to a new level. Our built-in AI provides businesses with unparalleled efficiencies.

AI and PIM

The role AI plays in Product Information Management (PIM) is crucial. Successful brands are always looking for new ways to deliver stellar customer experiences, and the need for responsive and predictive systems has grown exponentially.

We’ve built AI into the platform to enhance product data processing capabilities and enable customers to use their data to deliver on customer experience every time.

Pimberly AI Example

The strength of our AI functionality in Product Information Management PIM lies in our unique ability to learn from data patterns and automate complex processes based on these learnings.

Industry Specialism

PIM eliminates manual everyday tasks and provides businesses with a clear understanding of their product data and its potential. Throughout onboarding, we provide strategy guidance on product structure, as well as how customers can meet their target audiences’ evolving needs.

person holding tablet next to a laptop

Our devotion to PIM Product Information Management is manifested by our constant investment in research and development. We never settle for complacency in terms of what we can accomplish with product data. We recognize that the digital landscape is in a state of perpetual change and that it’s essential to innovate consistently to remain at the front of the eCommerce race.

One Step Ahead

By incorporating AI into the DNA of our PIM software, we ensure that our customers are always a step ahead. With a modern PIM solution like Pimberly, brands can leverage data-based insights to inform decisions and stay positioned over the competition.

Product export dashboard

The combination of AI with our Product Information Management platform emphasizes our stance that product data should not just be managed, but optimized and automated to increase conversions.

Take our express 1 minute platform tour…

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Key challenges Pimberly solves:

Maintaining consistent product data

Maintaining consistency for all storefronts across multiple sales channels can prove daunting for any business. Our PIM software is a pivotal solution designed to manage and optimize product information so it is consistent and reliable. The same product data is used across all sales touchpoints and provides brands with increased reliability. 

Through leveraging our top tier product information management software, businesses can ensure they meet and exceed the varied needs and requirements that different sales channels present.

Centralizing product information

The heart of our PIM software lies in centralization of product data. Businesses often deal with disparate data sources, mainly across their various sales channels. Multiple data sources can often lead to inconsistencies and duplications. Inaccuracies can greatly damage a brand’s reputation among customers.

Our product information management software acts as a central repository, aggregating product data from various sources, standardizing it, and ensuring uniformity. This singular source of truth, or ‘golden record,’ ensures that product details, pricing, images, and other related data remain consistent, regardless of the sales channel in focus.

Product enrichment

PIM management goes beyond just data centralization. It delves into data optimization and enrichment. 

oDifferent sales channels may have specific requirements in terms of data formats, image resolutions, and product descriptions. The Pimberly platform has built-in tools to tailor this information, making sure that each sales channel receives accurate and optimized data for that specific storefront. While an eCommerce platform might require high-resolution images with multiple views, a B2B portal might prioritize detailed product specifications.

Our PIM technology offers the ability to automate data syndication processes. Ensuring compliance can be tedious as sales channels evolve and update their requirements. 

Our robust workflows can automate product data distribution and ensure real-time updates and adherence to the most recent channel-specific requirements.

Data governance and reporting

The reporting functionalities within our product information management software allow businesses to gain valuable insights into product performance across sales channels. They help make informed decisions, optimize product listings, and tailor marketing strategies.

Our PIM software is an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to maintain a cohesive brand presence across their sales channels. Through centralization, optimization, automation, and analytics, our PIM management solution ensures that product information meets and exceeds every sales channel’s demands in the perpetually-changing digital commerce landscape.

Love Shopping

Almost anything is possible with its out-of-the-box automation features given as standard. The onboarding team were really informative, allowing us to transform our data and replace monotonous manual tasks with workflows.

Love Shopping

PIM solution tailored for your tech stack


We offer a powerful solution that seamlessly integrates with and enhances your tech stack. Businesses often grapple with diverse software solutions, with each solution addressing different operations. Our strength lies in our adaptability, ensuring our Product Information Management solutions are flexible. Ultimately, we seek to align with, complement, and elevate your existing tech stack.

One of the most notable features of our Product Information Management solution is its flexibility. Understanding that no two businesses have the same tech stacks, the platform was built with integration in mind.

Consultative Approach

Our Product Information Management services go beyond just integration. We take pride in our consultative service to our customers, assisting them as they optimize their tech stacks and maximizing the value they derive from product data.

Consultative services are crucial for companies that want to derive actionable insights from their data. With optimized product data, every software in the tech stack can communicate more effectively.

Accelerating Commercials

Integrating Pimberly into a tech stack can enhance PIM marketing efforts. Businesses create more effective marketing strategies to drive better engagement and more conversions by consolidating product data and focusing on accuracy.

Our Product Information Management solution are not just another addition to your tech stack; they act as an optimizing force, binding and enhancing the various components of your technology ecosystem.

API First

Through our tailored approach, we confirm that your tech stack is integrated and optimized for peak performance.

If a business’ tech stack includes eCommerce platforms, ERP systems, CRM tools, or marketing software, our API-first architecture ensures seamless connections. Integration capabilities foster streamlined data flows and allow the platform to operate at its highest efficiency.

Powerful product intelligence

Integrated DAM

Unlimited SKU volume

Unlimited connectivity

PIM technology is necessary for success in modern eCommerce

Staying Competitive

The surge of digital commerce has forever altered how businesses operate. The playing field is more competitive than ever. To navigate this intricate landscape, companies are turning to specialized solutions, and at the forefront is Product Information Management (PIM) technology. Recognizing the value of a PIM tool has become essential for success in eCommerce.

Omnichannel Connection

At the center of any successful eCommerce venture lies accurate, accessible product data. Said data is where a product information management PIM system comes into play. Maintaining standardized product information can be intimidating with the number of channels and customer touchpoints most businesses deal with. Disparate data sources, varying platform requirements, and constantly evolving customer preferences only add to this challenge. A well-implemented PIM tool acts as a centralized hub for brands that addresses this challenge head on. 

PIM eCommerce Tech Stack Diagram

Product Complexities

As eCommerce platforms grow more technically sophisticated, the demand for rich, varied product content also increases. Product data is not just product specifications; it’s also 360-degree images, videos, customer reviews, and intricate product narratives. 

Product content management software seamlessly integrates with PIM systems to cater to these requirements, facilitating the creation of engaging product content and further optimization and distribution. Such enriched content enhances the user experience and drives conversions, leading to increased conversions.

The Need for PIM

The rise of Product Information Management software companies highlights the increasing need for these solutions in the contemporary eCommerce world. Solutions like ours bring expertize, innovation, and tailored solutions to the table, ensuring businesses can effectively manage their vast product portfolios. Our software specifically is structured to be scalable, adaptable, and forward-thinking. It mirrors the dynamic nature of the digital commerce sector.

As eCommerce itself continues to evolve, the significance of PIM technology grows and changes with it. Brands looking to stay ahead of the rest need to consider investing in a Product Information Management PIM system that meets all of their needs. The right PIM ensures that product data management is efficient and positions the business for growth across the board. 

Leveraging a PIM is not just an option, but a necessity for modern eCommerce success.