Whitepaper: Making The Business Case for PIM

This 8,000-word whitepaper on Product Information Management (PIM) provides a deep analysis of how it works, and the business benefits it brings. After reading this whitepaper, you’ll have the foundations to build a strong PIM business case, including:

  • How PIM software facilitates a much more productive and collaborative way of working by enabling employees to access everything they need from a centralized product hub
  • The ability to reduce costs all while creating amazing product experiences that lead to higher revenues
  • The key signs that indicate your business needs completely streamlined and effective product data management processes

Overall, making the business case for a PIM solution is challenging when you don’t have all the facts and figures. However, embarking on your PIM journey brings many opportunities, and will help you achieve sustainable growth and scalability.

Firstly, streamlining the process of managing large volumes of complex product data massively increases productivity. In turn, this gives your team members more quality time to focus on wider business objectives.

Secondly, the eCommerce environment is becoming increasingly competitive. As such, delivering first-in-class online experiences is non-negotiable. Creating a winning eCommerce strategy that puts customer satisfaction front and center means you must consistently deliver quality product content at every stage of the eCommerce buyer journey.

Lastly, if customers can’t quickly and easily find the information they need, they’ll vote with their feet and go elsewhere. Something all eCommerce businesses want to avoid after spending significant time and resource driving demand.

~25 min read (circa 8000 words)

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Why is PIM essential for businesses selling online?

Increasingly, customers want more in-depth product information before committing to an online purchase. Therefore, eCommerce businesses are dealing with increased volumes of product data. PIM tools streamline all aspects of product data management, saving time and resources.

How will PIM help you smash your KPIs?

We outline all the ways you can utilize a PIM to leverage your product data, rapidly move towards your growth targets, and smash your eCommerce KPIs. In other words, PIM systems are instrumental for any eCommerce business looking to take things up a notch.

How will PIM streamline the way you work?

When it comes to product data, many different departments have a role to play. PIM offers a centralized hub for everything your teams need to work in a collaborative, efficient, and productive way. Say goodbye to the days of managing product information across disparate systems.

Brands driving growth with Pimberly:

Access the Making The Business Case for PIM whitepaper for free now:

From boosting employee productivity and wellbeing to helping you boost online sales with higher AOV and improved conversion rates, a PIM platform is a key element of the eCommerce tech stack. Create a single source of truth for all your product data and digital assets, easily enter new marketplaces and geographies, and take your eCommerce operations to the next level.