Making The Business Case for PIM

Making the business case for PIM can be challenging without a deep understanding of what it can bring to your business. Week on week market demand for online shopping rose by 129% within 6 months of Feb 2020. (Source is Internet Retailing)

With this steep rise in demand, businesses need to be more adaptable and flexed for growth than ever before. So, is your business technically able to rise to this challenge? Furthermore, is your online tech stack central to your growth strategy?

This white paper examines what a PIM is, how it works and why to use it, including:

  • Where a PIM fits within your business
  • Achieving rapid growth via online sales
  • When to consider deploying a PIM

Access the Making the Business Case for PIM whitepaper for free now:


~30 min read (circa 8000 words)

Improve governance

Improve conversion rates

Increase average order value

Reduce costs

Mitigate business risk

Why is PIM essential for businesses selling online?

Increasingly, customers want more in-depth product information before committing to an online purchase. Therefore, eCommerce businesses are dealing with increased volumes of product data.

How will PIM help you smash your KPIs?

We outline out all the ways you can utilize a PIM to leverage your product data, rapidly move towards your growth targets, and smash your eCommerce KPIs.

How will PIM streamline the way you work?

When it comes to product data, many different departments have a role to play. PIM offers a centralized hub for everything your teams need to work in a collaborative, efficient, and productive way.

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