International Expansion with the Power of PIM: SIMON

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Expanding internationally with a central source of truth

Simon is a top player in Spain’ electrical components market and has been for over 100 years. Their portfolio of products ranges from collections of switches and sockets, to control systems, electric vehicle charging and both interior and exterior lighting.

With a passion for technology and excellent customer experience, Simon has been at the forefront of advancement in the electrical component sector. In 2016, they won the National Design Award – granted by the Spanish Ministry for Industry and Technology, showing their commitment to design and technical innovation.

A solution  to support global growth

In recent years, Simon has experienced substantial growth, expanding its reach to encompass operations in 9 countries, with 11 factories worldwide. To effectively support and facilitate further expansion, Simon identified the need for a robust solution to manage all aspects of their product data. Simon maintains multiple websites tailored to the unique requirements of each country they serve. This approach ensures that translations and content are optimized to meet the specific standards and preferences of each regional demographic.

Simon’s custom-made PIM system did not have the functionality to manage translation data efficiently. It required them to replicate the attributes for each website which took up time and effort. This wasn’t a scalable solution. Enter Pimberly’s Scope and Locale functionality. Leveraging this innovative solution, Simon has successfully centralized all translated data within a single location and against a unified attribute structure. This eliminates the need for attribute replication across multiple websites and mitigates the need for redundant SKUs.


By consolidating rich translation data within one attribute per product, Simon can efficiently manage and update product information, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all platforms. Moreover, this streamlined process enables seamless distribution of content to the relevant websites, enhancing operational efficiency and enabling continued growth into varying geographical regions.

A central source of truth for all aspects of product data


Before integrating Pimberly into its operations, Simon initially developed its products within its SAP platform and then exported them via datasheets into its previous custom-made Product Information Management (PIM) solution. The only issue was their previous PIM was slow and couldn’t handle the large amounts of data that they handled. Simon soon recognized the need for a comprehensive solution capable of collating all aspects of their product data, including digital assets, into a centralized location.

With the implementation of Pimberly, Simon has established a single source of truth for their product data. This has enabled them to efficiently enrich and manage their product information within a unified platform. Consequently, Simon can seamlessly distribute this enriched data to their partners, customers, and websites, resulting in facilitating enhanced collaboration and streamlined operations.

Expanding to new sales channels

Prior to Pimberly, the process of pushing product data from its custom-made PIM system to its website proved to be laborious and time-consuming. This frequently resulted in operational bottlenecks. Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution to facilitate a swift and streamlined workflow of information to their website, Simon sought Pimberly.

With Pimberly, Simon benefits from streamlined data management, facilitating the creation and seamless distribution of their data across diverse sales channels. Leveraging our channel creation functionality, Simon has successfully simplified the process of interfacing with various platforms and engaging customers. Our intuitive drag-and-drop mapping interface empowers them to swiftly export attributes, including translated data, to corresponding websites with notable ease and efficiency.


Looking to the future – A collaborative tool for a company with several business areas

Simon currently utilizes Pimberly across two distinct teams: administration and marketing. The administration team assumes responsibility for configuring feeds, channels, schemas, and attributes. Meanwhile, the marketing team oversees content management and the uploading of data and descriptions into the Pimberly instance.

Looking ahead, Simon aims to extend Pimberly’s use across additional teams, thereby removing the necessity for manual file transfers between departments and consequently enhancing overall productivity.

Simon intends to implement an ETIM framework to standardize, classify, and disseminate their product information efficiently. Pimberly will play a pivotal role in automating this process, thereby ensuring seamless updates to their ETIM with new products and information, consequently enhancing organizational efficiency and data integrity.

An image of Pimberly PIM platform

Easily Import

You can quickly import data into Pimberly from multiple sources in any form. The platform can connect to all your supplier, manufacturer and data feeds in minutes. You’ll see faster product on-boarding with less work!

Centrally Manage

Pimberly manages all of your product information, attributes and assets. Dashboards give a clear view of completeness across product ranges, and with the power to handle unlimited SKUs, Pimberly grows with your business.