Pimberly Deployment

We understand your users’ first experience is critical which is why our onboarding offers a clear and well-trodden path. Our people-focused approach and ensuring we understand our customers and their values help us add value at each milestone.

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The Pimberly Approach

Unlike other PIM providers who use third-party partners to deploy your solution, we pride ourselves on our in-house team who are there to help you throughout your Pimberly journey. Here are just some of the approaches we will take when helping you deploy your solution.

Transformational Programmes

We pride ourselves on our fluidity, meaning we can interchange between small-style projects to large enterprise projects with ease. All our customers use Pimberly differently, from the small manufacturers who use the platform to pass data through for automation, to enterprise retailers where Pimberly is a critical cog in a large-scale transformational project.

Change Management

Throughout your project, we will ensure that all stakeholders involved will receive the right level of support to accommodate this change to ensure first-class experiences for everyone. 

Engagement Style

We take a flexible approach to all our projects, ensuring that we work around you. Our clients are in full control of their projects meaning you can dictate the pace that you want to go at.

Our approach to onboarding

Our Methodologies

We will also do a skills transfer to ensure you have the skills you need to self-serve after go live.

We take a staggered approach to deployment, playing back your solution at key milestones to make sure you are happy.

Our Services

As part of PIM implementation, we will focus on the key drivers for investment and pain points. We’ll also look at transferring skills from our team to yours.

Services range from:

  • Professional services & best practice use cases
  • Data strategy consultancy
  • Project management
Gold-standard support

Our in-house consultants will work with you to ensure

  • That your solution is successfully deployed.
  • They will also ensure that you have all the skills you need to continue on your Pimberly journey.

What our customers say about their onboarding experience..


“Implementation, integrations and support have been best in class. The speed and ease of deployment for such a complex piece of kit really blew me away”


“Unlike other vendors we looked at, Pimberly was very flexible to our requirements. We don’t have the normal PIM set up and Pimberly was the only company willing to take on this challenge.”


“Our old PIM system was overcomplicated and not a pleasure to use. Pimberly has been a joy to set up in comparison. We’re super excited to see what extra efficiencies it can bring to the business.”

Our highly flexible project plans

We have deployed over 100 PIM Projects in 13 countries across the world! All our projects are extremely flexible with a wide range of engagement styles ranging from self-serve models all the way to bespoke transformational projects. Below is an example of a Standard implementation timeline – this can vary based on each client’s needs with a typical client taking 12 weeks to fully implement Pimberly into their business.

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Pimberly Integrations

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We interface with lots of different platforms, from ERP’s all the way to marketplaces. PIM integration enables you to achieve operational excellence by integrating your Product Information Management (PIM) platform with internal and external systems. With seamless integration and configurable automation – the possibilities are endless! Check out our integration page for more information. 

Book a Demo: Accelerate Online Revenues with Pimberly

Pimberly is the powerful SaaS Product Information Management & Digital Asset Management platform built for manufacturers, brands, distributors & retailers.

Book a 30-minute personalized session with our PIM experts today and start your growth journey with Pimberly.

You’ll see how you could:

  • Easily create, enrich and automate product data, images & videos for omnichannel eCommerce.
  • Drive conversions and deliver best-in-class online experiences.
  • Grow revenues by reaching new channels and markets with confidence in your data.
  • Give your teams a central hub to manage and update product data

Ongoing Success

Customer centric approach

The delivery team will review your goals to make sure you are happy they are met. All concerns will be ironed out during this stage before passing on to the customer success team.

Skills Transfer

We can provide a full skills transfer on how to use all elements of Pimberly when starting your PIM implementation. With a train-the-trainers approach, we ensure your team is confident with everything they need to continue implementing and experiencing success.

Continued success

We will also define your customer engagement plan to ensure you have everything you need for further success. This will include an introduction to the customer success team, and how to contact support. You will also have access to our Knowledge Base which contains tutorials and videos as well as our training exercise FashionInc. 

A smooth transition

We will transfer all the details of your project, including the relationship and knowledge, over to the customer success team once you are ready to go live. At this stage, you will be assigned an account manager and a technical account manager who will continue to support you through your Pimberly journey.

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