Pimberly Success Story: Interflora

“Before Pimberly, we were managing product data in spreadsheets. This process was very time-consuming and limited the rate and quality of new products and categories we could create. Now, we’ve reduced the time it takes to onboard a new product by 35% thanks to Pimberly. To add to that, we have full visibility of the product’s lifecycle from the moment its creation right through to it going live on the website”

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Blossoming beginnings

Founded in 1923, Interflora is now one of the largest and most prestigious flower delivery networks in the world. For almost 100 years, Interflora has been delivering show-stopping flower bouquets to homes and businesses across the world. A passion for excellent customer experiences, along with its global network of artisan florists with a keen eye for detail, are key drivers for its growth. Overall, this ethos of excellence makes Interflora the business it is today and will continue to shape the business as it blossoms in the future.

Sowing the seed for a successful eCommerce strategy

The worldwide flower and ornamental plant market is expected to grow by 6.3% in the next 5 years. So, as a global leader in this sector, Interflora was looking for a scalable solution to help manage this growth.

Prior to launching Pimberly, Interflora’s product data management processes were clunky, time-consuming, and very manual. In other words, Interflora was managing product data in spreadsheets, while all digital assets were stored separately on a network drive.

It was an extremely linear process where documents were sent to a different team once changes were complete. Then, the sheets were sent back to the relevant team to fix errors in the data. Moreover, there was no way of notifying the next team when a step in the product lifecycle was complete. As a result, collaboration was difficult and only a single user could access the spreadsheet at one time. All in all, it was a totally burdensome and inefficient process.

With the Pimberly platform, Interflora can manage product data collaboratively with people working on different aspects at the same time. As a result, this means the Interflora team has a lot more time to focus on enriching data and in other areas of the business.

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With Pimberly, we now have full visibility of where a product is in its lifecycle and what needs to be done to get it ready for the website

eCommerce Technical Development

An Iris-istable match with Pimberly

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Pimberly’s workflow feature has been such a great tool for ensuring the whole Interflora team works collaboratively together. Everyone knows where they are at with a particular product and if they don’t, they get notified!

Service Delivery Manager

Interflora needed automation, and that’s where Pimberly came in. Pimberly gives the Interflora team full visibility over all product data and digital assets. As such, team members can ensure total accuracy and completeness of product data before publishing it. Pimberly’s workflow and lifecycle features have been crucial for the Interflora team, giving them full visibility of a products’ progress. Overall, this makes the transition from product ideation to commercialization across sales channels completely flawless.

Automating the flow of consistently accurate product data to the eCommerce site has freed up lots of time for the Interflora team. Reducing these manual tasks means more team members can focus on wider business objectives, such as growth and scalability. In addition, the ability to quickly add lots of new products opens a budding flow of sales opportunities, which will further drive its growth.

A flourishing future for Interflora

Now it is no longer managing product data in spreadsheets, the Interflora team can set its sights on a flourishing future.  In the next few years, Interflora will be working to decouple its eCommerce platform and introduce microservices into its architecture to optimize the user experience. Overall, Interflora can focus on ramping up its eCommerce operations thanks to more slick and efficient product data management processes.

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