Driving operational efficiencies through a centralised product database: FGH

“Before Pimberly, we had a different database for each of our brands. There was a lot of duplication as some products featured in multiple brands. Now we have everything in one place, so we no longer have to duplicate products. We have saved so much time! 

Project Support Manager, FGH

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A technologically advanced online retailer focussed on driving operational efficiencies with a centralised product database   

Freemans Gratton Holdings (FGH) is a UK–based retailer and is home to some of the UK’s biggest brands including Freemans. Since 2000, the FGH Group has become a household name.  

Before FGH, Grattan and Freemans were both well-established mail-order firms supplying catalogs to thousands of homes across the UK. However, advances in technology meant more and more people opted to shop online. The merging of the two businesses in 2000 to create Freemans Grattan Holdings saw a switch from print to eCommerce.  

Creating a central repository for multiple big-name brands  

Managing a vast array of products across numerous websites presents a challenge, as FGH experienced firsthand. In the past, whenever a new product was added to the website, the web content coordinators would receive a brief for a particular brand. Simultaneously, another individual would work on a separate brief on the same product but from a different brand. Meaning the same product would exist across multiple databases, differing only by the marketing description.

Today, FGH has successfully implemented a centralized repository to efficiently manage all product data and digital assets. This transformative approach removes the need for disparate databases and the unnecessary duplication of products across various brands. Moreover, by leveraging Pimberly’s attribute feature, FGH now stores a single instance of each product. It allows FGH to create and customize distinct marketing descriptions for each product and seamlessly distribute them across its multiple sales channels. 


“The support we received whilst onboarding was second to none. The team was so attentive, patient and supportive allowing me to plan out our product data model exactly and execute the project seamlessly.” 

Web Content, FGH

Driving productivity with bulk updating   


Prior to Pimberly, FGH managed their product attributes and categories individually. To illustrate, if there was a requirement to include boot length as an attribute for one brand, the same task would be repeated separately for each additional brand Managing each attribute and category tree individually was a laborious process. 

Pimberly has enabled the FGH team to perform bulk updates into and out of their Pimberly instance. This means eliminating duplication across various brands. This streamlined approach has translated into significant time savings for FGH in the management of its product data, leading to enhanced overall productivity. 


A team you can rely on   

Throughout their time working with Pimberly, FGH has maintained a collaborative partnership with our technical team. This has significantly enhanced their proficiency in utilizing the platform and refining their internal workflows. This collaboration has been instrumental in identifying and addressing inefficiencies within their operational processes. As such, FGH has benefited from the valuable insights and support provided by their dedicated Pimberly Technical Account Manager, through on-site “day in the life” sessions. 

Furthermore, FGH has benefitted from continuous access to the responsive and knowledgeable Pimberly support team. This resource has proven invaluable in promptly addressing any inquiries that the FGH team may encounter while utilizing the platform, ensuring a seamless and productive experience.

Looking to the future: CopyAI

Digital transformation remains central to FGH’s strategic roadmap. Now there is full control over product data management, there will be a larger focus on enhancing the digital retail experience even further.  

FGH has adopted Pimberly’s CopyAI feature to generate product descriptions across its diverse portfolio of brands. This tool leverages AI to craft multiple product descriptions that adhere to specific business requirements. Including, product attributes, character limits, designated keywords, and desired tone of voice. The result is a streamlined approach to generating eCommerce-ready content, which FGH can readily use across their channels.  

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Easily Import

You can quickly import data into Pimberly from multiple sources in any form. The platform can connect to all your supplier, manufacturer and data feeds in minutes. You’ll see faster product on-boarding with less work!

Centrally Manage

Pimberly manages all of your product information, attributes and assets. Dashboards give a clear view of completeness across product ranges, and with the power to handle unlimited SKUs, Pimberly grows with your business.