PIM for Retail

Why Retail Needs PIM

Product Information Management (PIM) for retailers is an essential tool that enables you to create exceptional product experiences. With Pimberly, CMOs and CTOs can effortlessly handle complex product data and digital assets within a centralized platform, providing a reliable and unified product data source.

eCommerce is increasingly the go-to option for consumers to research, browse and buy products. Pimberly allows retailers to create high-quality customer experiences and drive loyal repeat customers.

Deliver seamless experiences for the modern consumer with a PIM system purpose-built to facilitate lightning-quick eCommerce.

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How Pimberly drives growth for retailers:

  • Pimberly provides a single repository for product data, making managing, updating, and ensuring consistency across all sales channels easier.
  • Accurate and detailed product information is available across all platforms, meaning customers enjoy a better shopping experience.
  • With the help of cutting-edge AI, create dynamic, SEO-optimized eCommerce-ready product data, ensuring your products appear on Google and other search engines and stay there.
  • Pimberly enables faster and more efficient product launches by allowing retailers to update and distribute product information quickly across multiple channels.
  • Leverage Pimberly’s in-house API eCommerce connectors to update your product range near instantaneously across retail touchpoints
  • Detailed and accurate product descriptions, specifications, and images help to boost online visibility and attractiveness, directly improving conversion rates and customer loyalty
  • Pimberly’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities allow you to store & transform high-quality images/videos/lookbooks alongside your products, allowing you to design high-converting product pages

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What our customers say:


“Efficient PIM for large amounts of Data”

The upsides of using Pimberly are that it is helpful in storing large amounts of product information in one product ID, I’m able to add any attributes into the Product IDs to help with enriching products.

I’ve also been able to create new schemas, e.g. size guides, and link those with the Product ID’s. Overall I find Pimberly really easy to use, and use it on a daily basis, this could be to export data for sales analysis or importing data to make a product more enriched.


“Excellent Product and Support”

Pimberly have a fantastic support team that a rapid at responding to and resolving issues. The team are always on hand for technical questions, be that via email, phone or video call – always providing information in the detail required for a successful knowledge transfer to ensure the client can achieve their technical goals.


“Streamlined a lot of in house processes and massively reduced mistakes”

Makes it extremely easy to track a produts life cycle within the company. What was previously done across various platforms can be edited and enriched in one place. Easily intergrated with our other systems and online store.

Rapidly improve time to market

Time to market is integral for retail success, whether launching a new product or updating an existing item. PIM improves time to market by automating manual tasks around product data management whilst also reducing human error. 

With Pimberly, all product data is gathered, stored, managed, and distributed from a single source of truth. As a result, you have full visibility and quick access to all elements of your product data. 

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Drive product discoverability

Quality product information for retailers forms the backbone of a solid SEO strategy, a key element to product discoverability. And PIM easily handles SEO product data.

As well as this, set up unlimited sales channels with Pimberly so your products have extended reach. PIM also gives you control over the product content you publish across each channel, so you can ensure you always meet the specific requirements. Set up pre-determined data rules to make this super simple to manage.

Finally, if you want to expand internationally, you can easily store translated data for your product catalog. Overall, Pimberly makes it easy to match the cultural requirements of international customers., extending your product discoverability cross-border.

Expand Your Product Range with PIM for Retailers

Expanding a product range using manual processes is a huge challenge. And dealing with extra product sources during supplier onboarding can complicate matters further.

PIM simplifies product information management processes and unites unlimited internal and external data sources. So expanding your product range is much more straightforward. 

In the retail industry, finding ways to improve your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a key factor of a successful eCommerce strategy. A great way of doing that is by having a steady stream of new products to dazzle your customers to keep them coming back!

A powerful PIM solution like Pimberly enables you to automate the onboarding of new product lines and remove manual processes. As such, you’ll manage more listings, add more long-tail products, always ensure complete consistency, and increase profit margins.


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Create amazing product experiences

PIM for retailers is an essential tool if you want to create product experiences that stand out from the crowd. For retailers, having a great product at a great price no longer hits the mark. Customers expect more. 

Digital assets are a must have for your products and Pimberly doubles up as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. In other words, this means the platform will handle the storage, enrichment, and distribution of media assets.

Within Pimberly’s DAM, you’ll be able to curate exceptional product experiences that convert browsers to buyers. From simple product images, to high definition videos, you’ll be confident that your products are displayed in the best possible light.

Future-proofing your business

A high-quality PIM will steer your retail eCommerce strategy into the future, enabling you to stay competitive. 

A PIM solution will easily connect with unlimited internal and external systems. For example, eCommerce platforms – such as Shopify or BigCommerce – or your long-established ERP system.

Connectivity is key to making your digital tech stack work for you and generating the full ROI. With Pimberly, you can be confident that your product information is under control, giving you more opportunities to focus on key conversion points. 

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Additional Pimberly Modules

We are continuing to grow and innovate the Pimberly product suite with new additional modules. Here are the additional modules favored by our retail customers.

Auto-generate product data sheets/spec and sell sheets

In less than a minute, the product data-sheet/spec sheets module will produce product data sheets within Pimberly. Our customers use them to display information about size specifications, care instructions, color options, and other design elements. And, they’re used for efficient supply chain management, with SKU numbers, barcodes, and other identifiers to streamline tracking and distribution.

Nevertheless, automating the creation of data sheets saves your marketing team significant time and resources. In addition, if any updates are made to your products from within Pimberly, these changes will be reflected in their respective datasheet.

Create dynamic product catalogs

Convey your brand’s story and aesthetic with Pimberly auto-generated digital product catalogs.

Pimberly’s catalog functionality works similarly to the product data sheets. They provide an automated solution to quickly index, publish, and edit your catalogs. The catalog functionality saves your team valuable time across the entire catalog production process.

Pimberly AI

Pimberly AI is based on three distinct modules. Discover how the new, innovative function allows multi-brand retailers to drive growth through rapid product range expansion.

Copy AI

Firstly, Copy AI is our AI-generated SEO-optimized product description tool. Create compelling product titles and descriptions to ensure you rank #1 across Google and your favorite eCommerce marketplaces.

Furthermore, Copy AI is especially useful for multi-brand retailers, allowing you to stand out with high-quality, SEO-optimized product details. And, it saves eCommerce and marketing teams significant time by generating eCommerce-ready product descriptions, giving you vital extra selling days.

Product AI

Product AI is a market intelligence tool. By accessing marketplace data, you can populate information gaps your products might have. The premise is simple. By using a product’s code (EAN, UPC, or ASIN), Product AI will extract the data you want from some of the world’s leading marketplaces, increasing your level of product data validation.

With Product AI, you can speed up data enrichment of your products and ensure your products are accurate and enriched.

In addition, eCatalog supports internal business processes by facilitating easy access to your product catalog across the business. Merchants can share these catalogs with their customers, enabling real-time product previewers to enhance the sales process.

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