PIM For Retailers

Online shopping is the go-to option for consumers who prefer to research, browse, and buy products at any time, from anywhere. 

So, Product Information Management (PIM) for retailers is an essential tool that enables you to meet and exceed the growing expectations of online shoppers. PIM for retailers will form the backbone of a successful eCommerce strategy.       

PIM tools totally transform product data management processes, giving you more time to focus on delivering outstanding product experiences.

Rapidly improve time to market

Whether launching a new product or updating an existing item, time to market is integral for retail success. PIM improves time to market by automating manual tasks around product data management whilst also reducing human error. 

With PIM for retailers, all product data is gathered, stored, managed, and distributed from a single source of truth. As a result, you have full visibility and quick access to all elements of your product data. 


Extend the reach of your products

Quality product information for retailers forms the backbone of a solid SEO strategy in order to enable product discoverability.

Set up unlimited sales channels with Pimberly so you get your products in front of more potential customers. Determine what product content you publish across your different sales channels to ensure you always meet the specific requirements.

If you’re looking to expand internationally, you can easily store translated data for your product catalog. Overall, PIM for retailers makes it easy to match the cultural requirements of international customers.

Expand Your Product Range with PIM for Retailers

If you have manual product data management processes, expanding your product range is a challenge. Moreover, supplier onboarding will be tricky as you’ll be dealing with even more product data sources.

PIM simplifies product information management processes and unites unlimited internal and external data sources. Expanding your product range is much more straightforward. 

In the retail industry, finding ways to improve your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a key factor of a successful eCommerce strategy. A great way of doing that is by having a steady stream of new products to dazzle your customers to keep them coming back!

A powerful PIM solution like Pimberly enables you to automate the onboarding of new product lines and remove manual processes. As such, you’ll manage more listings, add more long-tail products, always ensure complete consistency, and increase profit margins.


Create amazing product experiences

PIM for retailers is an essential tool if you want to create product experiences that stand out from the crowd. For retailers, having a great product at a great price no longer hits the mark. Customers expect more. 

Digital assets are a must have for your products and Pimberly doubles up as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. In other words, this means the platform will handle the storage, enrichment, and distribution of media assets.

Within Pimberly’s DAM, you’ll be able to curate exceptional product experiences that convert browsers to buyers. From simple product images, to high definition videos, you’ll be confident that your products are displayed in the best possible light.

Embracing the future of eCommerce

A high-quality PIM will steer your retail eCommerce strategy into the future, enabling you to compete with the best of the best.

A PIM solution will easily connect with unlimited internal and external systems and platforms your business uses. For example, these systems include eCommerce platforms – such as Shopify or BigCommerce – or your long-established ERP system.

By centralizing your product data, you ensure your product data is accurate and consistent across all of your channels.


PIM for retail will deliver results in real time – from increased product visibility, improved team collaboration, to creating product stories with high-quality digital assets

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