Pimberly AI

Pimberly AI is comprised of 3 modules; Image AI, Copy AI and Product AI. This functionality automates the generation of product descriptions and attribution by effectively managing and transforming unstructured data.

Furthermore, this innovative functionality will help businesses to create better product experiences and compelling content that increases revenues through improved conversions, rapid speed to market and an expanded product range.

Pimberly AI facilitates enhanced personalization by tailoring product descriptions, imagery, and attribution to specific sub-sectors within your target audience, such as age groups and geographical locations. This targeted approach ensures a more personalized and impactful connection with your audience, contributing to a more effective overall online strategy.

Benefits of Pimberly AI

Rule Based Validation

Pimberly AI enables you to enforce rules and constraints on product data input, validate product data, and ensure it is error-free and consistent. Your predefined criteria makes it easier to manage massive amounts of product details using customized validation rules.

Historical Validation

Pimberly uses AI to perform historical validation as part of an ongoing data enrichment process based on historical algorithms. For example, our AI technology uses machine learning algorithms and recognizes data patterns to flag non-compliant data. As a result, you improve customer experiences by ensuring your data conforms with customer preferences for each marketplace. 

Image Based Validation

Once a new image is stored on your PIM, our AI model retrieves and classifies the image, analyses it, maps out information based on things such as pre-defined product attributes, and then stores that information with the image in the appropriate formats (in Pimberly’s DAM solution). All of these steps are performed without the need for manual intervention.

Increased speed of time to market

AI increases time to market using automated steps that eliminate time-consuming manual processes. For example, you can use AI to analyze product information and automatically populate fields with relevant information. Through automation, you reduce the risk of errors and manual corrections. You also improve productivity and efficiency in the onboarding process. 

Improved data accuracies

AI uses machine learning to improve constantly. For example, Pimberly uses deep learning technology that enables our AI to learn by example. As a result, users also learn from past onboarding processes and can confidently use AI to predict product categorization, pricing, and critical attributes. AI tracks updates and automatically incorporates them across your sales channels, saving time and ensuring your information is always current. In addition, it continuously monitors product information from major marketplaces such as Amazon and Shopify for you so that you can provide the most accurate product data available 


Expanding your product reach

Pimberly AI enables you to create multiple digital personas for different marketplaces and channels, meaning you have a great reach to different audiences. Tailor your product descriptions and imagery to reach the different geographies and demographics to increase sales revenues  

Copy AI

Our AI-generated SEO-optimised product descriptions, features and benefits use business, product, character limit, keywords and tone of voice to output eCommerce-ready content. Create compelling product titles, descriptions, features and benefits that allow you to win from a ranking point of view (SEO) on whatever platform you are selling your products. You can tailor each product description to meet the criteria of specific sales channels, for example ensuring that your product description meets 220 characters long for Amazon. Every marketplace/sales channel has its own requirements in terms of product data. Copy AI creates optimised versions specific for each channel (referencing validation and SEO) automatically.  


Benefits of Copy AI

A/B Testing

The three variations of data are ready for A/B testing so you can continuously find the best wording to sell more products effectively.


Optimising your AI-generated product descriptions for search engines improves your rankings and helps more customers find you.


AI generated product descriptions help maintain brand image, mimicking tone, voice and style based on your preferences. 

Increased sales

By combining basic descriptions with AI capability to personalise and target new content, youll be even more effective at finding new customers  

Reduce time to market

Copy AI saves eCommerce and creative teams significant time by effortlessly creating channel-appropriate product descriptions with the right character count. If you are happy with the product description generated by Copy AI you can simply populate the attribute of a product and push it straight to your sales channels in a matter of minutes.  


Three versions of product descriptions accommodate marketplace requirements for unique product descriptions, whilst adhering to character counts and other guidelines 


AI is constantly changing and learning. Copy AI enables you to have dynamic product data, which is consistently optimised, allowing you to keep up to date with changes in SEO.  


Image AI

Image AI uses image recognition to describe a product/s on an image. From this, it will generate a list of attributes/descriptors for that particular product/s. Image AI also transforms unstructured data in your PIM/DAM to structured data as product descriptions. Image AI creates text related to exiting images to enhance accuracy and quicky pull both text and imagery into a single pipeline to generate product attributes.  The great benefit of this feature is that it doesn’t have the fundamental bias that a human may have. Humans rely on their background and personal learnings to describe a product, which can significantly limit your product’s reach from an SEO perspective. 

Benefits of Image AI

Symbiotic Relationships

Text-based information directly related to images, including powerful meta data and attributes  are key to creating effective product description’s. Your text and images are pulled into a single pipeline to generate your product attributes.  

Ongoing Improvements

Every time your team confirms accuracy, you increase the AI’s machine learning knowledge. As a result, the system is constantly improving its performance, further reducing the amount of time and effort required by your teams  

Removing human bias

AI doesn’t have the bias that a human has. When describing an image or a product, humans only have access to the vocabulary they have gained from experience. AI, on the other hand, will describe that image/product as it is, removing human bias and allowing access to a wider audience.  

Improved customer experience

Suggest similar product recommendations based on similar attributes to help customers find what they want while also increasing the potential to see higher AOV.

Auto-categorise and automatically create taxonomies

The AI module automatically analyses uploaded images for classification, identifying objects, deciding what they are, and then adding relevant image tags. Once the tags are generated, they can be used for attribution through AI, such as colour, material, size, and function.  This is all done in Pimberlys Digital Asset Management system (DAM)


Product AI

Product AI is a market intelligence tool that accesses static (dimensions, weight, packaging) eCommerce product and market data to populate any gaps in information that you may have for a product. Pimberly’s Product AI accesses the leading marketplaces and can automatically find products (based on EAN, UPC or ASIN) and retrieves data and images from that product directly into your Pimberly instance making validation and filling in gaps in product data simple and automated. In addition, Pimberly’s Product AI can also extract the categorisation of products so you can have meaningful attribution and taxonomy classification on-tap.  

Speed up data enrichment

Product AI works by accessing both your own data and up-to-date data from existing marketplaces. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time and ensuring consistent product information across your entire catalog 

Automate workflows

Product AI automates time-consuming steps in your workflow, implementing seamless collaboration and reducing manual effort across your business. You can use specific actions to trigger workflows and raise red flags with prompts to overcome errors or missteps in the process.  

Synchronise sales channels

Product AI enables swift channel syndication enabling rapid distribution of product data across your sales channels. By leveraging Product AI you can automate the syndication process in order to reach your target audience more quickly.

Pimberly AI Pricing

  • Regular
  • $7,500
  • Pro
  • $15,000
  • Corporate
  • £22,500
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  • Regular
  • £6,000
  • Pro
  • £12,000
  • Corporate
  • £18,000
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  • Regular
  • 7,000
  • Pro
  • 14,000
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