Pimberly AI

Pimberly AI is an exciting new release to the Pimberly suite of products. This module saves significant time for eCommerce and design professionals by automating the tagging of product assets and images as they are uploaded into the DAM.  This technology harnesses the power of AWS Rekognition AI image engine.

Pimberly PIM Artificial Intelligence Software

See how it works

Watch the videos below to see how the two Pimberly AI features work and how easy they are to set up.

Save significant time and effort tagging images

Efficient Management of your Assets

Aid SEO Efforts

Facial recognition  

Build up a library of faces and associated full names for your specific models within Pimberly. Once this is done, whenever you upload images of your models, they will automatically be tagged with their full name, as well as a collection name. The more faces you add, the more it will learn making Pimberly AI much more effective.  


Object auto-tagging 

When an image is uploaded, the AI module will analyse the object, decide what it is, and then add relevant tags to the asset based on what it has identified These tags are added on a confidence level, based on “confidence” levels and typically we use an 80% threshold, but this can be user defined.

Deep learning technology 

With deep learning technology that teaches computers to do what comes naturally to humans: learn by example. So, unlike other AI technology there is no need to train Pimberly AI – just login to get started. 


Screen with Pimberly PIM platform - showing Product Information Management dashboard

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Getting started is easy…

Step 1

Upload images of your models face to the facial recognition area of Pimberly

Step 2

Upload images to your DAM

Step 3

Click into the object or image of model and see that the tag has automatically been added. Easy as that!

Save significant time and effort tagging images

With Pimberly AI automatically tagging your assets as you upload, there is no need to go back through each asset and edit tags. Saving your team hours of laborious work. 

Efficient Management of your Assets

Have a transparent view of your assets with an organised DAM. Easily and quickly get your hands on the assets you’re looking for, searching either by model name, collection or object 

Aid SEO Efforts

When images are passed through into your eCommerce platform, they will now all have relevant tags, this additional rich data will aid in SEO efforts. 


Pimberly grows with your business, with tiers to suit you. If you are a Pimberly Customer please contact your Account Manager for more information or for more information on pricing visit our pricing page