PIM for IT Teams

For IT teams, managing multiple disparate systems can soon impact business performance if the right integrations aren’t in place. This especially applies to IT teams in eCommerce when system integration is critical to sales being processed. 

Pimberly is a powerful SaaS Product Information Management (PIM) that can quickly be rolled out across the business. Pimberly is a SaaS-based PIM, so our PIM experts offer continued support. From implementation and integration to going live and ensuring optimal business performance at all times.

Pimberly Integration Feeds and Channels

Think speed when it comes to SaaS deployment

Unlike open-source and on-premise software vendors, we take care of all aspects of the PIM deployment. Open-source is a PIM for software developers, and on-premise means you’re responsible for the storage and maintenance of all hardware. However, with a SaaS vendor, this is taken care of so you can avoid integration costs and implementation-related disruptions. Because the Pimberly architecture is on AWS and MungoDB, it supports unstructured data. As such, team members can upload richer data that enables them to create super high-quality product experiences.

With Pimberly’s API, you can integrate with any number of internal and external legacy systems. Whether you need to connect to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or eCommerce platforms such as Magento or Shopify, it’s super quick and easy. Our user-friendly interface is easy to navigate, even for team members who have no PIM experience. Furthermore, we offer plenty of training so your teams can get the most from the platform and get onboarded in a flash.

Securely access everything, anywhere at any time!

Pimberly’s AWS PIM solution has robust in-built security features, so you won’t need to worry about mitigating operational and commercial risks. Furthermore, our SaaS model means we carry out regular updates so team members will always be working on the latest most powerful version of the Pimberly PIM. In addition, we support Single Sign-On (SSO) and Pimberly has a high level of encryption to ensure maximum protection.

Team members can access everything they need, from anywhere and at any time provided they’re using a secure web browser. As such, you know all operations will run smoothly at all hours of the day, from anywhere in the world. Pimberly also provides a full audit trail of all changes in product data and digital assets. So, there’s a record of everything and you can ensure governance and compliance with best practices at all times. All in all, Pimberly’s SaaS enterprise-class cloud solution is the fastest, safest, and most accessible option on the market.

An image of Pimberly Product Information Management

Maintenance at its lowest

As Pimberly is a SaaS platform, you won’t incur any costs relating to hardware or hosting. We also provide a disaster recovery service so, if there is a worst-case scenario, we’ll have you completely covered! While open-source represents a small initial investment, you’ll need a talented team of expert developers to maintain and upgrade the solution. SaaS PIM solutions cover this, so you won’t need to recruit a specialist team which will considerably lower your overheads.

On-premise requires a hefty initial investment in hardware and experienced developers to maintain it, keep it secure, and run updates. This is why cloud-based SaaS solutions are the most cost-effective PIMs for IT departments.

Save time, save resources

Our PIM experts offer continued support once your platform is live. This means you won’t have to allocate any resources for training or maintenance, giving you more time to focus on wider business initiatives.

We update the platform every 2-3 weeks, so you know your team members will have all the latest tools and functionalities. As a result, your team members can create rich product experiences without your team’s input – we’ll take care of it for you! There are also portals that enable your customers and suppliers to self-serve, offering further time savings for the IT department.

Pimberly has the best-in-class intuitive and powerful no-code workflow engine. Users are empowered to create complex automation routines and reporting with ease, which would typically sit with the IT department. Pimberly’s integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) offers a central hub for all digital assets. Plus, we provide a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which means your site can cater to high volumes of traffic without site speed being affected.


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