PIM for Branded Workwear

Pimberly is a PIM/DAM SaaS platform that simplifies the entire process of managing complex product data and multiple digital assets. PIM for branded workwear, schoolwear, and sportswear enables you to easily and efficiently create complex product relationships and tailor your clothing items to meet the specifications of your customers.

If you’re selling your products online and want to:  

  • Streamline the way you manage complex product data 
  • Create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to maximize sales 
  • Reach a wider audience with simple product data processes   

Then you need a great PIM/DAM solution! 

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Why Branded Workwear needs PIM:

Easily tailor your product data to meet customer specifications –

Create and manage unlimited product relationships –

Store custom data against all products

 – Have total confidence in the quality & accuracy of your product data  

 – Manage multiple media files for one single clothing item 

 – Easily expand your product range and reach

Easily tailor your product data to meet customer specifications   

When working with multiple organizations, you’re likely dealing with a mass of product data variations. Each of your customers will have unique needs when it comes to their product information. As such, you need a powerful tool that will enable you to manage these variations in one central hub.

Essentially, PIM gives you the power to create custom product data rules in line with your customers’ specifications. For instance, you can specify whether a certain clothing item in a school uniform is compulsory or optional. Overall, this will give you greater flexibility with your data models, enabling you to gain greater visibility over the product information you’re managing.

school uniform
Branded Dancewear

Create and manage unlimited product relationships  

Creating and managing unlimited product relationships within a PIM is simple and straightforward. Often, these relationships will be complex, which is why it’s so important to have powerful technology solutions like PIM. Streamline product data management processes so you can focus on growing your business.

The benefits this provides will be two-fold. Firstly, your customers can find everything they need in one place without having to go elsewhere. Secondly, you can maximize selling opportunities by showcasing related products so you can grow your revenues. To add to that, you can ensure product relationships are reflective of your customers’ specifications. For example, this polo shirt should be sold with this school shirt, or this leotard can be worn with this tutu.


Store custom data against all products

Whether it’s storing product information on an eco-friendly sportswear range, different rules for school uniform requirements, or images used for embroidering logos, all this can be stored and managed in your PIM system.

You also have the ability to store multiple different product descriptions and media files, so you can tailor them to all your product variables. It may be that you have easy care instructions for a pair of girls’ school shoes, or the different sizing for sports bras – store it all in one easily accessible place and gain greater visibility.

Branded Sportswear

Have total confidence in the quality & accuracy of your product data

Knowing you’re providing customers with the most accurate and up-to-date product information is vital in improving the customer experience. From marketing teams to customer services, accurate and precise information needs to be available to ensure you’re delivering the best of the best in product experiences.

Having a centralized hub to store all product information is the first step in being able to create a single source of truth for the branded clothing products you’re selling, and for all the departments that need access to this data. Thanks to our bulk update functionality, you can ensure any product data changes are reflected in real-time so you’ll always be delivering the most up-to-date, fully enriched information. All in all, PIM for branded workwear, schoolwear, and sportswear gives you a guarantee of quality product data.

Simplifying the Management of Complex Product Relationships with PIM

Manage multiple media files for one single clothing item

What would a product page be without images or videos? Your digital assets are crucial in ensuring your customers have the best possible user experience. When working with a wide range of organizations with different product ranges, you’ll likely have a multitude of different media files for each item.

A powerful digital asset management system gives you the ability to store unlimited amounts of media files. As a result, this means you can store, manage enrich and distribute multiple media files against one single clothing item. As an example, it may be boys’ and girls’ versions of the same PE kit, or gym leggings in different colors. This way, you can ensure you’re representing the leading brands you work with in the best possible light.

Screenshot of Pimberly PIM platform - showing Digital Asset Management

Easily expand your product range & reach

One of the best and most effective ways to boost your revenue is to expand your product range. For businesses working with branded workwear, schoolwear, and sportswear, this may involve taking on new custom variations. Onboarding new products with PIM is quick and easy, which means you can super-speed your time to market, gaining vital extra selling days.

To maximize revenue even further, opening new sales channels and entering new geographies is also super straightforward. Overall, this means you can get new products out to a wider audience quickly and easily. If your customers can find everything they need, on a variety of channels, you’ll likely see much-improved customer loyalty and better sales. Essentially, PIM for branded workwear, sportswear, and school wear takes your eCommerce operations to the next level!

See it in Action – Pimberly Videos

boost productivity

Storing and uploading product data manually is time-consuming. There’s also the chance of losing valuable information through human error. PIM will streamline your data management processes so you can boost productivity.

new sales channels

Consumers are shopping across all kinds of marketplaces and each has its own requirements. Brands need to be aware of how to market to the people they are trying to reach. Whether it’s Amazon, eBay, B2C, or B2B, you can easily set up new sales channels with PIM.

Expanding product ranges with PIM

When you have the opportunity to easily expand your inventory, you’re able to increase your online sales and grow your eCommerce store. A more diverse product range gives consumers a reason to keep coming back to your store.

When should I consider a PIM/DAM

It’s not an if – but a when.

At some point, being able to have dynamic, agile management of your product data will become essential to fuel your growth.

To spot when you’re at the point of getting a great ROI from a SaaS PIM for branded workwear, schoolwear, or sportswear, there are some simple criteria to look out for: 

  • a high volume of new products each season
  • need to change product attribution & onsite search
  • personalization at product level
  • multi-language/country selling
  • more use of product promotions
  • expanding into multiple sales channels