PIM for Manufacturers

The Importance of PIM

As manufacturers undergo digital transformation, integrating a Product Information Management (PIM) solution is an essential component. Doing so allows you to embrace D2C eCommerce while streamlining and enhancing your existing distribution network. Digitize and automate your product data processes and drive new (and old!) revenue streams with Pimberly.

Who is PIM for?

For manufacturers managing a considerable amount of SKUs and multiple product variants, Pimberly will do the heavy lifting across your entire supply chain. Whether you work in fashion and apparel, construction, homewares, industrial equipment, or electronics, Pimberly takes care of all your product data processes to drive multi-channel growth.

A modern SaaS PIM/DAM solution like Pimberly provides Chief Technology Officers, marketing leaders, and C-Suite executives with tools to unlock digital growth. With a third of our customer base being product manufacturers, it’s an industry we know inside out. Pimberly understands what your channel partners expect, too.

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How Pimberly drives growth for enterprise manufacturers, from product ideation to retail:

  • Create, store, and enrich product data from a central source of truth, increasing productivity and the reliability of product data
  • Increased trust and sales throughout the supply chain
  • AI auto-generated, SEO-optimized eCommerce-ready product data for your customers, accelerating the time-to-market of your products
  • Unlimited sales channels pushing enriched, validated product information and digital assets across multiple distribution channels and marketplaces, ensuring the reliability of product data across points of sale
  • Automated creation of spec sheets/data sheets/sell sheets, product catalogs, and point of sale materials, saving your design team valuable time and driving sales
  • Integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows you to understand what you have and don’t have regarding product images/videos/brochures/certification, etc.
  • Smooth collaboration across the business, from marketing to design, providing all parties with reliable product data

Keep reading to dive further into the full benefits PIM provides…

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What our manufacturer customers say:


“Efficient PIM for large amounts of Data”

The upsides of using Pimberly are that it is helpful in storing large amounts of product information in one product ID, I’m able to add any attributes into the Product IDs to help with enriching products. I’ve also been able to create new schemas, e.g. size guides, and link those with the Product ID’s. Overall I find Pimberly really easy to use, and use it on a daily basis, this could be to export data for sales analysis or importing data to make a product more enriched.


“The best value for money PIM software”

Pimberly should be taken into consideration if you’re seeking Product Information Management software that provides the finest value for your money. It is a robust and adaptable piece of software that enables you to centrally and consistently manage your product data. Depending on the channel, language, or market you wish to target, you can produce alternative content for the same attributes. In my opinion is the best PIM in the market.


“Pimberly is a great solution”

Pimberly is a great solution for managing product data and digital assets across multiple channels and markets. I have been using Pimberly for a few months now and I am very impressed with its features and performance. Pimberly is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. I would highly recommend Pimberly to anyone who is looking for a robust and reliable PIM solution. Pimberly is the world’s most powerful PIM platform and it shows.

Why manufacturers needs PIM

  • Manage product information from a central source

    Centralizing product information ensures all data across departments and channels is consistent and accurate, in line with your branding.

    PIM eliminates discrepancies and errors that arise from managing information in siloed systems, resulting in improved reliability of your product information for your channel partners.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets to manage product information

    When managing hundreds of thousands of SKUs, product attributes, and product variants in spreadsheets, things get messy. Pimberly removes the need for spreadsheets, resulting in fewer inconsistencies and the risk of human error.

    Instead, bespoke automated workflows and lifecycles will automate manual tasks, saving your team hours. Moreover, Pimberly’s user-friendly UI and technical support alleviate the stress on internal IT support teams.

  • Accelerate time-to-market across sales channels

    Pimberly allows manufacturers to update and distribute product information across various sales channels and marketplaces (Amazon/eBay/Wayfair, etc.) in a format matching the requirements of each channel.

    This enables manufacturers to easily open B2C/D2C channels in addition to their traditional supply chain network with little extra work. This offers a great opportunity to clear excess stock and access new revenue streams.

  • Supply your customers with eCommerce-ready product information

    With dynamic workflows, data governance tools, automation, and Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities, Pimberly allows you to create product information from scratch. This way, you will ensure your product data is fit for modern eCommerce.

    By providing supply chain users with rich, comprehensive, and up-to-date product data, you reduce the time-to-market of your product range and ensure smoother product launches across all sales channels.

  • Leverage state-of-the-art tech and become a trusted point in the supply chain

    We know your traditional supply chain isn’t going anywhere. However, your customers are becoming more and more digitized.

    Pimberly is the industry-leading SaaS PIM/DAM solution for manufacturers with tools and modules to help you drive revenue and grow your business. The Pimberly product suite allows manufacturers to manage vast amounts of product data efficiently. This includes handling complex data sets, relationships, and hierarchies.

  • Automate the creation of product data sheets to accompany your products downstream

    The Pimberly PDS/spec & sell sheet module turns a painstaking job for your marketing team into a lighting-fast task.

    The Pimberly PDS/spec & sell sheet module will automate the process, taking less than a minute, across entire product ranges with thousands of product attributes. If a product attribute changes, this will also be reflected on the data sheets. Expanding your product range and launching new products has never been simpler.

  • Improved compliance and sustainability standards

    Many sectors are subject to stringent regulatory requirements regarding product safety and environmental impact.

    Pimberly will help maintain and organize necessary documentation and information to ensure compliance with critical regulations. In short, Pimberly enables you to become a trusted supply chain partner.

Streamline Product Data Management

Pimberly provides your team with a central repository to manage your product information, ensuring all product data and digital assets are consistent. This is invaluable for manufacturers who handle large amounts of technical product information, as it reduces discrepancies and errors for the most complex technical products.

Instead of managing product data in spreadsheets, centralizing product data keeps things simple. You and your team can quickly update and enrich product information, saving time otherwise spent managing data across disparate systems. Because Pimberly centralized product data, there’s no need to work across disparate systems and spreadsheets. This results in more efficient product data management processes.

Replace manual processes with automation

Introducing Pimberly’s lifecycles, workflows, and data governance tools will help modernize your business’s IT infrastructure, allowing you to improve the quality of your product data.

Pimberly’s workflows automate the flow of products across business departments (marketing, IT, product management, sales), ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information. This way, you ensure your product data is transparent and reliable when sent downstream to your network of retailers and wholesalers.

Because manual processes are prone to human errors—typos, duplication, or outdated information—automating product management will minimize errors, ensuring improved reliability of your product data. Instead, updates to product information (such as specifications or imagery) can be made swiftly and reflected across all channels/platforms.

Unlock barriers to the digital shelf

For manufacturers, optimizing your presence on the digital shelf is vital to growing your business. This includes optimizing your presence on marketplaces like Amazon, brand websites, or eCommerce platforms.

Pimberly enables the management of rich product content, ensuring consistency across the digital shelf. By streamlining product data distribution to ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, Pimberly ensures product listings are enriched with high-quality product data. In turn, your conversion rate will skyrocket.

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Improve Multi-Channel Efficiency

Pimberly will maintain consistency in product information across various channels, whether you’re selling direct-to-consumer via an eCommerce platform, retail partner, or B2B network. And, because you’re pulling product data from a centralized hub, you can ensure your product data is accurate and reliable across sales channels.

Channel-Specific Customization

We know that your channel partners will have different requirements from Amazon. Just as Wayfair has different listing requirements from eBay. And, your eCommerce site will have different product requirements from B2B platforms.

With this in mind, PIM for manufacturers allows you to customize product information for different channels without altering the core data. Automated workflows ensure product data is approved and published efficiently across your key sales channels. This way, you ensure all channels are up-to-date, reducing the risk of product data discrepancies.

Pimberly’s channel requirements allow you to see what is missing on the product for the specific channel. This gives you a complete overview of your product data across multiple channels.

Risk mitigation and controlled expansion into eCommerce marketplaces

Did you know that 47% of digital purchases occur on eCommerce marketplaces? Marketplaces offer you and your business a significant chance to reach a wider audience and increase sales. Participating in online marketplaces is a competitive necessity. And it’s where your channel partners are selling.

The good news is that Pimberly makes sure your product content is marketplace-ready. By providing accurate and consistent product information, you’ll see fewer customer complaints or returns due to misinformation.

Modernize IT and Operational Efficiency with a Heavyweight PIM Solution

Pimberly is an appropriately sized platform for enterprise manufacturers. As your business grows and evolves, so too will your tech stack. A suitable PIM for manufacturers will also scale accordingly. You can increase product lines, expand to global markets, or change your strategy without IT overhauls.

Seamless integration

Pimberly will integrate with existing IT infrastructure, such as your ERP, eCommerce platform, Product Lifecycle Management, and other supply chain management tools. In addition, if you don’t already have a PLM, Pimberly’s data governance tools offer the same level of functionality, too.

Supported by our in-house team of delivery consultants and dedicated project manager, the Pimberly team focuses on a skills transfer to ensure your team is confident using the platform. Minimal disruption to your existing system means you can continue business as usual.

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Transparency, Sustainability, and Traceability

In a market where consumers and regulators demand more responsible and traceable product information, Pimberly ensures your products comply with industry regulations regarding product safety.

By providing detailed product information—including sourcing and raw materials—Pimberly allows manufacturers to be transparent with their product data. In other words, you can lay all your cards on the table, allowing you to develop trust with customers and key stakeholders.

In addition, Pimberly allows you to store data regarding sustainable practices. This includes insight into eco-friendly materials, recyclable packaging, and energy-efficient manufacturing processes.

Store safety certification in the Pimberly DAM

The Pimberly DAM doesn’t just have to be used for product imagery. For example, our manufacturer customers use Pimberly’s DAM capabilities to store safety certification next to the corresponding product. Pimberly’s watertight automation means you’ll never send a product downstream missing essential certification.

Here are examples of safety certifications the Pimberly DAM stores for manufacturer customers:

  • Product certifications (ISO, UL, CE Marking documents, Fair Trade)
  • Regulatory compliance documents
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Quality Assurance Certificates
  • Product Manuals and Instructions
  • Installation/safety videos
  • Size charts
  • Technical specifications and diagrams
  • BIM files
  • Collection lookbooks

Leverage Pimberly’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Functionality

Streamlining your product data management is difficult enough across disparate systems, so it makes sense to leverage a PIM system with additional PLM functionality. Because Pimberly has light PLM capabilities, you can rely on the unified flow of information, from product development to marketing and sales.

Pimberly’s lifecycles track products through the early stages of their development. From the Pimberly dashboard, you can easily see when a product meets the requirements to go to market. In the Pimberly DAM, you can store all of the supporting materials (samples, specs, 3D renders) throughout the stages of product development.

Pimberly’s lifecycles mean the risk of data discrepancies between development and marketing teams is significantly reduced. In addition, managing product launches from a unified system means product information can be distributed to your sales channels more efficiently.

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Automated Product Data Sheets/SpecSheets and Catalogs

Pimberly’s automated Product Data Sheet/SpecSheet module creates real-time product data sheets within Pimberly. Doing so drastically reduces your marketing team’s time to create these valuable assets. With Pimberly, the process takes less than a minute.

Pimberly’s data sheets are made up of static data, based on a design of the users’ choice. They contain dynamic product data, such as images, marketing content, product attributes, etc. When Pimberly releases your product, it will trigger an API to generate a datasheet, taking a maximum of 60 seconds to develop one. You can set your watch by it.

Providing detailed product data sheets ensures you display the necessary safety and compliance details in an easy-to-read format. And, because they’re stored in the Pimberly DAM, they will always be assigned to the correct product. Pimberly pushes your enriched product data sheets to your websites, marketplaces, and supply chain network.

In addition, the Pimberly product data sheets can be used as additional sales collateral if you operate a field sales model.

Pimberly Catalog

Pimberly catalog is another Pimberly module. Using similar technology to our Product Data Sheets, Catalog turns your product information and digital assets into dynamic PDFs.

Tricky jobs such as indexing are automated, saving your team valuable time to focus on moving more products. So, you can expand your product range without worrying about whether you can accommodate the growing number of SKUs.

Accelerating Time-to-Market across Sales Channels

Centralized product data management coupled with seamless integration to export channels means your product data is always consistent and up-to-date. Because of this, product manufacturers can launch products without bottlenecks.

In addition, because PIM helps manufacturers manage compliance-related information more efficiently, you can guarantee your products meet industry regulations before they go to the market, speeding up your product launches. You’ll have a competitive edge over your competitors.

Pimberly Customer Portal

Pimberly’s Customer Portal module allows your customers to pick and choose the data they need in an appropriate format. In other words, the functionality enables you to set parameters regarding which data points you share with your supply chain.

Customer Portal allows your customers to self-serve, cherry-picking the data they need to get your products to market quicker. Leveraging Customer Portal allows you to create stronger customer relationships and enforce brand consistency throughout the supply chain.

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  • Drive multi-channel efficiency and grow revenues by reaching new channels and markets
  • Auto-generate product data sheets in seconds, saving your design team tons of time