PIM for Senior Management

A powerful product information management platform like Pimberly drives revenue growth and achieves huge efficiencies across departments, allowing them to work efficiently and in harmony.

Boost employee productivity and morale by making the product information management process quick, easy and effortless.

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Limitless Products & Rapid Time to Market

Ensuring you can get your products to market quickly is vital to increase sales and maintain a competitive edge, and the number of SKUs you have shouldn’t hold you back.

Regardless of whether you’ve got thousands or tens of thousands of SKUs, Pimberly’s powerful PIM enables you to easily expand or update product ranges and create bundles so you can maximise your eCommerce sales.

Achieve optimal business and operational efficiency with automated workflows that move your product information through the lifecycle stages, meaning only the highest quality data is distributed to your online channels.

Seek World Domination

Open up a world of possibilities with a powerful PIM that enables you to reach new markets and set up new channels in minutes. Manage all your product information in as many languages as you need, in any format and easily distribute it to your online channels, apps and resellers.

Because everything your employees need is securely stored in the cloud, international collaboration couldn’t be easier as you can access everything from anywhere at any time!

Sending products to multiple locales is a great way for retailers to increase international revenue.
How to expand your product range with Pimberly PIM

Amplify the Power of your Existing Platforms 

The current climate requires businesses to be resilient and making the most of best-in-class technology is essential when it comes to maximising the performance of existing platforms.

Upgrade your eCommerce tech stack with a powerful PIM that unites all platforms so you can get the most from your product data.

Power to Create Amazing Customer Experiences

Having consistent and top-quality product data across all channels and business systems means that you can give your customers all the confidence they need when making online purchases.

Consumer behaviour is changing and, now more than ever, online experiences need to be unique and personalised. Take your eCommerce strategy to the next level with hyper-personalisation that will guarantee an amazing customer experience.

Expand Your Reach with New Sales Channels

Creating new sales channels is incredibly simple in Pimberly. Whether your looking to sell to a new online marketplace, totally new geographies with an international eCommerce site, or adding white label feeds.

Capacity for unlimited channels means there’s nothing stopping you from expanding your business to reach new customer, wherever they may be.

Upgrade Your Brand Management

With a fully integrated Digital Asset Management function, your teams will always have access to the assets and collateral they need to keep your branding consistent & compliant across your channels.

Powerful automation within Pimberly means you can ensure the quality, accuracy, tone, brand compliance etc. of all your product data before it gets pushed to market.

Gill Marine Fashion eCommerce Using Pimberly

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