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Pimberly is a world leading provider of SaaS-based Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, enabling manufacturers, brands, distributors and retailers to manage complex product data in a central platform, accelerate online sales and deliver customer experiences that convert.  Founded in 2015 in Manchester, United Kingdom with offices in New York, USA, it now has over 120 customers including some of the world’s major brands such as Westcoast, JD Sports, Build-A-Bear and Chefs’ Warehouse.

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What Is PIM?

Pimberly Overview

Our Story

How Pimberly was born

Building connections is powerful. At Pimberly, we believe the relationship between people and products is powerful too.   Led by our CEO Martin Balaam, we embarked on the journey to turn this idea into a reality by combining smart SaaS software with cloud-based technology. This is how Pimberly’s hybrid product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) platform was born.

Hear CEO Martin Balaam talk about the origin of Pimberly below.

Our Values


We are firmly a part of the movement towards brands leveraging a single, flexible tech ecosystem that can handle all of their complex business needs. A PIM shouldn’t just exist alongside your other softwares—it should bolster them.


Pimberly strives to keep brands ever-prepared for any new trends, methods, or channels that eCommerce might face. Furthermore, we aim to help our customers turn higher-quality product data into more visibility for their end-users— creating a more sustainable eCommerce ecosystem for generations to come.


At Pimberly, we enable our customers to stay ahead in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape, adapting quickly to market changes and driving growth. Our commitment to agility ensures that our clients can respond rapidly to new opportunities and challenges, maintaining a competitive edge.


We listen intently to our customers’ feedback and continuously adapt and enhance our platform to meet their evolving needs. By being truly customer-driven, we ensure that our solutions provide the most seamless and intuitive user experience possible. As your business grows, Pimberly grows with you, too.

Leadership Team

Martin Balaam

CEO & Founder

Before founding Pimberly, Martin was the CEO of Jigsaw24, the UK’s largest IT Solutions business serving creative Film, TV & Luxury brands, an investment alongside NorthEdge Capital LLC, where he grew revenues from £45m to £125m in five years and then successfully exited in 2018. Martin is also Co-Owner/Director of his family business, Welcome Furniture Ltd, the UK’s largest manufacturer of Bedroom furniture for the Retail and Student Accommodation. In addition, he is Non-Executive Chair of SimplyVideo, a SaaS startup focused on connecting VR/XR wearable technology into the global Enterprise & Healthcare industries.  He holds a BSc Honors degree in Physics from Imperial College and is married with three children.

Paul Cook

Finance Director

After completing a Combined Studies degree at DeMontfort University, Paul Cook spent over 10 years at Bodycote, the FTSE250 engineering company, progressing within the UK and global teams while completing his CIMA studies. Before Pimberly, Paul divided his time between the UK and Asia, where he then led Finance functions in Asia-focused Tech & Litigation companies raising funding of over $50m via PE investors and banks. Paul has comprehensive experience in forming, scaling, and managing Finance teams, ensuring they meet and excel requirements regardless of size or industry.

Craig McCalley

Managing Director

Craig McCalley has a proven track record of increasing revenue growth across various industries in sales leadership roles. He was Sales Director at MiTech Group where he delivered 85% growth is sales with revenues increasing from £8.7m to £16m. After moving to Redstone PLC, he increased gross margin from 28% to 34% and reduced total cost-of-sale. Before joining Pimberly, Craig was  Sales & Marketing director for Koris where he increased annual turnover from £1.6m to £6.4m and operating profits from £348k to £1.1m.

Sally Hayes, VP of Delivery at Pimberly

Sally Hayes

VP of Delivery

Sally Hayes has a well-established record of successfully leading software implementations, underscored by a strong commitment to client satisfaction. With over 20 years of experience, across various industries, Sally’s expertise and customer-centric approach spans operational proficiency, project management, and process optimization. Leveraging her wealth of relationship management experience, Sally excels in effective client connections. Her professional journey highlights qualifications focused on Project Management, Business Operations, and Women’s Leadership.

Nikki Ratcliffe

VP of Marketing

Nikki Ratcliffe has 14 years’ experience in executive-level marketing positions in the technology sector, including positions at Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd, Xpert Systems, and Redstone plc. Prior to joining Pimberly, Nikki led the Marketing team at Jigsaw24, the UK’s largest Apple and Adobe Systems Integrator. As VP of Marketing for Pimberly, Nikki has built and developed the Pimberly brand, responsible for its Go To Market Strategy and driving demand generation. Nikki has a degree from the University of Northumbria, where she studied French and Russian with International Business Finance.

Mike Walker

VP of Operations

Mike Walker has 25 years of experience with delivering transformation programs in ERP. Before joining Pimberly, Mike served on the board at a worldwide business supplying contact center, Numero, before it was purchased by TransUnion, one of the largest credit bureaus. Mike has been a board-level member for over 5 years at Pimberly, helping the organization introduce processes to drive year-on-year growth. Mike has significant experience in managing business transformation, software development, and customer satisfaction.

Bruce Wright

VP of Sales

Bruce Wright has a great deal of experience working across business in both the public and private sector, particularly in B2B and retail. Bruce served as a board member at Xpert Systems, prior to his time at Redstone as Sales and Marketing Director.  Following Redstone, Bruce was Commercial Director at Spiritel, where he played a key role in managing the smooth integration of company acquisitions into the business before joining Jigsaw24 as head of solutions sales.  Bruce graduated with a degree in Telecommunications from St. Albans College.

Victoria Hamblin

VP of Customer Success

During her 15 years at Oracle, Victoria Hamblin led a team of technical specialists to support Oracle’s financial tech on-premise customers across EMEA. Victoria transitioned into SaaS Customer Success 10 years ago with significant leadership roles in B2B SaaS.  At IAM Cloud Victoria built out a full Customer Success team to support a global customer base before joining Force24, where she defined the customer success strategy to drive value to over 600 customers.  Victoria’s experience in SaaS expands across various industries including identity management, cybersecurity, and eCommerce, working with brands such as ASOS, Lush, Hitachi, and Honda. Victoria graduated with a degree in International Business Studies and Spanish from Liverpool John Moores University.


Ross Miller


Ross Miller, an insightful, hands-on leader with exceptional business development skills, delivers concrete, ROI-based results in complex and rapidly transforming 21st-century markets. Since 2012, Ross has served in concurrent senior roles for three companies with diverse agendas and needs: as NED for rapidly growing IT solutions provider Academia Ltd, as NEC for educational e-distribution start-up Software2, and as NED for Rautomead Ltd, a global specialist in the manufacture of non-ferrous metals and alloys. Under Ross’s strategic guidance, Academia has more than doubled its annual revenues, and Software2 has seen exponential revenue and profitability increases of 450%. As a Chairman of Pimberly, he brings a transformational corporate leadership skill set to the table for expanding companies. Ross’s keen commercial instincts and innovative market penetration strategies have resulted in consistent appointments to positions of ever-widening scope, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.

Nigel Owens

Board Member

Nigel Owens joined Mercia in 2019, and is a Portfolio Director for the VCT team. Nigel sits on the board of a number of VCT portfolio companies and works with management teams to support them through their growth journey. He is a member of the VCT Investment Committee and is based in the Sheffield office. Nigel has over 18 years of experience in venture capital.  He started his career with Deloitte advising investors, and prior to joining Mercia was a partner at YFM Equity Partners, where he worked originating and completing new investments, as well as managing acquisitions, fundraisings, and realizations.  He trained as an engineer, holds an MBA from Cranfield and has experience in investments in software, engineering, telecoms, support services and technology businesses.

“Product information management (PIM) solutions unify and manage a business’ product information to secure a single accurate view of product data. PIM offers a centralized platform to manage data on a business’s products and services cost-effectively.”

The Future of PIM

The future of the Product Information Management (PIM) market is poised for exponential growth, with an anticipated CAGR of 15.4% from 2024-2029, according to Mordor Intelligence. PIM solutions are integral for businesses, offering centralized management of product data to ensure consistency and quality across various channels. The rise of eCommerce, coupled with increasing data complexity and security concerns, underscores the critical role of PIM in enhancing customer experiences and optimizing data management processes. Retail and eCommerce sectors are expected to be primary drivers of PIM adoption, fueled by the imperative to deliver accurate product information and enhance customer engagement in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. As global eCommerce sales surge, reaching USD 8.1 trillion by 2026, the demand for robust PIM solutions continues to soar, providing enterprises with a competitive edge in the quest for enhanced customer experiences and sustainable growth.

For further information on the broader Product Information Management market, download the following report by SPARK Matrix for a detailed analysis of PIM solutions, market dynamics, the vendor landscape and competitive position.

Pimberly Whitepapers

A closer look at PIM: deployment, use cases, and industry-wide application.

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“With Pimberly, we are able to get rich data right the first time. This efficient way of working enables us to reduce errors in the supply chain – holding data on 2.3 million SKUs and getting to market quicker with hundreds of thousands of products, allowing us to remain competitive.”

JD Sports

Case Studies

Our clients’ success stories leveraging Pimberly to streamline operations, drive growth, and elevate customer experiences.

Pimberly Success Story: Build-A-Bear
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Pimberly Success Story: Westcoast
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Reviews and Testimonials

“The Pimberly team is extremely supportive in working with us to meet our needs. They were able to take our requirements, simplify them and execute the results as expected.”

Verified User in Food & Beverage

“The navigation to find attributes is easy and clear. Visually it is clear and uncomplicated. Very user friendly.”

Verified User in Wholesale

“Pimberly’s software is a clean and easy to use. It’s easy to navigate through products (especially if we have parent/child variants). Customer service is top notch.”

Verified User in Cosmetics

“The product is super intuitive to use. The team is absolutely amazing. The integration went absolutely seamlessly across all five of our websites – with a large number of SKUs, multiple platforms and varying technology between the sites, there were a lot of caveats to consider. Based off our experience, I would recommend Pimberly to anybody.”

Verified User in eCommerce

“The support team at Pimberly are absolutely brilliant, fast responses and lovely to work with. The software itself is a gamechanger to the way we manage our product data and centralize information for all of the channels we sell on.”

Verified User in IT & Services

“Their service is second to none. We get instant replies from their support team who go above and beyond to meet your expectations. The PIM itself has been designed with the user in mind – it’s extremely easy to use when you know how and it has evolved the efficiency of the marketing department. We use the PIM every day and now could not live without it.”

Verified Mid-Market User


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