PIM Business Benefits

The business benefits of PIM drive real ROI through both increased revenue and cost reduction.

Pimberly’s powerful Product Information Management platform enhances the workflow and processes of anyone dealing with product data in your business.


How long does it take from deciding on a new product, for it to be live on your site?

One business benefit of PIM is a quicker speed to market. Consequently, you can release products to market before competitors, meaning you gain vital extra selling days.

Our customers are drastically cutting time to market by centralising and automating their product information processes in Pimberly.


Guiding your customers through their purchase journey is what good eCommerce is all about.

Importantly, well-defined product relationships allow you to encourage customers to add to their purchases. Whether it’s a bundle that gives them a saving or a complimentary product.

Well-structured product relationships are a breeze to set up in Pimberly, which is a huge business benefit of PIM.


How many of your products could you sell on Amazon? What other marketplaces could be profitable for your eCommerce business?

For example, marketplaces like eBay and Amazon increase your brand profile and help you access millions of new customers.

One of the many benefits of PIM is being able to easily do this with powerful automation. In other words, you can set up new channels in Pimberly in a matter of minutes.

JD Sports

With Pimberly we are able to get rich data, right the first time. This efficient way of working enables us to reduce errors in the supply chain – holding data on 2.3 million SKUs and getting to market quicker with hundreds of thousands of products, allowing us to remain competitive.

JD Sports

We’ve managed to increase the amount of data we handle while increasing the quality without increasing our headcount. Without Pimberly there would have to employee another three skilled employees

Furniture Box

We can’t do what we do without Pimberly – we uploaded 1,500 beds yesterday something that would have taken us weeks to do and it took me less than a day.

Furniture Box

We wanted the whole team to benefit from the power of Pimberly.  We’re creating a central source of truth, so anyone within the team can look at any of our products and see what stage they are at. The team can now get their own status updates which means they feel so much more empowered.



Expanding into new international markets is a key growth strategy in eCommerce.

Preparing localised data for these channels is vital for success.

In short, Pimberly makes adding translated product data for multiple locales really simple.


We all like to plan ahead, but sometimes your business can benefit from thinking fast.

Freak weather? Want to run a fast promotion on snow boots?

If your product data is in Pimberly – not a problem. Essentially, you can have a new category populated and ready for marketing in a few clicks.


Your online product range is only limited by how many products your team is able to manage.

The Pimberly workflows and reporting dashboard mean you can do more in less time, without losing visibility of your progress and product range.

To conclude, you can take advantage of new opportunities and expand your range with ease.

Pimberly screenshots: Digital Asset Management


Providing plenty of rich, relevant, and accurate data means your customers will have fewer, nasty surprises when they are delivered.

Importantly, the better the information available to them, the less they return, the greater trust in your brand.

PIM gives you the ability to hold more data about return rates and the reasons behind them. Therefore, you can respond with improvements in your product range as well as the information on your eCommerce site.


Increasing your online conversion is ultimately about providing a better, relevant, and more engaging product experience.

Pimberly’s product record means you can easily view and manage associated imagery and other assets. Therefore, it’s quick and easy to create compelling product content.

A huge business benefits of PIM is being able to easily store and publish product information from one central hub. Additionally, you can do this for multiple use-cases and customer demographics.

This will maximise the appeal of your products by providing a differentiated and personalised product experience.


Optimising your site for search engines is crucial to getting your site and products found by customers.

However, you need relevant, unique, and well-structured product data to boost your SEO rankings.

Creating optimised product content is easy within Pimberly. Moreover, you can give your SEO team a central place to work on content. Overall, this will ensure the best quality product data goes out to your sales channels.


Pimberly provides a central repository for product data, rather than managing data across spreadsheets and other systems.

To sum up, it’s this automation that makes your product information work for you. Being able to unlock the power of information already in your business will massively benefit you.

Additionally, enriching and automating your product data in this way makes it smart – and truly valuable.

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