Automated Product Data Sheets

Streamline how you operate with Product Data Sheets (PDS) and develop a consistent approach for providing product information to your consumers online and offline.

The Pimberly PDS functionality provides you with an automated solution to keeping your Product Data Sheets always up to date.

In many sectors, Product Data Sheets are essential tools for informing customers, supply chain or internal teams about the latest details on a product or component.

By utilising templates it is quick and easy for you to create or update a PDS and deploy it to your website, marketplaces and internally.

increase product sales

reduce business risk

speed time to market

supercharge productivity

Centralized management of assets

You can store all product data and digital assets in one location in your Pimberly PIM/DAM system. Essentially, you can access everything without needing to look for relevant information in multiple systems.

In other words, users can find all the information they need quickly, making it much easier to create multiple Product Data Sheets.

Product Data Sheet Templates

Many businesses have their own Product Data Sheet designs. Alternatively, you can work with us to create or build out an existing template library. Typically, each category has its own template and these are all stored within the Pimberly Print System.

Overall, this approach vastly reduces the operational and administrative overhead of creating templates. To add to that, you can also use different templates for the same product depending on the usage.


Product Data Sheets are automatically generated by Pimberly and can even be automatically updated if required. When product attributes are updated, a new PDS is generated and saved to the Pimberly DAM.

A Product Data Sheet can be updated based on customer preferences, giving control over the presentation of data. New PDS versions can either overwrite previous versions or create an archive.

Workflow Monitoring & Management

Lifecycles and workflows in Pimberly can track any changes made to a Product Data Sheet and report and/or seek approvals/inputs from other departments before going live.

This is useful for monitoring and managing what changes are required and determining what information/images are needed for a specific PDS, e.g. different colors. It also helps to ensure that all team members are working together efficiently.

Screen with Pimberly PIM platform - showing Product Information Management dashboard

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Getting started is easy…

Step 1

Choose which templates you need and send them to Pimberly.

Then create a custom channel for each of your templates. You can then publish your product data directly into your templates.

Step 2

Select which of your products require data sheets, and which template to use for them.

Once all the imagery and product data is complete, simply release the product to the channel corresponding to your chosen template.

Step 3

Pimberly Print will then populate the templates with the relevant product data, and generate PDF Product Data Sheets.

The PDFs then pass back into the PIM and attach directly to the original product record (either overwriting or archiving any old PDS).

Pimberly Automated Data Sheets

increase product sales

Marketers benefit from Product Data Sheet automation by gaining time to focus on creating campaigns that sell more products.

Maintain a competitive edge by delivering PDS into the hands of relevant consumers and increase sales potential in new marketplaces through easy PDS configuration.

reduce business risk

Display complex technical information with configurable Product Data Sheet templates and comply with relevant legislation by supplying all the correct required data.

Eliminate issues with PDS by separating them from the product and make the necessary changes for fast redeployment. A revised PDS with the updated information is automatically generated, reducing the risk of human error.

Speed time to market

New products are in front of customers faster due to automation updating a PDS in real-time.

Product data is in a single location, removing the need to search across disparate systems, while teams can keep processes moving forward by keeping track of any changes.

supercharge productivity

Users can access all the information they need to update a Product Data Sheet as the product data is stored in one place.

PDS are rapidly updated, data is consistent and marketers are able to devote more time to other projects thanks to powerful automation.


Pimberly grows with your business, with tiers to suit you. The prices below are incremental to your Pimberly platform fee, the details of which can be found here.

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  • £6,000
    per year
  • Pro
  • £12,000
    per year
  • Corporate
  • £18,000
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