Auto Sizing Charts

Because Size Matters…

The growth of digital commerce highlights the importance of accurate sizing information. Around 40% of fashion items bought online are returned due to incorrect sizing. Companies are often overspending when it comes to reverse logistics, and it’s not only the cost per item. 

Misrepresented products online leave your customers feeling disgruntled and disappointed. This could very well lead to a reduction in your customer lifetime value. That’s why we wanted to create a solution to the ever-growing issue of product returns.  

eCommerce Auto-sizing chart screenshot

This new feature within Pimberly uses product data stored within your PIM to automatically create Sizing Charts for all your products. As a result, this helps customers get a full understanding of what they’re buying, giving them complete confidence in their buying decisions. Ultimately, this will lead to reduced return rates and a better customer experience.  

By utilizing templates, it’s quick and easy for you to create or update all your Sizing Charts. These can then be distributed directly to all your sales channels and any internal teams that need them. 

Create Confident Shoppers

Dramatically Reduce Return Rates

Attract Loyal Customers

Gain a Competitive Edge

Sizing Chart Templates

Many businesses have their own Sizing Chart designs. If you don’t, you can work with us to create or build out an existing template library. Create as many templates as you want to ensure consistency for all of your products 

This approach vastly reduces the operational and administrative overhead of creating templates. It also means you can use different templates for similar products. 

Centralised Management of Assets

Manage all your product data and digital assets in one centralised hub with your Pimberly PIM/DAM. Access everything you need in one place, without having to search around multiple systems for the relevant information. 

This is super handy if your team needs to create multiple Sizing Charts. They can quickly find everything they need in one place, making the process much easier and a lot more efficient.   

Custom Views for each Product Hierarchy

Create a different view based on the sizing variant that your customer has selected. The parent Sizing Chart shows key sizes for each of your product sizes. The child Sizing Chart shows the key measurements for that specific product size. 

For example, a user clicks on a blue shirt without selecting a size. The user will then see a Sizing Chart with a range of dimensions for chest, length, etc. In other words, this means they can make an informed decision as to what size is best suited to them. 

Workflow Monitoring & Management

The Pimberly lifecycles and workflows can track any changes made to a Sizing Chart. Consequently, your Pimberly PIM system will report and/or seek approvals/inputs from other departments before going live.  

This is useful for monitoring and managing what changes are required. It also enables you to determine what information is needed for a specific Sizing Chart so all team members can work together efficiently. 

Getting started is easy…

Step 1

Choose which templates you need and send them to Pimberly.

Then create a custom channel for each of your selected templates. This allows you to publish your product data directly into your templates.

Step 2

Select which of your products require Sizing Charts, and which template to use for them.

Once all the imagery and product data are complete, simply release the product to the channel with your chosen template.

Step 3

Pimberly will then populate the templates with the relevant product data, and generate Sizing Charts.

The Sizing Charts then pass back into the PIM and attach directly to the original product record. Old Sizing Charts are either overwritten or archived. 

Create Confident Purchasers

If customers know exactly what they are buying they will buy with confidence knowing when the item arrives it is going to fit exactly how they imagined. Connecting the online and offline experiences will help your business standout. 

Gain a Competitive Edge

If a shopper is looking at two very similar items and yours has exact sizes, the likelihood is that the customer will go for yours. Not being completely sure about a purchasing decision often leads to cart abandonment. If you’re giving your customers that complete confidence, that won’t be the case!  

Reduce Return Rates

By knowing the exact dimensions of your item, there is no guesswork involved. This reduces the need for customers to buy multiple sizes and return the ones that aren’t right. In some cases, they might even have to return it all if sizes aren’t accurate!  

Reducing returns will eradicate reverse logistics which is a massive overhead for many companies. You’ll also see a rise in customer satisfaction, which can help build brand trust and customer loyalty.  

Attract Loyal Customers

Knowing the exact sizes of an item will help reduce the disconnect from purchasing online. They’ll know what they’ve ordered is right, which means they’ll be super excited to try everything on – not worried about the fit!  

Content customers will most likely return as they can have total confidence when shopping with you. In addition, they’ll know when their items arrive, they’ll be the perfect fit and they won’t have to worry about returning anything.   


Pimberly grows with your business, with tiers to suit you. The prices below are incremental to your Pimberly platform fee, the details of which can be found here.

  • Regular
  • £6,000
    per year
  • Pro
  • £12,000
    per year
  • Corporate
  • £18,000
    per year
  • Enterprise
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