Never launch a product with missing information again:

Flexible, configurable, graphical workflows to work more efficiently and improve visibility

Increase efficiency

Accurate and error free

Increase business agility

Ensure regulation compliance

Pimberly’s powerful visual workflows let you design a simple flowchart to get your product information and digital assets to market quickly, from setting requirements that need to be completed, through to approvals and finally releasing your products.

Here’s how it works…

Workflows allow you to automate your product information management process, from the moment you receive data to the second it’s published to your sales channels. They can manage the cleansing, enrichment and approval processes that ensure your product information is in top shape, and always in the right place at the right time.

With Pimberly’s automated workflows, you can:

  • Stay organised and simplify the way you work.
  • Control access with powerful workflows.
  • Automate creation and amendment of your digital assets.
  • Save time and effort allowing your creatives to really shine.
  • See tangible business benefits very quickly.
Product Information Management Workflow Template

Request a user or group to complete an action.


Allows you programmatically assign a value to a property.


Notifications are automatically sent to the relevant parties


Trigger other workflows to make management powerful but simple


Request a review of the current state of a process before moving forwards


Completed products are released to specified output channels

Improve customer experience

Ensure completeness of information

Structure your data processes

Control over your data

PIM Workflow flowchart
  • Adaptable

    Our workflows are totally adaptable and customisable, so you can create workflows tailored to your exact needs that work for your business and your team.

  • Range of commands

    A wide range of simple workflow commands come together to create a powerful business tool.

  • Intuitive interface

    Graphical drag and drop interface makes it quick and easy to set up new workflows

  • Choice of workflows

    Choose between an Approval Workflow and an Automation Workflow. An Approval Workflow kicks in just before an update takes effect, so the product remains unchanged until the workflow reaches an ‘accepted’ state.


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