PIM for Multi-Brand Retailers

Why Mutli-Brand Retailers need PIM

Managing an extensive and expanding multi-brand product portfolio requires a fit-for-purpose system. Ultimately, error-prone spreadsheets, Dropbox, emails, and other disparate systems aren’t up to the job and are a barrier to growth. Instead, multi-brand retailers need a solution to standardize product data efficiently across various supplier sources. By providing your business with powerful automation, data governance tools, and a ‘single source of truth,’ Pimberly is the ultimate tool for multi-brand retailers looking to drive growth on the digital shelf.

Transform you business with Pimberly

Product Information Management (PIM) for multi-brand retailers provides you with a central repository for managing product data. Streamline the onboarding of supplier product data and accelerate the time it takes to get your products to market. With each sales channel or marketplace having unique requirements, you can leverage Pimberly’s automation to ensure your product data is in the correct format. This saves you and your team time, broadening your business’ strategic vision.

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How Pimberly Helps Multi-Brand Retailers:

If you’re a CMO, CIO, or CTO, here’s how Pimberly drives growth for multi-brand retailers:

  • Store and enrich product information and digital assets from a central source of truth, resulting in reliable and consistent product data across sales channels
  • Significantly reduce the time required to onboard large product catalogs and get them live on multiple platforms/marketplaces
  • Leverage Pimberly’s automation to ensure the consistency of all product information across all sales channels, which is especially crucial for retailers with an extensive brand range
  • Ensure product listings are more compelling than your competitors, even when selling identical products
  • With Pimberly’s Copy AI functionality, create cutting-edge AI and SEO-optimized eCommerce product data, helping your products rank #1 on Google
  • Maintain control over where attributes appear for certain products, ensuring products are to a high standard
  • Automate the creation of product data sheets/catalogs, saving you and your team hours and hours of work

Keep reading to dive further into the full benefits PIM provides…

Here are some the ways Pimberly drives growth for our enterprise multi-brand retail customers:

  • Accelerate your time-to-market

    Retail and eCommerce is fast-paced. Capturing key market opportunities and satisfying consumer demand is essential for building a sustainable eCommerce business.

    Pimberly will enrich and standardize product data from multiple sources, cutting down on months of work typically needed for manual processes. Powerful data governance tools and workflows ensure consistency and accuracy across all eCommerce platforms/marketplaces, reducing cross-team conflicts and confusion.

  • Quickly onboard supplier data with Vendor Portal

    Pimberly’s Vendor Portal simplifies the process of onboarding supplier product data, removing the tedious back-and-forth between retailer and supplier allowing you to build better relationships throughout the supply chain.

    Vendor Portal makes the process frictionless, giving you a significant advantage over your competition. Upload millions of SKUs onto Pimberly without extra work.

    Ensure all supplier data is in the correct format and standardized before going to market. Vendor Portal drives business growth through rapid time to market, ease of product range expansion, and increased online conversion from improved product data.

  • Tailor Product Experiences for Global Markets

    Pimberly PIM is a strategic tool allowing retailers to manage and customize product information for different regions, ensuring your product experiences are relevant and appealing to local audiences.

    With multi-language support and automated currency and pricing adjustments, creating localized product experiences is straightforward. This way, you can engage customers with experiences that resonate with international customers, driving conversions in new markets worldwide.

  • Unify your brand experience across all channels

    Fragmented shopping experiences are common. Consumers interact through multiple channels, including online marketplaces, social media, eCommerce sites, and brick-and-mortar sites. Inconsistent product information leads to a disjointed brand experience, damaging customer trust.

    Pimberly maintains brand consistency across all customer touchpoints. The PIM platform functions as a centralized hub where all product information is stored, managed, and enriched before being distributed to fit the requirements of each sales channel.

    Pimberly’s ability to harmonize product information means product launches or updates are reflected simultaneously across all sales channels, maintaining a cohesive brand experience. In doing so, you’ll drive customer loyalty and accelerate business growth. As more and more consumers start the buyer journey online, having consistent branding across all touchpoints will make you much more trusted by consumers.

  • Boost operational efficiency

    Managing product information for thousands of SKUs across multiple brands is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Ultimately, inefficiencies within product data management result in increased costs, slower market agility, and diminished customer satisfaction.

    On the other hand, Pimberly is a transformative solution designed with multi-brand retailers in mind. By centralizing and automating product information management, you eliminate redundancies and streamline product data management. With a PIM/DAM like Pimberly, you drastically reduce the need for manual data entry, minimizing the risk of errors.

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What our customers say:


“Service is second-to-none”

Since going live, the support from Pimberly has truly been second to none.

Their response times are unrivaled, and they work with you or jump on a call at the drop of a hat until the issue is sorted. So well done to the support team, truly fantastic.

Now we are up and running we couldn’t really live without the PIM as we use it every day! Pimberly make us a more efficient department with all the different features available which we didn’t think were possible and it just makes life easier.


“The best on the market”

As a Marketplace Manager, Pimberly has been invaluable to our team, as we could not store data and media for each marketplace without it.

It’s really easy to use once you have implemented all the attributes, scopes, brands, etc, and it really helps us get all our products quickly to market with content and media that is required by each platform.

The team uses PIM every day in our current roles, whether importing new product data and imagery into PIM or exporting data and image links to a template for a marketplace. Moreover, if there are any issues, then Customer Support has always been on hand to help, and in my experience, all the support staff are very good and go into detail on how to fix a problem.


“Pimberly is the best PIM in the market.”

Pimberly should be taken into consideration if you’re seeking Product Information Management software that provides the finest value for your money. It’s a robust and adaptable piece of software that enables you to centrally and consistently manage your product data.

Depending on the channel, language, or market you wish to target, you can produce alternative content for the same attributes. Additionally, you may create and use as many APIs as you want to connect your products to a variety of applications and platforms, ensuring that your data is constantly current and synchronized.

Global retailers using Pimberly to drive growth

Maximize Efficiency with Automation

Operational bottlenecks are common. Ultimately, when managing product information in spreadsheets and disparate systems, time-consuming data entry, error-prone data standardization, and slow product launch necks hinder growth.

Pimberly is a transformative tool that automates critical aspects of product information management. Nevertheless, by automating data ingestion and standardization, Pimberly reduces manual workloads, allowing teams to dedicate more time to value-adding activities.

Automated Data Ingestion and Data Standardization

Pimberly automates importing product data from your suppliers, ensuring new and updated product information is seamlessly pulled into Pimberly’s central repository.

Streamlined workflows and predefined rules ensure incoming product data is in a format matching the requirements of your sales channels/marketplaces, ensuring consistency and accuracy of your product range—wherever it’s being sold.

The bottom line? Pimberly’s automation gives you a competitive edge. Above all, reduce time spent on manual data management, achieve faster time-to-market for new products, and give your business more time to focus on new strategic areas.

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Grow from a multi-brand retailer to a world-leading marketplace

More and more multi-brand retailers are evolving into eCommerce marketplaces. However, this is just a pipe dream if you’re still managing product information and digital assets in disparate systems. But, it has enormous benefits, including increased traffic, a broader product range, and additional revenue streams; it’s something to strive for despite the complexities.

The good news is that Pimberly simplifies the management of an expanded product catalog by automating the ingestion, standardization, and syndication of vendor-supplier product information, ensuring you have the technical infrastructure to achieve your strategic vision.

By integrating with marketplace platforms such as Mirakl, Pimberly enhances the flow of product information, ensuring your product data meets the requirements of your new sales channel. Above all, Pimberly allows you to handle diverse product data formats efficiently, manage large-scale product updates, and ensure a consistent customer experience.

Ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints

Consistent branding is essential to building customer trust and loyalty, especially for multi-brand retailers operating across multiple channels and markets. However, when product data is managed across disparate data sources via manual data entry, achieving brand consistency across all touchpoints is a fool’s errand.

As your central source of truth for product information and digital assets, Pimberly ensures everything aligns with the brand’s voice and standards, from product descriptions to images and marketing copy, eCommerce sites, social media, print catalogs, and in-store displays.

Automated Product Information Syndication

Pimberly automates the distribution of consistent product information to all sales channels to ensure branding is consistent with customers, regardless of where they’re shopping.

Pimberly will also tailor content for specific markets or channels without compromising the overall brand message, allowing for local relevance while maintaining global brand integrity. You’ll ensure you never misrepresent your supplier’s products. This way, you’ll be a reliable user in the supply chain.

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  • Stand out from the crowd with high-quality product experiences

    PIM systems like Pimberly empower multi-brand retailers to elevate their product listings with comprehensive, accurate, and engaging product content.

    With Pimberly, you can enrich product listings with high-quality images, videos, and detailed product descriptions, enhancing the online shopping experience and snagging more conversions.

    And, let’s face it, you’re facing stiff competition. You’re not the only retailer—you’re all against each other. So, this is where Pimberly gives you the competitive advantage. Create out-of-this-world product experiences to make sure your products stand out from the competition.

  • Streamline the creation of product data sheets/catalogs with automation

    With the help of additional modules, Pimberly will automate the creation of catalogs and product data sheets. Updates/amends to product information will be reflected in catalogs/data sheets. Easily ensure every piece of data is up-to-date and consistent across all catalogs and data sheets.

    Pimberly facilitates the easy distribution of digital catalogs across multiple channels, ensuring that customers can access the latest product information whether they’re shopping online, in-store, or through a distributor.

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Foster Collaborative Team Environments

Ultimately, communication is key when working on thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers.

Centralizing product information management with Pimberly creates a more collaborative work environment. After all, everyone has access to the same accurate, up-to-date product information and digital assets.

With the help of workflows and data governance tools, Pimberly bridges the gap between different departments (marketing, sales, IT, eCommerce, etc.), enabling them to work together more effectively toward common goals.

Pimberly’s customizable workflows allow for clear task assignments and progress tracking, making it easier to manage complex product launches and deadlines collaboratively. This way, you’ll ensure you never launch a product to market missing key attributes.

Enable Efficient Supplier Onboarding with Vendor Portal

Pimberly’s Vendor Portal module is designed with multi-brand retailers at front-of-mind. Above all, it gives you more control of supplier data, allowing you to expand your product with standardized product data quickly.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Vendor Portal functions as a lightweight version of Pimberly, which your suppliers can access via an email link
  2. The email contains a product data template—an Excel file containing a pre-defined set of attributes configured by you (you set the qualities you want, so you only get the data you need!)
  3. The supplier completes the template and uploads it to their lightweight Pimberly instance
  4. Any failed uploads are recognized and sent back to the supplier to change
  5. You don’t have to import all of your suppliers’ products. You can pick and choose the products you want Pimberly to ingest!

With Vendor Portal, you ensure their suppliers’ product data is comprehensive and fit for purpose. Expanding your product range takes hours rather than months.

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Customize Product Information for Global Markets

International commerce is tricky. For example, you must adapt product information for different cultural preferences, languages, regulatory requirements, and currencies. And you need a competitive edge. And, your products are likely already sold worldwide, so you must stand out.

Pimberly streamlines the localization processes, ensuring product listings are relevant, compliant, and engaging for worldwide customers. Consequently, Pimberly facilitates and automates the storage and management of product information in multiple languages without extra work.

And, because Pimberly is entirely scalable, we can fully support your growth ambitions by making it easier to manage and expand your international presence.

Explore the Pimberly Product Suite

The Pimberly product suite is growing. With an ambitious product roadmap, we continue to improve product data management, with multi-brand retailers a key focus. For example, here are some of the Pimberly modules our multi-brand customers utilize:

Pimberly AI

Pimberly AI is based on three distinct modules. Discover how the new, innovative function allows multi-brand retailers to drive growth through rapid product range expansion.

Copy AI

Firstly, Copy AI is our AI-generated SEO-optimized product description tool. Create compelling product titles and descriptions to ensure you rank #1 across Google and your favorite eCommerce marketplaces.

Furthermore, Copy AI is especially useful for multi-brand retailers, allowing you to stand out with high-quality, SEO-optimized product details. And, it saves eCommerce and marketing teams significant time by generating eCommerce-ready product descriptions, giving you vital extra selling days.

Product AI

Product AI is a market intelligence tool. By accessing marketplace data, you can populate information gaps your products might have. The premise is simple. By using a product’s code (EAN, UPC, or ASIN), Product AI will extract the data you want from some of the world’s leading marketplaces, increasing your level of product data validation.

With Product AI, you can speed up data enrichment of your products and ensure your products are accurate and enriched.

Image AI

Pimberly’s Image AI uses image recognition to generate a list of attributes for that particular product. Doing so lets you quickly create product attributes from scratch and assign them to your product. Additionally, Image AI can use a wide range of vocabulary to help describe your products and increase your product’s reach from an SEO perspective. Moreover, by removing human bias, you tap into a wider audience and create great customer experiences.


Next, Pimberly’s eCatalog allows Pimberly customers to access their own BigCommerce site, which is completely unrelated to their existing eCommerce website.

It allows for an improved user experience testing environment. Merchants and product merchandisers can use the environment to test and optimize the customer journey. So, if the experiment succeeds, you can make the changes live.

In addition, eCatalog supports an internal view of the product catalog, giving users easy access to the product catalog throughout the business and across departments. Merchants can share these catalogs with their customers, enabling real-time product previewers to facilitate sales. Moreover, Pimberly provides sales/customer support/technical staff with a product knowledge base fed directly from Pimberly, helping you to increase customer service (and sales!).

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Pimberly is the powerful SaaS Product Information Management & Digital Asset Management platform built for multi-brand retailers.

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  • Accelerated time-to-market allows you to launch new product ranges at a much quicker pace
  • Drive multi-channel efficiency and grow revenues by reaching new channels and markets
  • Update your product range in minutes across all touchpoints