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Creating a product in Pimberly Screenshot

What’s in the tour?

Browse the videos below to see what you can find in our platform tour.

Intro to Pimberly


Introduction to Pimberly, including what a Product Information Management platform is, where it sits within a company’s tech stack and its organisational structure, some of the key benefits of PIM and some technical information about the platforms accessibility and security.

Pimberly Features _ DashboardsDashboards


Overview of the Pimberly dashboard which gives users a clear visual update on the status of products across schemas and channels, as well as upcoming tasks in the message center.

Screenshot Importing Data in Pimberly



Feeds are how data gets into Pimberly, and this video shows how quickly a new feed can be setup, including scheduling and data mapping.


Product Page


The product view in Pimberly allows you to browse your product range with powerful filters, and see the lifecycle stage. You can also see the ability to have products nested where multiple colours/styles/sizes are available.

 Golden Record


This video shows the central product view which holds all information about a single SKU. This includes all attributes, digital assets, scoped/translated data, categories/schemas, related products, it’s lifecycle stage, as well as what channels the product has been released to.

digital asset management screenshot

Digital Asset Management


Quick overview of Pimberly DAM functionality, including meta data and version controls, which keeps all digital assets within the PIM alongside your product data.

Pimberly Screenshot: setting up new channels



Channels in Pimberly connect your data to sales channels and external sources via REST API, FTP, Cloud, Amazon S3. Simple visual data mapping and availability of scoped/translated data ensures your always sending the right information to each channel.

Pimberly Screenshot: setting up workflows



Workflows are the automation engine at the heart of Pimberly, and they are totally configurable and flexible. They can be used to run processes such as attribute changes and updates, as well as trigger notifications such as approvals.

Pimberly Features _ Lifecycle Stages



Lifecycle stages define how your products move through from creation to your sales channels. Once configured, they’ll give you visibility of your progress, and what needs doing to get more products to market faster.

Importing & Exporting Product data

Product information management

Digital Asset Management

Automation: workflows & lifecycles

Having our product information stored in Pimberly has allowed us to migrate all our webstores from Magento to Big Commerce extremely smoothly and quickly

We have removed so much duplicated effort and improved the quality of our data!

Douglas Gill International Limited

Pimberly has completely transformed how we customise and enrich our product data.

The software has helped to streamline our data structuring process across all websites, leading to a better user experience for customers

ZakEllis Brigham

We had very little data and very few decent images however we now have full product data and images for over 18,000 technical products and a central repository to effectively maintain and distribute it. From a standing start in 2012 we created a web site that now handles almost half of all order lines for a £30,000,000 company.

Aldridge Security Ltd

Arthouse logo

Locating and preparing images for new products (around 4 or 5 hundred products) used to take a week; now it takes about 15 minutes.

Arthouse Ltd

As our website portfolio has rapidly expanded Pimberly has allowed us to maintain the quality & integrity of product data across all of our stores easily. We can also update products & product assets and release new products across all stores in a fraction of the time it used to take us.

Current Body

Pimberly is a key element in getting 1200 products x languages to the top in google.

Pimberly is a very flexible PIM system. It is configured that it fits exactly with our working process.

EMM International BV

Our eCommerce team now have more data in one place than they've ever had before and they are thrilled!

J Rosenthal & Son Ltd

A product change used to take three days to filter through to the website: with Pimberly it takes 15 minutes

Regatta Ltd

We’ve managed to increase the amount of data we handle while increasing the quality without increasing our headcount.

Without Pimberly there would have to employ another three skilled employees.

Westcoast Ltd

With Pimberly we are able to get rich data, right the first time. This efficient way of working enables us to reduce errors in the supply chain – holding data on 2.3 million SKUs and getting to market quicker with hundreds of thousands of products, allowing us to remain competitive.

Pimberly has allowed us to connect with big sporting brands such as; Nike, Adidas and Reebok and gives us the confidence to onboard ten more very soon, names like; The North Face, Under Armour, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Puma.

JD Sports Fashion PLC

The service received from the entire Pimberly team has been nothing short of incredible. Right from the sales process to the support team, Pimberly have nailed the experience. I cannot recommend them enough.