PIM for Fashion & Apparel

Why Fashion & Apparel Needs PIM

For consumers and fashion brands alike, online shopping is evolving. Modern consumers want a digital experience that mirrors the in-store customer journey. Consequently, the pressure is on fashion brands to stay on trend. Fulfilling consumer desire for personalized, detailed product experience is essential. With Pimberly, delivering dynamic and trustworthy product experiences across multiple channels is effortless.

As you expand your product range and enter new markets, the volume of product information and digital assets grows exponentially. And, as trends come and go, you need an agile and best-in-class to keep up with consumer demand. Combine this with selling across marketplaces, social media stores, and your brick-and-mortar stores; your product data becomes fragmented across systems and spreadsheets.

Why Pimberly?

So, how can you bring products to life with reliable product data across multiple channels? This is where Pimberly enters the conversation. Whether you’re a luxury fashion retailer or an outdoor apparel brand, Pimberly has the functionality to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

If you’re an eCommerce Director, Marketing Director, or Chief Technology Officers looking to unlock growth for your business, here is why Pimberly is the best Product Information Management (PIM) & Digital Asset Management (DAM) for ambitious fashion brands and retailers

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How Pimberly drives growth for fashion & apparel:

  • Create, enrich, and store product information and digital assets from a central source of truth, ensuring your product data is 100% reliable before going to market
  • Stay on trend with consumer trends and seasonal change with improved business agility and rapid time-to-market
  • With the help of cutting-edge AI, create dynamic, SEO-optimized eCommerce-ready product data, ensuring your products appear on Google and other search engines and stay there.
  • Streamline your product data management across marketplaces and platforms and deliver personalized shopping experiences to customers across the globe
  • Leverage Pimberly’s in-house API eCommerce connectors to update your product range near instantaneously across retail touchpoints
  • Be fully transparent with the environmental credentials of your products and attract more environmentally-conscious shoppers
  • Pimberly’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities allow you to store & transform high-quality images/videos/lookbooks alongside your products, allowing you to design high-converting product pages

Keep reading to dive further into the full benefits PIM provides…

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What our fashion customers say:


“Efficient PIM for large amounts of Data”

The upsides of using Pimberly are that it is helpful in storing large amounts of product information in one product ID, I’m able to add any attributes into the Product IDs to help with enriching products.

I’ve also been able to create new schemas, e.g. size guides, and link those with the Product ID’s. Overall I find Pimberly really easy to use, and use it on a daily basis, this could be to export data for sales analysis or importing data to make a product more enriched.


“Excellent Product and Support”

Pimberly have a fantastic support team that a rapid at responding to and resolving issues. The team are always on hand for technical questions, be that via email, phone or video call – always providing information in the detail required for a successful knowledge transfer to ensure the client can achieve their technical goals.


“Streamlined a lot of in house processes and massively reduced mistakes”

Makes it extremely easy to track a produts life cycle within the company. What was previously done across various platforms can be edited and enriched in one place. Easily intergrated with our other systems and online store.

Here are some the ways Pimberly drives growth for our enterprise fashion customers

  • Streamlined product data management (no more spreadsheets!)

    Because Pimberly provides you with a central repository to manage product data, you can say goodbye to managing product data in spreadsheets or disparate systems. Instead, Pimberly ensures all product information is synchronized in real-time across departments.

    It’s common to have multiple people working on the same product simultaneously without knowing what another person is doing. So, Pimberly takes the guesswork out of product management, so you and your team can be much more productive. And, without error-prone manual processes, your product data will be more reliable. This allows you to present your products in the best light possible.

  • Accelerate speed-to-market

    Pimberly turbo-charges the launch of new products by streamlining the data management process, from ideation, design, and manufacture to distribution. Launching an entire collection or the hottest new product has never been smoother.

    We know how important it is to stay on top of timely seasonal releases. So, Pimberly’s automated workflows and data governance tools allow you to launch products without bottlenecks. When preparing products for the market, Pimberly gives a comprehensive overview of when a product is ready.

    Or, if a product needs key details (digital assets, product specifications, etc), Pimberly will tell you exactly what it needs and help you fill in product information gaps.

  • Accelerate time-to-market across sales channels

    Online shoppers want the next best thing to browsing the racks in person. Pimberly mirrors the experience by providing accurate, reliable product data. In turn, you’ll see improved customer trust. Doing so cements higher customer advocacy for conversion, resulting in repeat sales and more referrals.

    Streamlined product data management processes coupled with tight-knit data validation ensure your product information is accurate and up-to-date. Because of the reduction in data entry errors and misinformation, you’ll have fewer customer returns and complaints.

    Delivering that immersive branded-customer Experience is made easy with Pimberly. Maintain a consistent and streamlined brand experience across all sales channels. This helps turn one-off shoppers into loyal customers.

  • Seamless multi-channel integration

    Pimberly ensures consistent product information across all sales channels, from online marketplaces to physical retail stores. Deliver a consistent and unified customer experience across all touchpoints.

    In addition, Pimberly’s API-first architecture integrates with major eCommerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc.). You don’t have to write any script or code yourself, as our in-house team of experts manages implementation and maintenance.

  • Take over the world

    Pimberly will deliver localized product information for different markets.

    For instance, you can store translations, sizing conversions, localized imagery, and currency conversions, allowing you to enter new global markets seamlessly. In addition, because Pimberly will enable you to be much more agile, you can tailor your product offerings to align with local market trends and consumer preferences.

  • Generate product data sheets/product catalogs/sellsheets

    With the help of the Pimberly PDS/spec & sell sheet module, you can create product data sheets in moments. Use these data sheets to include critical sizing information, material specifications, color variants, and photographs/visuals next to your products.

    In addition, the Pimberly catalog module turns the painstaking task of indexing extensive product listings into a lightning-quick task.

  • True supplier collaboration

    With Pimberly’s Vendor Portal module, you don’t have to manage product data from your suppliers via email/spreadsheets on an ad hoc basis. Instead, Vendor Portal allows your suppliers to upload product information in a format with requirements set by you.

    Collaboration with your vendors to enrich or request additional data is simple, too. For eCommerce directors in charge of product onboarding, Vendor Portal totally streamlines the process of receiving and managing supplier data.

    Accelerating business growth with quicker time to market, smooth product range expansion, and improved product data.

Efficiently Organize and Enrich Your Product Portfolio

Pimberly is a central source of truth for your product information across your entire business/brand. From Pimberly’s central repository, you can enrich, manage, and store all product information and digital assets. As a result, Pimberly eliminates a siloed working environment, leading to improved product data management processes.

Pimberly’s powerful automation and data governance tools replace error-prone manual processes and spreadsheets. As a result, your product data will be more consistent, accurate, and reliable for even the most complex of products.

Instead of spending too much time on manual data entry and repetitive tasks, equip your team with tools to simplify their day-to-day jobs. It’s common your team spend an entire working week preparing a new collection for launch, so leverage Pimberly’s tools to enrich your products in a matter of hours.

Pimberly’s Integrated, Enterprise DAM

Whether you specialize in selling trainers, handbags, bowties, or just about everything, Pimberly’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities are vital for fashion brands to organize and store a wide range of digital assets.

High-resolution product images, 360-degree product photography, product videos, technical product specifications, lookbooks, and catalogs all help you replicate the in-store experience for online customers. 22% of product returns are due to the product looking different in person, so you must portray your products as true to life to avoid costly returns.

Here are some of the assets our fashion & apparel customers store using Pimberl’s DAM capabilities:

  • High-resolution product images
  • Product videos (promotional videos/behind-the-scenes footage from fashion shows)
  • Design files (design sketches/CAD files)
  • Social media assets and other marketing materials
  • Print-ready files for brochures, catalogs, and other physical marketing collateral
  • Lookbooks and catalogs
  • Technical product specifications
  • Sustainability certification

Deliver tailored ‘Shop the Look’ recommendations

With Pimberly’s ‘Shop the Look’, you can engage with customers more personally. In Pimberly, you can auto-associated products via its metadata, allowing you to create ‘shop the look’ experiences. Not only is it a great way to show how you understand your customer, but it also helps to increase the Average Order Value (AOV).

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Stay on-trend with Rapid Time-to-Market

Consumer demands constantly change, and new seasons are synonymous with new product collections. For instance, the high demand for a new stock line during the summer sales season leaves your inventory team hot under the collar. You and your team need to get your new products to market as soon as possible. However, by using Pimberly as a central source of truth alongside powerful automation, you gain a competitive edge, giving you valuable extra selling days.

Pimberly’s data governance tools, lifecycle stages, and workflows mean you can prepare everything for launch well ahead of time. With Pimberly, it’s easy and efficient to prepare your products to go live on the date and time of your choosing. We’re not just talking about your eCommerce store, either. Pimberly will push updated and new product data to various platforms and marketplaces, ensuring consistency and cutting down duplicate work.

With Pimberly, new seasonal collections can be launched across all digital channels within a matter of days, a process that might have taken weeks. In addition, Pimberly efficiently manages the addition of hundreds (or thousands!) of new SKUs without overwhelming the existing workflows or causing system slowdowns.

Enhanced Multi-Channel Integration

Having a consistent and unified brand experience for customers is vital. For instance, if a shopper sees a dress on Instagram and then switches to your website or views it in a store, you must ensure the product information is aligned across all platforms

Consistency in branding across all touchpoints helps build a recognizable brand. And, customers are more likely to become loyal to a brand they recognize and trust. Pimberly ensures your product information is consistent across sales channels, from brick-and-mortar outlets to social commerce.

Brands with a streamlined and consistent omnichannel approach see a 9.5% yearly increase in revenue. Whether they’re shopping online, in-store, through social media, or on marketplaces, Pimberly will ensure that product information and branding across all channels are aligned.

Seamless Tech Stack Integration via API-first Architecture

Not only will Pimberly push your product data to an unlimited number of channels. Pimberly also seamlessly connects to other elements of your tech stack, such as ERP, 3PL provider, PLM, IMS, and other eCommerce components. This means there’s little disruption to your existing tech ecosystem while Pimberly is being implemented.

In addition, our bespoke connectors to BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify make updating your eCommerce platform lightning-quick. You don’t have to do any coding; implementation is managed in-house.

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Check out some of blog content for the fashion & apparel sector

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Onboard Supplier Data More Efficiently

Pimberly makes onboarding products from your supplier straightforward. The platform ingests product data from upstream applications (such as your ERP system), supplier feeds, and spreadsheets. Supplier feeds are configured on entry via file-based/API-based integrations.

Once Pimberly has ingested the product data, it will transform it to match the requirements of your sales channels (marketplaces/eCommerce platform, etc.) and print/PDF catalogs/lookbooks.

Eliminate discrepancies regarding sizing.

Pimberly helps transform primary supplier data into exceptional product data, ensuring your products are eCommerce-ready.

Imagine you’re a UK-based retailer. Your supplier provides you with shoe sizes by US sizing standards. It frustrates your team, and sorting it is time-consuming. However, instead of manually correcting the supplier information in a spreadsheet, Pimberly will automatically convert the sizing to the UK format, accelerating your time to market. In addition, this saves your team heaps of time and allows them to focus on other strategic areas.

Expand your product range with Pimberly’s Vendor Portal

Pimberly’s Vendor Portal module gives you more control of your supplier data, saving you even more time and accelerating your time to market.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Vendor Portal functions as a lightweight version of Pimberly, which they access via an email link
  2. The email contains a product data template—an Excel file containing a pre-defined set of attributes configured by you (you set the qualities you want, so you only get the data you need!)
  3. The supplier completes the template and uploads it to their lightweight Pimberly instance
  4. Any failed uploads are recognized and sent back to the supplier to change
  5. You don’t have to import all of your suppliers’ products. You can pick and choose the products you want Pimberly to ingest!

With Vendor Portal, fashion retailers ensure that their suppliers’ product data is comprehensive. Expanding your product range takes hours rather than months.

Global Expansion Support

Pimberly makes entering international marketplaces a breeze. We know tailoring products to different global markets involves tapping into local fashion sensibilities, sizing standards, and customer preferences.

Pimberly allows for the efficient management and localization of product information, including product descriptions, sizes, and styles, to suit different regional markets. For instance, Pimberly will automatically convert sizing from US to EU standards. The platform also stores product descriptions in multiple languages, localized to include region-specific terminology.

Compliance with international regulations

Pimberly ensures product information (including materials and manufacturing processes) complies with international standards. This information is transparent and traceable, stored from a central source of truth. In the Pimberly DAM, you can manage compliance documentation, such as the EU’s REACH compliance for chemical substances.

Adapt to local eCommerce ecosystems

When it comes to product data, different international marketplaces all have different rules. However, Pimberly easily integrates with various global eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, ensuring your product information follows the regulations across different marketplaces.

Whether you’re selling on Amazon, Rakuten, or Alibaba (or all three!), Pimberly ensures your product information is consistent and tailored to the requirements of each platform.

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Additional Pimberly Modules

We are continuing to grow and innovate the Pimberly product suite with new additional modules. Here are the additional modules favored by our fashion & apparel customers.

Auto-generate product data sheets/spec and sell sheets

In less than a minute, the product data-sheet/spec sheets module will produce product data sheets within Pimberly. Our customers use them to display information about size specifications, care instructions, color options, and other design elements. And, they’re used for efficient supply chain management, with SKU numbers, barcodes, and other identifiers to streamline tracking and distribution.

Nevertheless, automating the creation of data sheets saves your marketing team significant time and resources. In addition, if any updates are made to your products from within Pimberly, these changes will be reflected in their respective datasheet.

Create dynamic product catalogs

Convey your brand’s story and aesthetic with Pimberly auto-generated digital product catalogs.

Pimberly’s catalog functionality works similarly to the product data sheets. They provide an automated solution to quickly index, publish, and edit your catalogs. The catalog functionality saves your team valuable time across the entire catalog production process.

Introducing eCatalog

Pimberly’s eCatalog allows Pimberly users to access their very own private BigCommerce site, which is unrelated to their existing website.

Pimberly’s eCatalog allows for an improved user experience testing environment. Merchants and product merchandisers can use the environment to evaluate product listings and the customer journey. If the experiment is a success, you can make the changes live.

In addition, eCatalog supports internal business processes by facilitating easy access to your product catalog across the business. Merchants can share these catalogs with their customers, enabling real-time product previewers to enhance the sales process.

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  • Update your product range in minutes across all retail touchpoints