PIM for Apparel & Fashion

Product Information Management (PIM) for apparel and fashion provides you with a central hub for all product information, digital assets, and media files. Pimberly is a SaaS PIM solution with an integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. It’s cloud-based, so your teams can securely access everything, anywhere, and at any time from a web browser.

Overall, the Pimberly PIM for apparel and fashion will enable you to hit your KPIs, including:

  • Drive sales by reaching new marketplaces and geographies
  • Boost productivity by reducing manual tasks up to 80%
  • Stand out from the crowd with high-converting product experiences

Why Apparel & Fashion needs PIM:

Stay on-trend by speeding your time to market –

Boost productivity with a tailor-made solution for excellent eCommerce –

Manage high volumes of quality digital assets for immersive product experiences –

–       Drive brand loyalty through hyper-personalization

–       Extend brand reach by easily entering new channels and geographies

–       Create amazing online experiences with in-depth product descriptions

Stay on-trend by speeding your time to market

Online fashion and apparel brands know all too well how quickly trends change and new seasons are synonymous with new collections. So, this means new products need to get to market pronto to satisfy the fashionistas of the world. By automating product data processes, you can reduce manual tasks by up to 80%. What’s more, you can massively speed your time to market, gaining vital extra selling days.

A PIM system provides you with unlimited storage for product descriptions, digital assets relating to your campaigns, collections, and promotions. As a result, you can lock n’ load everything well ahead of time. Use lifecycle stages and workflows to set everything live on the date and period of time of your choosing. Whether it’s the studio team working on fab photography, or sales and marketing devising delightful campaign copy, you’ll always stay on-trend.



Boost productivity with a tailor-made solution for excellent eCommerce

Dealing with huge volumes of complex product data is time-consuming, especially for apparel fashion brands constantly dealing with new trends and seasons. That’s why a PIM/DAM solution is an essential addition to any eCommerce tech stack. Say goodbye to the days of death by spreadsheet. Store all product information, product content, digital assets, and media files in one central location.

Quick implementation and a super user-friendly interface mean all departments can quickly and easily access everything they need. Whether it’s customer services, eCommerce teams, or sales and marketing, you can create totally collaborative and smooth-running eCommerce operations. Let your teams shine by making sure they have everything they need to focus on their areas of expertise.

Manage high volumes of quality digital assets for immersive product experience

Did you know consumers process images and videos 60,000 times quicker than text? Therefore, it’s no surprise they play such a key role in the online buyer journey. Not being able to touch and try on can create a huge barrier.

But, with the right digital assets, complete with 360 views, zoom, and totally accurate sizing charts, you can break that barrier down. Most importantly, you can increase conversion rates by up to 40%. 

Overall, your product images and videos don’t just represent your products; they tell your brand story and help build customer confidence. Pimberly’s DAM gives you the power to store unlimited digital assets. Whether it’s different color variations, videos, user-generated content, or detailed sizing charts, give customers a comprehensive view of your products. No more surprises on delivery!

Pimberly Digital Asset Management

Drive brand loyalty through hyper-personalization

Many brands want to engage with their customers on a more personal level, and customers want the same. For instance, it may be that you display a range of different products based on demographics of browsing history. Within Pimberly, you can store unlimited versions of product data and digital assets. As a result, you can make sure you deliver a hyper-personalized customer experience every time.

So, whether it’s having different images and descriptions for a dress for weddings, birthdays, or a festive party, store it all in your PIM. As well as displaying multiple data variants, you can also make intelligent product recommendations with kits and bundles. Show your customers some love, let them “shop the look” and see AOV and loyalty soar!

What our friends in fashion say about us…

The flexible nature of Pimberly has allowed us to quickly respond to seasonal and market changes. We’ve been able to easily categorise our data and apply it towards increasing cross- selling and product bundle opportunities.

Pimberly has completely transformed how we customise and enrich our product data. The platform has helped to streamline our data structuring process across all websites, leading to a better user experience for customers.

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ZakHead of eCommerce

With Pimberly we are able to get rich data, right the first time. This efficient way of working enables us to reduce errors in the supply chain? Holding data on 2.3 million SKUs and getting to market quicker with hundreds of thousands of products, allowing us to remain competitive. Pimberly has allowed us to connect with big sporting brands such as; Nike, Adidas and Reebok and gives us the confidence to onboard ten more very soon, names like; The North Face, Under Armour, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Puma.

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JessMerchandising Solutions Manager

It just opened a world of possibilities for our marketplace: quick product enrichment, fast time to market, and we even plugged a data feed from Google Analytics to enrich our products with real-time visitor data. It just made eCommerce fun again! We managed to double the number of products we sell and divide the time to market by 10 in just a month after deploying Pimberly.

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Having our product information stored in Pimberly has allowed us to migrate all our webstores from Magento to Big Commerce extremely smoothly and quickly

We have removed so much duplicated effort and improved the quality of our data!

OliverGlobal Head of eCommerce

A product change used to take three days to filter through to the website: with Pimberly it takes 15 minutes

JeffSenior Analyst

Extend brand reach by easily entering new channels and geographies

A great way of extending your brand reach is by entering into new marketplaces and geographies. Want to intrigue on Instagram, or amaze customers on Amazon? Well, with Pimberly, you can set up new sales channels in a matter of minutes. In addition to this, you can use scoping features to make sure product data and digital assets always meet the different requirements of the channels you sell on.

Guarantee the best possible customer experience by delivering product information in languages and measurements that resonate with your different audiences. In the same fashion, ensure the imagery you’re using is suited to the different countries you sell to. Essentially, you can totally tailor the experience you deliver – regardless of where your customers are in the world.


Create amazing online experiences with in-depth product descriptions

Consumers are savvier than ever and want in-depth product information before committing to a purchase. If you’re not providing the details they want and need, they’ll go elsewhere. Things like details around your supply chain, sustainability, and the materials used are all key factors in buying decisions. They’re also massive contributors to building a more loyal customer base with higher lifetime value.

By including this extra layer of product information, you can instill confidence in your customers and drive more sales. You can also leverage your product data to make you stand out from the crowd and drive better demand generation. With PIM, the process of including target keywords in product titles, descriptions, and metadata is easy. This means you can create amazing online experiences and get your products in front of the right people at the right time.

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See it in Action – Pimberly Videos

Starting an eCommerce Store with Pimberly

You can set up a brand new eCommerce store, and get your products live in a few minutes with PIM for apparel & fashion businesses.

Creating eCommerce Collections in Pimberly

Organising your products into collections and categories helps your customers navigate your store.

Managing your Sale products from Pimberly

Managing your sale products and prices can be automated directly from Pimberly in just a few clicks.

When should I consider a PIM/DAM?

If you want to scale and grow, a powerful solution to manage all product data and digital assets will be indispensable. It’s not a question of why but WHEN.

Any of these things sound familiar to you?

  •   A high volume of new products each season
  •   Need to change product attribution & on-site search
  •   Personalization at product level
  •   Multi-language/country selling
  •   More use of product promotions
  •   Expanding into multiple sales channels

If so, it’s definitely time to consider PIM for apparel & fashion!

Ready? Let’s book your demo…