Pimberly Success Story: ATA Group

“With Pimberly, we’ve been able to easily create product data for our different marketplaces, customers, and locales. Overall, we’re getting our products to market quicker than ever before. Pimberly is really key in enabling us to be at the top of our game. 

Group eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager, ATA Group 

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An eCommerce future of steel 

ATA Group is an internationally recognized supplier of high-quality precision engineering products. Founded in 1963 as a manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic grinding tools, it had its sights set on world domination.  

Today, ATA operates in all major global markets, in over 90 countries, with a network of over 3,000 distributors. Its products are well recognized and used in major manufacturing sectors such as aerospace, foundry, automotive, oil and gas, marine, power generation, and steel fabrication. 

Pumping up the volume of products  

For this fast-paced manufacturer and distributor, enriching +19,000 products on spreadsheets was a handful. In addition, it was managing language variants for more than 90 countries and it soon became a massive challenge. This way of handling product data was holding ATA back from reaching its global growth aspirations.  

With the implementation of Pimberly, ATA onboarded all of its products in just five days. Using Pimberlys locale feature, it also created German-language variants for these products which now feed directly into TradeIt.de for their Karnasch brand.  

Our objective was “a land and expand project”. We deployed phase 1 very quickly and it’s enabled us to showcase the functionality to our other business units.

Charlie Kavanagh, Group eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager

ATA product information

Breathing air into the way it works 

ATA Product Information

Managing products across multiple spreadsheets meant the product data for ATA was very unstructured. As a result, the level of product data across different brands varied a lot and the user experience was poor. There was a growing need for a central data repository for internal teams to manage the enrichment journey of their brands.  

Queue the need for a PIM! ATA knew if it wanted to continue to be a market leader, it needed a new way of working. After considering a couple of options, ATA chose Pimberly because of its in-house PIM expertise. Since their implementation, ATA has taken its product data to the new level which is now more accurate than ever before.  

By automating and streamlining the way we now manage product data, we’ve been able to reduce manual labor hours by 30%. Overall, we now have an effective way to develop and manage products for our 6 brands. 

ATA Group

ATA set for a drilling future

ATA has just begun its Pimberly journey and is looking forward to fastening on to a new way of working. Pimberly has given ATA Group confidence in the accuracy of its product data. The company is now ready for world domination, which will involve rolling out to other brands, marketplaces, and locales.  

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