Pimberly Technology

The power behind Pimberly PIM

Designed for the cloud

Pimberly uses the global reach of Amazon Web Services, and the power of their Elastic Compute Cloud, to create a flexible system that automatically grows and shrinks to meet changing demands in real-time.

We provide the tools to enable you to collaborate with suppliers and retailers around the globe and can help you grow your business to support millions of SKUs, without you ever having to worry about scaling, maintenance, upgrades or infrastructure,

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Open API

The platform is service oriented and at the heart of it is the Pimberly API.

Based on JSON/REST, this documented public API allows customers or integrators to connect Pimberly with a wide variety of third party systems.

You can view the Pimberly API documentation here.

To learn more about what our customers are doing with integrations head over here. 

Embracing open source

We built Pimberly using cloud technology from some of the world’s leading open source projects, technology which has been tried and tested at scale at tech titans like Spotify, Facebook and Netflix.

We’re committed to supporting the open source community and contributing back to the projects we’re involved with.

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Security and compliance

Be assured that the security of your data is our highest priority. By building on top of Amazon Web Services we benefit from data centers and network infrastructure designed to meet the requirements of some of the most security sensitive organisations in the world.

All our servers operate within a firewalled Virtual Private Cloud with Amazon’s European data centers. All traffic between clients and our servers is encrypted end-to-end with TLS/SSL and our internal security policy ensures that access to production servers and databases within the Virtual Private Cloud is via VPN and only available to a limited number of authorised engineers.

We operate strict security policies, employ industry standard technical measures and extensive monitoring and logging so we can detect and mitigate technical or security issues before they impact your business. we also run regular penetration testing of the platform by an accredited security provider.

Learn more about integrating Pimberly with your eCommerce and other systems.