PIM for Construction

Pimberly is the best PIM/DAM platform to manage and standardize technical products for the construction sector.

A PIM solution like Pimberly will:

  • Ingest product data from a variety of sources, changing it to suit the format matching your channel requirements
  • Manage complex product data and digital files (images, certification, BIM files, data sheets) without spreadsheets or disparate data management systems
  • Turn boring, repetitive tasks into quick-and-easy jobs

It’s no surprise that construction continues to be Pimberly’s largest and fastest growing sector.

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Why Construction needs PIM:

  • Drive Efficiency

    Enrich, and update complex product data from a centralized hub to improve collaboration and faster time-to-market

  • Accurate Product Data

    Pimberly’s data governance tools mean you always launch products fully enriched with key product detail

  • Simple Product Standardization

    Leverage product standardization benefits throughout the supply chain with Vendor Portal

  • Fit for Purpose Software

    Move away from managing product data in your ERP (such as K8, Intact IQ) and adopt a best-of-breed software

  • Stay Compliant

    Assign correct product codifications to stay compliant and avoid costly fines

  • Take Control of Your Data

    Ingest product data and release it in a format matching your channel requirements

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Pimberly and the Builders Merchant Federation (BMF)

As a recognised Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) service provider, we are committed to delivering a high-quality solution to the building material and construction sector. Below is a list of our ongoing work with the BMF:

  • Members and contributors to the BMF Product Data Standardization committee
  • Keynote speakers at the 2023 BMF Digital & Technology Forum

We’ll also be appearing at future BMF events, so make sure to say hello.

From nail guns to timber, manage complex products with confidence

In the eCommerce for construction materials sector, you manage a wide variety of products.

Each product comes packed with a huge number of specific product attributes (dimensions, material specifications, volume, SKU). So, you need a high-quality Product Information Management (PIM) software to manage all of this product data efficiently and accurately.

With PIM for construction, replace inefficient manual processes and data management with a ‘golden source’ of product information.


Product standardization is easy with PIM

Pimberly’s workflows standardize product attributes (naming conventions, codifications, units and conversions). The benefits of product standardization ensure consistency throughout the supply chain. One-time set-up workflows ensure your product data matches the requirements of your business and customers. Strict supply chain management has never been easier.

Pimberly’s additional module Vendor Portal provides your supplier with a lightweight version of the platform. Then, the user completes a product data template with pre-defined attribute fields, configured by you. This ensures your supplies follow product data rules created by you.


Embrace digital transformation by digitizing manual processes to improve efficiency

A construction PIM centralizes and streamlines product information, with strict version control making it accessible to those who need it. No more paper-based processes and manual documentation!

For instance, imagine an order of clay bricks has been made. But, sizing and weight dimensions are listed incorrectly due to poor notes in emails and spreadsheets. These common inventory management mistakes result in construction project delays and angry end-users.

Digital transformation allows the construction sector to operate with agility. You’ll see cost reduction, increased productivity, and satisfaction throughout the supply chain.

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Your products shine with quality-assured product information

With the growth of construction eCommerce, it’s more important than ever to have the best solutions in place. So, in order to become a trusted touchpoint in the supply chain, your product information needs to be enriched and maintained. Above all, this is where PIM for construction will do the heavy lifting, allowing members of the team to concentrate on other areas of business.

With PIM, creating rich, search-engine-optimized product descriptions is straightforward. In addition, we have an AI module to make the process even more efficient!

Check out some of blog content for builders’ merchants/construction:

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Take charge of product onboarding with Vendor Portal

If you’re a multi-brand builders’ merchant, Vendor Portal is for you. Vendor Portal puts you in the driving seat when onboarding products from your suppliers, ensuring the product data they provide is standardized and ready for launch.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Vendor Portal functions as a lightweight version of Pimberly, which your suppliers can access via an email link
  2. The email contains a product data template—an Excel file containing a pre-defined set of attributes configured by you (you set the qualities you want, so you only get the data you need!)
  3. The supplier completes the template and uploads it to their lightweight Pimberly instance
  4. Any failed uploads are recognized and sent back to the supplier to change
  5. You don’t have to import all of your suppliers’ products. You can pick and choose the products you want Pimberly to ingest!

The bottom line: Vendor Portal allows builders merchants to drive growth with faster time to market and consistent product data. Upload millions of SKUs from your suppliers with less effort.

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Pimberly DAM – store digital assets with your products

Pimberly comes with Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities, too. This means you’re able to store the following against your product:

  • Unlimited number of product images
  • Videos (product demos, installation videos, service videos)
  • Product data sheets
  • 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) assets
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) files
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and other sustainability and energy certification

Having an all-in-one PIM/DAM set-up means storing the correct asset next to the right product is simple. Digital construction asset management tools mean you’ll never release a product missing key product safety standard certification, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customize product information for global markets

You must adapt product ranges to meet local construction standards, regulations, and consumer preferences when expanding into international markets. Accurately localized product information is key to overcoming these challenges and engaging with new customers worldwide.

The good news is PIM for construction allows builders merchants and manufacturers to scale their operations internationally. By automating the localization and customization of complex product data, international expansion is more manageable and effective.

Pimberly facilitates the creation of tailored catalogs for different regions with locally relevant products/materials, including localized imagery and translations. Open new revenue streams across the world with Pimberly.

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Easily Sell Stock to Marketplaces

Whether you want a quick way to off-load excess stock at discounted prices to eBay. Or, you want to develop a dedicated selling strategy for ManoMano or Amazon. Pimberly ingests an unlimited amount of product data. Then, the platform transforms it to match the requirements of your sales channel.

By doing so, you’ll be scaling your business by reaching customers outside of the construction industry. This might be to local contractors – or DIY enthusiasts.

Pimberly’s Extended Functionality

Auto-generate product catalogs and product data sheets

We’d be foolish to think that product catalogs in the construction industry will be going anywhere fast. However, this doesn’t mean you should rely on outdated and inefficient methods of product catalog pagination.

Through Adobe Indesign, Pimberly transforms your product data into PDFs. By drawing data from the PIM, the Pimberly Catalog module turns a lengthy task into a ten-minute job. Whether you publish an annual catalog – or more frequent product brochures.

In addition, digital product catalogs are a great step to cut the construction sector’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal does the opposite of Vendor Portal but is just as valuable. Where Vendor Portal makes supplier onboarding easy, Pimberly’s Customer Portal makes it easy for customers to pick and choose the product data they need. Customer Portal allows you to set parameters regarding which data points you share with your supply chain.

Customer Portal allows your customers to self-serve, cherry-picking the data they need to get your products to market quicker. Ultimately, leveraging Customer Portal enables you to create stronger customer relationships and enforce brand consistency throughout the supply chain.

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Book a demo: Accelerate online growth with Pimberly

Digital transformation isn’t a ‘nice to have’ for the construction sector. Instead, it’s now a priority.

Integrating a PIM to standardize and manage complex product data throughout the supply chain is the best step to drive business growth. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that a PIM is the right fit for you:

  • You’ll looking to expand your product range but struggle managing complex product data
  • Too much time is spent on getting products to market, and you’d like to accelerate the process without spreadsheets/custom fields in your ERP
  • You want to efficiently streamline business processes and simplify the flow of product data downstream (marketplaces/merchants/suppliers)
  • You want to centralize and standardize product information – including descriptions, specifications, and images – from a central source of truth
  • You want to improve team collaboration and remove manual processes and repetitive tasks

Book a 30-minute personalized session with our PIM experts today and start your growth journey with Pimberly.