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How to Reduce Product Return Rates

May 31, 2023/by Annabel Darling

What does ‘PDP’ Mean in eCommerce

May 26, 2023/by Patrick Tully
featured image of line sheet template blog

5 Great Line Sheet Templates to Increase Sales

May 26, 2023/by Patrick Tully
featured image of what is a line sheet

What is a Line Sheet?

May 26, 2023/by Patrick Tully
legacy pims

Where Legacy PIMs Fall Short

May 24, 2023/by Patrick Tully
digital twins for manufacturers

Digital Twins Are More Effective for Manufacturers

May 24, 2023/by Patrick Tully
top 6 ai product descriptions

Top 6 Benefits of AI-Generated Product Descriptions that Convert

May 24, 2023/by Patrick Tully
vendor portal for manufacturers

Pimberly’s Vendor Portal for Manufacturers

May 19, 2023/by Patrick Tully
3rd year of etim

Celebrating the 3rd Year of ETIM

May 19, 2023/by Patrick Tully
manage multiple storefronts

PIM and Shopify for Managing Storefronts

May 16, 2023/by Patrick Tully
dam for shopify plus

Using a DAM to Auto-convert Images for Shopify Plus

May 16, 2023/by Patrick Tully
siloed test environment

Manufacturers Need Siloed Test Environments

May 11, 2023/by Patrick Tully
ai for product attributes

AI for Product Attributes

May 11, 2023/by Patrick Tully

AI for Data Validation

May 11, 2023/by Patrick Tully
fashion omnichannel

Fashion Omnichannel Guide: Drive Sales Online & In-Store

May 10, 2023/by william stonier

How the Right PIM Optimizes Shopify Plus Variants

May 9, 2023/by Patrick Tully

Connectors vs. Connections: The Key Differences

May 9, 2023/by Patrick Tully
best pim for shopify

5 Reasons Pimberly is the PIM for Shopify

May 9, 2023/by Patrick Tully
net zero builders

How PIM/DAM Helps Builders’ Merchants Achieve Net Zero

May 2, 2023/by william stonier
all in one

Why Your PIM/DAM Should Be All-In-One Integrated

April 28, 2023/by Patrick Tully
multichannel v omnichannel

Multi-channel vs. Omnichannel: The Key Differences

April 28, 2023/by Patrick Tully
increase aov

Increase AOV Without Add-to-Basket Hesitation

April 28, 2023/by Patrick Tully
generating audit trails

How to Easily Generate Audit Trails with a PIM

April 25, 2023/by Patrick Tully

How to Showcase Your Most Technical Attributes

April 25, 2023/by Patrick Tully
create SKUs

Easily Create SKUs with Complex Product Data

April 25, 2023/by Patrick Tully
digital transformation for manufacturers

Digital Transformation for Manufacturers: D2C Selling Guide

April 19, 2023/by william stonier
kits and bundles

How to Create and Manage Optimized Kits and Bundles

April 17, 2023/by Patrick Tully
catalog cloning

Catalog Cloning and Automating Multivariant Catalogs

April 17, 2023/by Patrick Tully
complex tables

Managing Complex Tables in Technical Product Catalogs

April 14, 2023/by Patrick Tully

PIM for BIM: Building Data Bridges

April 12, 2023/by william stonier

Top 3 Reasons why PIM/DAM is Essential for Builders’ Merchants

March 31, 2023/by william stonier

B2B & B2C Product Management: The Solution is PIM

March 22, 2023/by william stonier
pimberly ai

A Look at Pimberly AI

March 14, 2023/by Patrick Tully
full service pim

What Makes a Full-Service PIM More Adept Than Others?

March 14, 2023/by Patrick Tully
product data bank

Create a Robust Product Bank with PIM AI

March 14, 2023/by Patrick Tully
onboard complex product data

How to Onboard Complex Product Data with a PIM

March 1, 2023/by Patrick Tully
pim vx pxm

PIM vs PXM: The Key Differences

March 1, 2023/by Patrick Tully
PIM Future of retail technology

Leverage The Future of eCommerce Technology, Today!

March 1, 2023/by william stonier
hs code

What is an HS (Harmonized System) Code?

February 24, 2023/by Patrick Tully
technical product catalogs

Top 4 Best Practices with Technical Product Catalogs

February 24, 2023/by Patrick Tully
structured vs unstructured

Structured and Unstructured Data: The Differences

February 24, 2023/by Patrick Tully
product image recognition

Using AI-Generated Product Image Recognition

February 22, 2023/by Patrick Tully
leverage AI descriptions

Leveraging AI-Generated Product Descriptions

February 22, 2023/by Patrick Tully

4 Benefits of Automating Product Spec and Sell Sheets

February 22, 2023/by Patrick Tully
accuracy vs emotion

Accuracy vs. Emotion with Technical Product Pages

February 15, 2023/by Patrick Tully

What is a UNSPSC and What Does it Do?

February 15, 2023/by Patrick Tully
safety data sheets

Automating Safety Data Sheets with PIM

February 15, 2023/by Patrick Tully

Amazon eCommerce Strategy: Guide to Boosting Online Sales

February 15, 2023/by william stonier

Social Commerce 101: Maximizing Sales with Social Media

February 2, 2023/by william stonier
quality product content

How to Improve Sales with a Centralized Data Hub & Quality Product Content: Part 1

February 1, 2023/by Patrick Tully
digital twins

Digital Twins and Your Online Store

February 1, 2023/by Patrick Tully
increase clv

Predict the Perfect Product to Increase CLV

February 1, 2023/by Patrick Tully
ai-generated product descriptions

Sneak Peek at AI-Generated Product Descriptions

February 1, 2023/by Patrick Tully
future of sizing

The Future of Sizing with Complex Product Information

February 1, 2023/by Patrick Tully
mach alliance

MACH Alliance – All You Need to Know

January 20, 2023/by Patrick Tully

What does ETIM stand for?

January 20, 2023/by Patrick Tully

What is an European Article Number? (EAN)

January 20, 2023/by Patrick Tully

Who Are GS1 and Why Are They Important?

January 20, 2023/by Patrick Tully

Creating an eBay Marketplace Management Strategy

January 19, 2023/by william stonier
online window shopping

How to Succeed with Online Window Shopping

January 13, 2023/by Patrick Tully
targeted v personalization

Targeted Advertising vs. Personalization

January 13, 2023/by Patrick Tully
pim for tiktok

Using PIM for TikTok

January 13, 2023/by Patrick Tully

What does UPC stand for?

January 6, 2023/by Patrick Tully

What is a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)?

January 6, 2023/by Patrick Tully
asin manager

The Day-to-Day of an ASIN Manager

January 6, 2023/by Patrick Tully

eCommerce Trends to Guarantee Success in 2023

January 4, 2023/by william stonier
understanding buyer intent in a period of inflation

Understanding Buyer Intent in a Period of Inflation

December 21, 2022/by Patrick Tully
preventing post-purchase regret

Preventing Post-Purchase Regret

December 21, 2022/by Patrick Tully
influencers vs. ppc

Influencer Marketing vs. PPC

December 21, 2022/by Patrick Tully

PIM vs Spreadsheets

December 19, 2022/by lucy
composable commerce

Using Composable Commerce to Increase Basket Size

December 15, 2022/by Patrick Tully
price optimization

Know What Products to Discount with Centralized Product Data

December 15, 2022/by Patrick Tully
expanding into new marketplaces

Expanding Into New Marketplaces Made Easy with PIM

December 15, 2022/by Patrick Tully

Rich Product Content and the eCommerce Buyer Journey

December 1, 2022/by Annabel Darling
product discoverability

How to Boost Product Discoverability Across Channels

November 30, 2022/by Patrick Tully
implementing new technologies

Why Implementing New Technologies is Worth the Time

November 30, 2022/by Patrick Tully
customer loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty With Reliable Product Content

November 30, 2022/by Patrick Tully
customer transparency

Customer Transparency is More Important Than Ever

November 22, 2022/by Patrick Tully
product reviews thanksgiving

Why You Should Be Grateful for Product Reviews This Thanksgiving

November 22, 2022/by Patrick Tully
black friday pricing

How to Optimize Pricing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 18, 2022/by Patrick Tully
ecommerce obstacles

Overcoming Common eCommerce Obstacles with Product Data

November 4, 2022/by Patrick Tully
visual merchandising building trust

‘Seeing is Believing’: Why Visual Merchandising is Integral to Building Trust

November 2, 2022/by Patrick Tully

Infographic: What is Product Information Management?

October 24, 2022/by Annabel Darling
evolving omnichanel

Keep Up with the Evolving Omnichannel Landscape

October 21, 2022/by Patrick Tully

PIM vs MDM: Finding the Right Fit for Your Business

October 17, 2022/by Annabel Darling

PIM vs. PCM: The Key Differences

October 17, 2022/by lucy
avoid greenwashing

How to Avoid Greenwashing with the Right PIM Solution

October 14, 2022/by Patrick Tully
key differences plm and pim software

PLM vs PIM: The Key Differences

October 10, 2022/by Patrick Tully
peak season

5 Quick Tips for Leveraging Product Data in Peak Season

October 7, 2022/by Patrick Tully
enrich catalog creative

Using Product Information to Enrich Catalog Creative: Part 1

October 5, 2022/by Patrick Tully

Celebrating Black History Month

October 3, 2022/by lucy

The Power of Product Storytelling in eCommerce

October 3, 2022/by Annabel Darling
centralized product data

PIM as a “Golden Record”: Your Source of Truth for Product Information

September 30, 2022/by Patrick Tully
improve customer experience

Simple Ways to Improve Customer Experience

September 23, 2022/by Patrick Tully

How to Improve Online Sales with Product Information 

September 16, 2022/by Patrick Tully

How PIM Drives Business Agility

September 12, 2022/by Annabel Darling

What Are the Benefits of an Omnichannel Customer Experience?

September 9, 2022/by Patrick Tully

Guide to Google Shopping Data Requirements

September 5, 2022/by lucy

7 Top Tips for eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

September 5, 2022/by Annabel Darling

How Do Large Retailers Manage Product Content?

September 2, 2022/by Patrick Tully
7 reasons PIM can enhance your marketing strategy

7 Reasons PIM Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

August 26, 2022/by Patrick Tully
7 reasons PIM can enhance your marketing strategy

Easily Scale and Transform Your Business Using A PIM

August 22, 2022/by Patrick Tully
five-reasons-to-use-product-data-sheets (1)

5 Reasons to Use Product Data Sheets

August 22, 2022/by Annabel Darling

Top Tips for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

August 16, 2022/by lucy

How to Create a Winning eCommerce Marketplace Strategy

August 15, 2022/by Annabel Darling

Going Global with PIM

August 15, 2022/by Annabel Darling

How to Reduce Time to Market and Increase Selling Days

August 11, 2022/by Annabel Darling

Top 10 Marketplaces for Homewares eCommerce

August 8, 2022/by lucy

On-Premise Vs Cloud PIM

August 8, 2022/by Annabel Darling

How to Use Data for More Effective Digital Commerce

August 5, 2022/by Patrick Tully
PIM & Productivity

Four Ways PIM Boosts Productivity

August 1, 2022/by Annabel Darling

6 Important Questions to Ask During a PIM Demo

July 29, 2022/by Patrick Tully

SaaS PIM vs Open-Source PIM

July 26, 2022/by Annabel Darling

PIM vs PXM: Understanding the Connection

July 25, 2022/by Annabel Darling

How to Get More Value From Product Information

July 22, 2022/by Patrick Tully

How to Create an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy with PIM

July 22, 2022/by Annabel Darling

How to Hyper-Personalize the Online Shopping Experience

July 20, 2022/by Annabel Darling
5 signs your business needs a PIM - Harness the potential of your products

5 Signs Your Business Needs A PIM

July 18, 2022/by Annabel Darling

How PIM Has Become Critical to Successful Selling on Marketplaces

July 15, 2022/by Patrick Tully

9 eCommerce Tactics to Increase Average Order Values (AOV)

July 15, 2022/by Annabel Darling
Image of a Fashion Marketplace in Australia

Top 10 Online Fashion Marketplaces to Sell On

July 11, 2022/by lucy


July 11, 2022/by Annabel Darling

The Complete Checklist for New Product Launches

July 11, 2022/by lucy
eCommerce product catalog management

How to Improve eCommerce Product Catalog Management

July 5, 2022/by Patrick Tully
Cloud PIM solution

Cloud PIM software: The Advantages

July 4, 2022/by Annabel Darling

Advantages of Expanding Your Product Range

June 28, 2022/by Annabel Darling

Blog Post


Infographic: How to Increase End-of-Life Stock Sales

June 28, 2022/by lucy

How to Build the Ideal eCommerce Tech Stack 

June 20, 2022/by lucy

Pimberly Partners with Umbraco

June 7, 2022/by Serena Bury

Infographic: PIM & Digital Transformation

May 9, 2022/by lucy

Stepping up to New Sustainability Standards with PIM

May 3, 2022/by lucy

Spring is Springing: Make Your Product Pages Flourish

March 15, 2022/by Annabel Darling

Perfect Your Product Campaign Management & Planning

March 14, 2022/by lucy

International Women’s Day 2022

March 8, 2022/by lucy

5 Amazing Product Detail Pages & Why We Love Them

February 28, 2022/by lucy
Creating the Perfect Product Page: Tips & tricks to increase conversion rates

Creating the Perfect Product Page

February 21, 2022/by Annabel Darling

Get Serious About Your Growth Strategy With PIM

February 14, 2022/by lucy

B2B eCommerce for Manufacturers and Distributors

January 17, 2022/by lucy

3 Benefits of Choosing the Perfect Product Imagery

January 4, 2022/by lucy

Auto-Sizing Charts – Because Size Matters

December 20, 2021/by lucy

Say Hello to the Future of Online Payment Methods

December 1, 2021/by lucy

Infographic: What is DAM?

November 29, 2021/by lucy

Pimberly Launches Customer Connect

November 25, 2021/by lucy

Five Benefits of Sharing Data Downstream

November 22, 2021/by lucy
pimberly-primed-for-us-expansion-following-funding (2)

Pimberly Primed for USA Expansion After £6.5M Investment

November 2, 2021/by lucy

The 10 Big Wins of Digital Asset Management

October 25, 2021/by lucy

Infographic: PIM for Powerful eCommerce SEO

October 4, 2021/by Annabel Darling

Why PIM and SEO Are Best Friends 

September 20, 2021/by Annabel Darling

Data Transparency: Creating a More Sustainable Future

August 31, 2021/by lucy

DAM Fine Branding for Fashion & Apparel Businesses

August 23, 2021/by lucy

Clothing Complexities in Fashion & Apparel

August 16, 2021/by lucy
Guide to eCommerce SEO

Quick Guide to eCommerce SEO

August 9, 2021/by lucy

PIM: An Essential eCommerce Tool for Fashion & Apparel

June 14, 2021/by lucy
PIM Best Practice for eCommerce Success: Turn browsers into buyers

PIM Best Practice for eCommerce Success

May 21, 2021/by lucy
Maximising Online Sales: Discover the endless possibilities of AI & product data

Maximizing Sales Through the Power of AI and Product Data

May 11, 2021/by lucy
Discover why a PIM solution is essential for your business: What is PIM, how does a PIM work and why use a PIM?

Discover Why a PIM Solution Is Essential for Your Business

April 29, 2021/by lucy

Why PIM is Key to eCommerce Success

April 25, 2021/by Annabel Darling
Facilitating Business Growth & Scalability: How the world became Gill Marine's oyster

How Williams Commerce & Pimberly Facilitate Business Growth & Scalability

April 9, 2021/by lucy
Williams Commerce & Pimberly: Creating online experiences that surprise & delight

Williams Commerce & Pimberly: Creating Customer Experiences That Surprise and Delight

April 9, 2021/by lucy
Pimberly-in-the-past-present-and-future, CEO, Martin Balaam

Pimberly: Past, Present & Future -Interview with CEO, Martin Balaam

February 1, 2021/by Annabel Darling

Why Businesses Should Embrace eCommerce Diversification

January 8, 2021/by Annabel Darling
Pimberly BigCommerce New Tech Partner of the Year - 2020 BigCommerce Partner Awards Winner EMEA

Pimberly Wins BigCommerce New Tech Partner of The Year EMEA

October 26, 2020/by Annabel Darling
Boost your eCommerce Platform with PIM Integration: Create frictionless online experiences

Boost Your eCommerce Platform with PIM Integration

September 17, 2020/by Annabel Darling
Pimberly Pals: A new collaborative customer community

Pimberly Pals – a New Collaborative Customer Community

September 15, 2020/by Annabel Darling
The Growth Company

Pimberly Joins the Global Scale-up Programme

July 24, 2020/by Annabel Darling

Pimberly Partners With Innovative B2B eCommerce Solution SwiftCloud

June 24, 2020/by Annabel Darling
Pimberly partner BigCommerce

Pimberly Partners With eCommerce Powerhouse Platform BigCommerce

May 27, 2020/by Annabel Darling

6 Questions to ask about buying a PIM system

May 7, 2020/by Annabel Darling

We’re Heading To The Digital City Festival 2020

February 25, 2020/by Annabel Darling

Pimberly selected as one of UK’s fastest-growing scaleups!

January 30, 2020/by Annabel Darling

“It’s never been an issue we’re not in London,” Martin Balaam, CEO

September 16, 2019/by Annabel Darling

Pimberly flies past $1million ARR target

July 10, 2019/by Annabel Darling
OpenRange logo

Announcement: Pimberly Acquires Open Range

January 29, 2019/by Annabel Darling

Pimberly completes Series A funding with £2m from Northern PowerHouse

June 15, 2018/by Annabel Darling
The Pimberly Way Part 3: The four key pillars of PIM

The Pimberly Way Part 3: 4 key pillars of PIM

May 14, 2018/by Annabel Darling
Process, People & Technology: Getting started with PIM

Process, People and Technology: Getting started with PIM

March 27, 2018/by Annabel Darling

Pimberly secures new investment from NorthEdge Capital

March 9, 2018/by Annabel Darling
Data Migration is key to a PIM implementation

The Pimberly Way Part 2: Data Migration

July 31, 2017/by Annabel Darling
The Pimberly Way Part 1: A different approach to product information management

The Pimberly Way Part 1: A Different Approach

June 29, 2017/by Annabel Darling
Making the business case for PIM: Helping you create rich & accurate product data

Making the Business Case for PIM

June 8, 2017/by Annabel Darling

Pimberly Comes to Manchester!

April 18, 2017/by Annabel Darling