PIM for Marketing & Sales

PIM for marketing and sales helps you make data-driven decisions around your product brand strategy. In turn, this will drive more demand and higher online revenues, all while streamlining product launches and promotions. Having access to the mine of information within a PIM system means you can continuously develop and improve your offering.

In other words, you can provide customers with online experiences they’ll love for higher conversions and Average Order Values (AOV). Overall, you can drive sales and marketing success with a solid PIM strategy thanks to more streamlined processes, better collaboration, and access to the most accurate and up-to-date product data.

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Drive discovery and demand

An impactful online marketing strategy helps form the backbone of any solid sales pipeline. To drive demand and engage your audience, you need to provide quality product content that clearly communicates your brand identity. Moreover, publishing content that resonates with your audience enables you to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships. Ultimately, this translates into lower Costs Per Acquisition (CPA) and higher online revenues.

Another benefit of PIM for marketing and sales is being able to gain insights into product performance across all sales channels. You can then form a product marketing strategy based on which items perform best at different times of the year. As a result, you can sell the maximum number of items, on the right sales channels, at the optimal price.

Create winning product launch campaigns

New product launches can account for up to 25% of revenues, so it’s key to get them right the first time around. Speeding your time to market will also play an important role in enabling you to outsmart and outsell your competitors. Uploading assets for new products is made easy thanks to streamlined data management processes and mass storage.

In addition, PIM enables you to lock ‘n’ load all promotion product campaign assets well ahead of time. Then, you can pre-determine when your different types of content need to go live using workflows, saving tons of time. Storing everything in a central location gives marketing and sales teams quick and easy access to all promotional assets.

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Collaboration across departments

Your digital marketing strategy can be used as a powerful tool to direct the focus of your sales team. Working collaboratively, all while clearly communicating brand values and objectives, means sales and marketing teams will generate the best results. With PIM, both teams can work from a central location and ensure they’re aligned on the brand positioning.

Furthermore, PIM best practice means you can create a single source of truth for sales and marketing teams to access. As such, marketing team members know they’re using the correct and most up-to-date promotional assets. Likewise, sales teams can provide customers with totally accurate product information during the sales process, as well as having access to all the relevant details around product promotions.

Omnichannel and multichannel strategies for more sales

Increasingly, customers are using a variety of channels to bag the best deals. Therefore, extending the reach of your products across more sales channels will mean you can capture more online sales. Whether you’re looking at an omnichannel marketing strategy, or multi-channel, creating consistency across all channels is key.

With DAM integrated within your PIM, you get a full view of all promotion assets, so it’s easier to conduct content audits and ensure everything is on-brand. Moreover, if you’re going for a multichannel strategy, it’s easy to tailor messaging and assets in the channel setup so you know you’ll always be compliant with the specific criteria. As a result, you’ll be giving your products the best chance of ranking well across your different sales channels.

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Unique brand experiences

Consumers want brand experiences that create lasting impressions. Providing them with an online journey that differentiates you from your competitors couldn’t be easier with a powerful PIM. With the ability to personalize the experience and offer intelligent product recommendations will drive higher basket values, improving your overall Avergae Order Values (AOV).

PIM for marketing and sales enables you to get creative with your product data. Being able to review and enrich product information with the most relevant search terms will boost your SEO rankings. As a result, you can get your brand seen by the right people at the right time and convert more web visitors into paying customers.

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