PIM for Electrical/Mechanical

Pimberly is a PIM/DAM SaaS platform that simplifies the entire process of managing complex product data and multiple digital assets. PIM for electrical/mechanical and building equipment and components enables you to easily and efficiently create product relationships and tailor your products and components to meet the specifications of your customers.

If you’re overwhelmed with complex product data and want to:  

  • Gain a centralized source of truth
  • Easily manage all of your complex products, including product numbers, SKUs, and associated digital assets (image/video)
  • Automate the creation of catalogs, spec sheets, and product data

Then you need a great PIM/DAM solution! 

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Why Electrical/Mechanical needs PIM:

All of your complex product data and digital assets in one centralized hub –

Create and manage unlimited product relationships –

Store both structured and unstructured data –

                       Manage multiple part numbers for brands for the same SKUs –

 – Ensure compliance with regulation and legal  

 – Collaborate with a true ‘anytime, anywhere’ platform

 – Optimize pricing and create kits/bundles

 – Assign various codifications such as GTIN, UPC, EAN, ETIM, UNSPSC

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Generate unlimited complex product attributes

When dealing with the products electrical/mechanical companies sell, you’re likely dealing with an expansive array of complex product data (product numbers, SKUs, specs, etc.). Each of your customers will have specific requirements when it comes to the way in which this product information is provided to them. As such, you need a powerful tool that will enable you to manage these variations in one central hub.

Essentially, PIM gives you the power to create custom product data rules in line with your customers’ specifications. For instance, you can specify which specs of a certain certain cable or wire are important to each customer or distributor. Overall, you’ll have increased flexibility with your data models, providing greater visibility into the complex product data you’re managing.

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Create and manage unlimited product relationships  

Creating and managing your many tiers of product relationships within a PIM is a seamless process. Often, these relationships will be complex, which is why it’s so important to have powerful technology solutions like PIM. Streamline product data management processes so you can focus on growing your business.

Your customers, as well as distributors, can find everything they need in one place without having to go elsewhere. Optimize your sales by showcasing related products to increase your revenue. In addition, you can ensure product relationships are interrelated and reflective of your customers’ requirements – starting from individual components and sub-assemblies to kits and bundles. For example, this casing should be sold with this specific kit of wires, or these bulbs can be used with this set of lighting equipment.


Store digital assets for all products

Whether it’s storing images of a certain piece of construction equipment, navigating different rules for distributor requirements, or finding images to use for online selling and catalogs, you can manage the process in your PIM system.

You also have the ability to store 3D images, test results, ‘pure data,’ spec sheets, excel sheets, X-rays, and schematics. You can tailor these assets to all your product variables and automatically update them with any changes. All of this data is centralized, down to each individual SKU.

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Enhance the quality & accuracy of your product data

Having a centralized hub to store all product information is the first step in being able to create a single source of truth for your governance of data. From this source of truth, you gain a complete, validated audit trail, and can always pinpoint who changed what in regards to your product data.

With an easily accessible list of your product tours and automated spec sheets – often including complex/multilingual tables – you can create complex product catalogs directly out of your PIM platform. In addition, you’re enabled to automatically regenerate any updates to stay consistent and reliable.

Automate Product Data Sheets with PIM

Secure distribution of product data to your sales channels

A PIM does most of the work if you’re simply creating a customer portal for stores/B2B, generating bespoke product data feeds, or expanding into new eCommerce sites. All you have to do is load up the new form or sales channel and provide the product data requirements. The PIM/DAM will then automatically map and transform the required data and digital assets for all of your electrical/mechanical products.

It takes minutes, not weeks, to be selling your products online or on an additional channel to scale your business in a new area. The automated workflows go to the relevant team members – ones who can provide new data in rare events where it is required.

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Stay consistent with sustainability and traceability

Easily update data, including the makeup of your products as they change. Everything you add or any processes that change can be added to your product data easily with a PIM. Ensure the right data is presented with updates specific to each channel or geography, including regulatory compliance and industry-standard certifications. Track and record country of origin to enhance sustainability data, from raw materials to components, all the way to finished product.

The more accurate your product information, the more credible your brand becomes. When your customers know exactly what they’re getting with every product purchase, you avoid greenwashing and have complete transparency with customers.

See it in Action – Pimberly Videos

boost productivity

Storing and uploading product data manually is time-consuming. There’s also the chance of losing valuable information through human error. PIM will streamline your data management processes so you can boost productivity.

new sales channels

Consumers are shopping across all kinds of marketplaces and each has its own requirements. Brands need to be aware of how to market to the people they are trying to reach. Whether it’s Amazon, eBay, B2C, or B2B, you can easily set up new sales channels with PIM.

Expanding product ranges with PIM

When you have the opportunity to easily expand your inventory, you’re able to increase your sales all while housing all relevant complex data under one roof. A more diverse product range gives consumers a reason to keep coming back to your store.

When should I consider a PIM/DAM?

It’s not an if – but a when.

At some point, being able to have dynamic, agile management of your product data will become essential to fuel your growth.

To spot when you’re at the point of getting a great ROI from a SaaS PIM for electrical/mechanical equipment and components, there are some simple criteria to look out for: 

  • a high volume of SKUs, spec sheets, and product numbers {products x variants}
  • a significant amount of complex product attribution
  • technical product catalogs, spec sheets, and sell sheets
  • a need for multi-tier kits and bundles
  • expansion into multiple sales channels and geographies