Improving Product Data Quality with Love Shopping

“With Pimberly, we have reduced our time to market by 40%. Our digital assets are now live from day one.”

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An Overhaul for Product Data Quality 

Love Shopping Direct has undergone remarkable expansion, evolving to a prominent online retailer specializing in HVAC and lighting products. Established in 2008 by brothers, Nick and Ryan, the company has effectively transformed itself from a startup business to a leading online marketplace.  

As operations increased and its product range diversified, Love Shopping Direct recognized the need for a solution to streamline and enhance the management of its product data. To address this requirement, the company turned to Pimberly. 

Regaining Control over Product Data

Before adopting Pimberly, Love Shopping Direct relied on a very basic Product Information Management (PIM) system to handle their product data. However, this solution proved inadequate for Love Shopping’s needs due to its lack of scalability and limited functionality. As a result, Love Shopping sought a more comprehensive and adaptable solution to help them regain full control over their product data.  

With Pimberly, Love Shopping can now rest easy, knowing their data is in safe hands.  The company underwent a significant transformation, separating its data from the front end, and subsequently, refining, structuring, and enriching it within the Pimberly system before reintegrating it with their website.  

This move has empowered Love Shopping with full control over attribute visibility for specific products, distinguishing mandatory from optional attributes from a data quality standpoint. As a result, Love Shopping Direct now maintains a higher level of data integrity and ensures the best user experience for its customers. 

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“The support we received whilst onboarding was second to none. The team was so attentive, patient and supportive allowing me to plan out our product data model exactly and execute the project seamlessly.” 

Product Manager, Love Shopping Direct

Creating a First-Rate Product Experience with Powerful Automation

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Before implementing Pimberly, Love Shopping relied on manual processes to handle different aspects of its product data. Within the organization, the practice of trial and error was common when uploading products. This was due to a lack of visibility when identifying which products and attributes had been successfully pushed across channels. 

Centralized database  

By adopting Pimberly as its centralized product database, Love Shopping now experiences seamless product data and imagery integration from the outset. Leveraging Pimberly’s automation functionality, they can guarantee no product will be released to their sales channels missing any information. 

Product lifecycles

Additionally, Pimberly provides Love Shopping with visibility into each product’s lifecycle. This functionality enables the company to monitor and confirm whether a product has been successfully distributed to the website or requires further attention. Love Shopping can now operate with increased efficiency, higher data quality, and greater confidence in its product management processes. 

Streamlining Product Data with Pimberly’s Connector

Love Shopping operates five Shopify websites, some of which offer identical products. Before integrating Pimberly, Love Shopping encountered challenges in distinguishing content variations across each site. They sought a solution capable of efficiently managing and exporting different iterations of the same data to meet the requirements of each website. With Pimberly, Love Shopping Direct effectively manages data variables, pushing out diverse product descriptions across each of their websites. 

Moreover, Love Shopping utilises the Pimberly Shopify Connector, seamlessly integrating the scoped data and enabling updates across their websites. This integration enables them to distinguish the data between channels in real-time. As a result, Love Shopping efficiently maintains differentiated content across its platforms, ensuring a tailored shopping experience for its customers. 

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“All of the people we have worked with across Pimberly have been fantastic”

Key User, Love Shopping

Looking Ahead: A Collaborative Tool for a Multifaceted Business

As Love Shopping continues its journey with Pimberly, the company envisions a comprehensive rollout of its functionality to various departments. Pimberly will be integrated as a tool for collaboration across different teams. By doing so, Love Shopping will enhance efficiency, and promote seamless communication among its departments.  

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Easily Import

You can quickly import data into Pimberly from multiple sources in any form. The platform can connect to all your supplier, manufacturer and data feeds in minutes. You’ll see faster product on-boarding with less work!

Centrally Manage

Pimberly manages all of your product information, attributes and assets. Dashboards give a clear view of completeness across product ranges, and with the power to handle unlimited SKUs, Pimberly grows with your business.