Pimberly Catalog

Despite living in a world where the customer experience is heavily digitized, catalog remains an important sales channel.

Creating a seamless omnichannel strategy where customers have the same brand experience no matter which channel they’re using is crucial to remain competitive.

Used well, catalog can become a key part of the omnichannel mix. For instance, you can drive customers online where they can digest more information and engage with different forms of media. Moreover, it forms a pivotal part of the sales armoury.

Catalog PIM software

Cut production costs by 50%

If you’re looking for an automated solution for creating, publishing, and editing your catalogs quickly and easily – Pimberly Catalog will be perfect for you. Save you and your teams time and money by managing either part or the whole process of catalog production.  

Having a centralized platform means any changes to product data are automatically updated within the catalog. In other words, you can have total confidence in the accuracy and quality of the product data you share with your customers. 

With Pimberly Catalogs’ simple-to-use interface, it’s quick and easy to create catalogs. Moreover,  you can even create multiple languages variants in a matter of minutes for your international customers!

Studio Savings

Automated Price & Product Updates

Speed Time to Market

Easily Reach New Markets

Plan and paginate catalogs without a worry

Easily plan catalogs without having to leave Pimberly, which enables you to get the best head start. And, for those big jobs that come at the end of the catalog lifecycle, we’ve got that covered too. 

With a click of a button, Pimberly Catalog will reorder your pages for you. Upon repagination, Pimberly Catalog will also update any cross-references to other pages so you can release with confidence!

Take the headache out of indexing

One of the most important processes in the production of the catalog is indexing. Because this has to be done at the end of the lifecycle, it’s often done with haste to meet those all-important deadlines. However, with Pimberly Catalog simply click a button and your index will automatically be created for you.

Locales and scopes make it easy to create multiple variants of a catalog 

Having rich translations stored in Pimberly’s locale feature means you can create catalogs for different markets in minutes. Overall, this will massively aid with your international expansion.

Utilizing the scoping feature within Pimberly, organizations can easily and quickly create catalogs with unique descriptions. For example, the same jumper might feature in the Autumn season catalog with a description of ‘the perfect layer’ and the Summer catalog with a description of ‘cover for those cooler nights’.

Automatic exports of the latest text and images  

As all product data is stored in Pimberly, any updates will feed directly into your catalog. Not only will these updates be instant, you can also apply the correct format based on user-defined templates.

Having the most recent data means you can save on proof working time as product descriptions and titles are already approved before they reach the production stage. 

Templates & Styles

Pimberly Catalog connects to your pre-made InDesign templates, giving you the confidence that the formatting of the catalog will be consistent with your carefully curated brand guidelines.

Adding your predefined InDesign styles to Pimberly Catalog will save art-workers hours of work as text and media are exported to the correct size and format.

Screen with Pimberly PIM platform - showing Product Information Management dashboard

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Getting started is easy…

Step 1

Release enriched products to the Catalog channel 

Using Pimberly’s lifecycle stages makes it easy to highlight the readiness of products for catalog. What’s more, when rich content is catalog-ready, it can simply be released to a channel.

Step 2

Setup templates & styles

Using InDesign, you can create branded templates and styles that match your brand guidelines. Because Pimberly feeds directly into these, you can put more focus on product enrichment.

Step 3

Start building your publication

Now time to build the structure of your publication within Pimberly.  This is the stage where you can start creating your spreads and pages. 

Studio Savings

Pimberly Catalog will typically half your production costs!  With its simple user interface, your teams will be able to start creating catalogs instantly. Then, either pass them onto the art-working team in-house or a third-party to add those finishing touches.

Easily Reach New Markets

Easily and quickly create catalogs in multiple language variants with Pimberly’s locale feature.

Duplicate a completed, artwork catalog and simply refresh the pages with translated text. This means you can easily reach new markets and expand internationally.

Speed Time to Market

Get new products in front of customers faster by automatically updating catalogs in real-time. Furthermore, teams can keep processes moving forward by keeping track of any changes.

As product data and imagery are in a central location within Pimberly, teams won’t have to spend hours searching across different systems and files.

Supercharge Productivity

As product data and imagery is stored within the PIM and DAM, users can access all the information and assets they need to update and create a catalog without a worry.

You can rapidly update spreads with the confidence that all the product data and media are correct. As a result, marketers can devote more time to other projects thanks to powerful automation.