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Welcome to Pimberly the world’s leading product information management and digital asset management platform that helps manufacturers, distributors, brands and retailers to accelerate their online growth.

Using Pimberly to power their own live stores and multi strategies. Our customers have been able to accelerate their time to market increase, average order value, reduce product returns, expand easily to new channels and marketplaces and create amazing online experiences for their customers, increasing speed to market producing higher sales and giving you a significant competitive edge. Pimberly provides a central repository for your product information, holding all data images and files, as well as your data structures, such as category tries and product hierarchies. Let’s dive into the platform and see what this looks like. You can easily set up automatic data feed from any location or source. So the information you need is always in one place. It takes just a few minutes here to define where your data is coming from, such as an ERP system, a supplier feed or data aggregate then schedule the imports and which specific data points you want to bring in from that source.

Life cycle stages can be defined according to your custom business requirements and processes. Giving you visibility over your product range at all times. Once defined products will automatically move through the stages based on their completeness.

The Pimberly dashboard gives you an overview of the status of all your products in one place. Highly configurable workflows and Pimberly will drive your products forward by eliminating manual tasks, such as sending approval requests, notifying teams of new tasks and even making updates to your product attributes.

Increasing average order value is all about helping your customers find more products that are relevant to them. There are several ways we can do this in Pimberly. Displaying related and similar products is widely considered e commerce best practice. You can easily assign these products within the Pimberly product record with space for as many cross sell upsell or similar products as you want. You can simply search here and add the relevant products. Creating product kits or bundles is a great way to encourage customers to make extra purchases such as complimentary items. It’s really simple to do here. I’m going to create a 3 pack bundle for A T shirt. We can create a group of SKUs by selecting them, giving the bundle a name and the description. And there we’ve got a product bundle with 3 shirts and different colors with its own product code.

Reducing product returns is all about ensuring your product pages are thoroughly enriched with plenty of accurate and high quality product information and digital assets to help your customers make the right product choice. This product is currently in the stage of enrichment to move this along to the next stage. We need to provide certain key attributes and information such as the color, the size and the fit. As we complete these requirements, we can see the completeness of the life cycle stage increasing and now it’s ready for media to be added. Rich media can be stored in any format with Pimberly digital asset management, which holds assets alongside your product data for ease of use.

High quality, images, videos and other files, such as pdf for sizing charts or product manuals or spec sheets, are all really powerful tools for creating an informative and rewarding online shopping experience for your customers. Now that we’ve added all the required product information and media assets, the product is ready for the web store and will be automatically released to the channel. Digital businesses have easy access to many new and varied sales channels, all across the world. And Pimberly makes it really easy to get your product data up and running to your sales channels. Setting up new channels, takes just a few minutes, whether it’s to your website, a new international site or a marketplace such as Amazon, ebay or any others that suit your business here. We’re setting up a new shopify e commerce store. We can determine how we want to set the schedule for how often we want to push product content and updates and any specific file formatting or naming conventions. Once this is configured, we have the channel mapping down here. These are all the attributes we currently have in Pimberly and we can take exactly what we want to push. Out to that channel, including any digital assets such as photos.

A new channel may require specific content such as pricing, which again is very simple. Just select which store version of the attribute you want to select for this channel, for example, French pricing for your French store. In the product record, you could easily set it up as a scope or localize it to any attribute.

Managing your product information and Pimberly will ensure that you always have your products online and up to date quickly and that you have product records enriched with digital assets and product descriptions. You provide informed and relevant product recommendations to your customers and can easily sell your products to multiple varied sales channels, making it even easier for your customers to buy from you.

Pimberly is helping leading global brands, offer their customers faster and better online experiences. You can lock in your demo today for personalized and more in depth. Look at what you can do.

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