Pimberly Product Tour

Product Information Management (PIM) system

Pimberly is the leading SaaS PIM & DAM platform for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. Here you can explore the Pimberly platform and all the features of our PIM system. With three available options, there’s a tour for everyone.

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1 min

Super-Quick Intro

Pimberly PIM 1 Minute Product Tour

A top-level focus on key features, including: 

  • APIs that enable automatic data feeds from unlimited internal and external data sources
  • Easy and unlimited sales channel set up so you can extend your brands’ and products’ reach.
  • Creating a golden record from a central hub to ensure complete accuracy of all product data
  • Storing product hierarchies and relationships that are totally configurable depending on your business needs
  • Powerful automation in the form of workflows and lifecycle stages 

6 mins

Overview Video

Pimberly PIM 6 Minute Product Tour

A moderate overview focusing on the business benefits of PIM system, including: 

  • Faster time to market with automatic data feeds and customizable lifecycle stages that move products through the product enrichment stages
  • Increased Average Order Values (AOV) with the ability to create unlimited product relationships, kits, and bundles  
  • Reduced product returns with totally accurate product information and digital assets that leave no room for confusion
  • Greater product reach by being able to quickly and easily enter new sales channels and geographies

25 mins

Platform Tour

Pimberly PIM 25 Minute Product Tour

The full platform tour of Pimberly, including: 

  • What a Product Information Management (PIM) system is, where it sits within your business and the benefits it brings
  • How Pimberly makes it easy to set up new data feeds while providing users with total visibility into the completeness and accuracy of product information
  • An overview of Pimberly’s powerful DAM that keeps all your digital assets alongside your product data enabling you to create immersive product experiences
  • Pimberly’s lifecycles and workflows that automate many product data management processes which massively boosts productivity











Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management (PIM) - Storage

  • Publish or share product information across your business and to multiple distribution channels.
  • Make sure information is merged, centralized and up to date.
  • Manage thousands of attributes, hundreds of relationships and millions of records.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital Asset Management (DAM) - search

  • Store, organize, find, retrieve and share digital files from a centralized digital library.
  • Get controlled access to digital assets including images, photos, creative files, video, audio, presentations, documents and more.
  • It’s quick to deploy and easy for all employees, clients, contractors and any other key stakeholders to use.


PIM Workflow flowchart

  • Get your product information and digital assets to market quickly and effectively with powerful workflows.
  • Define all required tasks to get the job done and create the most effective PIM workflow, all while focusing on the most important tasks.
  • Design a simple, graphical workflow that’s perfectly tailored to your business needs.

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