Pimberly eCatalog

Pimberly’s eCatalog allows Pimberly customers access to their very own online catalog, completely unconnected to their existing webstore.  

This empowers users to seamlessly upgrade their internal product information, merchandising and digital shelf operations for a near-instantaneous transition for online listings.  

Usually, eCatalogs are just tailored to benefit customers – we go a step further. This transformational technology enables internal teams unlimited access to the most up-to-date product data to automate their processes. 

eCatalog Use Cases

Sales enablement 

The platform supports internal sales efforts by facilitating easy access to product catalogs. Merchants can share these catalogs with their customers enabling a real-time product previewer which can significantly enhance the sales process. Moreover, sales staff,  ahead of planned trips to customers, can identify and save lists of target products so they can retrieve and view them quickly and easily.  

User experience testing

With Pimberly’s eCatalog, merchants can evaluate customer experiences before implementing any changes to their live website. This feature ensures that modifications align seamlessly with brand visions and customer expectations. Experiment with new subsectors/niche markets by creating eCommerce website specific to those markets for internal evaluation. 

Multi-platform compatibility 

Pimberly’s eCatalog is optimized for PC, tablet, and mobile devices, providing the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time. This adaptability ensures that teams can remain agile in managing their eCommerce activities. Most people work via mobile when on the road. eCatalog is optimised for mobile/desktop out of the box and works with all modern web browsers.

Rapid development of new online multi-stores

Customers using Pimberly will be able to convert to a fully transacting website in minutes – making D2C effortless and literally just a click away. Product information is pulled from Pimberly into eCatalog, populating your storefront almost instantaneously. 

Access for internal and external personnel

eCatalog allows access to both internal and external customers to browse products and access information. This information can be either gated or ungated and this functionality isn’t limited to one catalogue/site per customer, meaning various instances are available.

What our users say…


“Our business is fast growing. As we acquire businesses, we acquire products. Pimberly is helping us put rules & requirements around our product data, which is enriching our data for customer use.”


“Since go live the support from Pimberly has truly been second to none and jump on a call at the drop of a hat. Now we are up and running we couldn’t live without the PIM as we use it every day!”


“Pimberly offers the most pliable configuration and interaction of any PIM we have reviewed. The guidance of the onboarding specialists helped in achieving the optimum output from a PIM solution that feels virtually custom-built.”

Check our our interactive eCatalog

We’ve been working on an interactive store so you can see the art of the possible with our eCatalog functionality.

Key benefits:

  • Sales enablement
  • Brand portals for internal and external personnel
  • User experience testing
  • Multiplatform capabilities
  • Convert to a transacting website in seconds

Click the button below to see a live store in action.



Merchandisers can ingest products from suppliers and brands and view them in Pimberlys eCatalog for better visual representation, making selecting and purchasing items much easier.


Our eCatalog can also be used for internal and external personnel to view what products are available in a warehouse, making it easier than ever to locate a product.


Pimberly’s eCatalog can be used by manufacturers who don’t currently have an online presence and are considering having both catalog and D2C capabilities.

Global brands using Pimberly to drive growth