PIM Integration with Pimberly

PIM integration enables you to achieve operational excellence. Integrating your Product Information Management (PIM) platform with your ERP, eCommerce platform and other internal and external systems allows your business to get the most value from its product data.

With seamless integration and totally configurable automation – the possibilities are endless.

Product Information Management - PIM

Pimberly & eCommerce

Pimberly is a modern, cloud-based PIM platform and our customers naturally expect best in class PIM integration to cloud-based web stores.

To that end, our team have developed the Commerce Connector, an extensible and highly scalable middleware solution that allows near real-time updates of product content on cloud-based eCommerce solutions such as BigCommerce and Shopify for our customers.

Part of the magic of the Commerce Connector is that it allows customers to easily map their complex data models in Pimberly to the target platforms data model and start sending products and updates to their web store without writing any custom code or business logic.

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We’ve built the Commerce Connector on top of our existing Webhooks Service, elegantly tying into the existing event streams within the Pimberly platform. The Commerce Connector utilises the latest serverless technologies to ensure high availability and throughput now and in the future, scaling to meet demand as it arises and ensure timely delivery of updates to our customers’ web stores.


Update failures due to data validation, temporary connection outages or timing issues are a fact of life. The Commerce Connector’s robust error handling allows updates to automatically retry when possible and where an error cannot be resolved without human intervention, an alert is raised and the information is readily available in the Logs section of the Pimberly web application, allowing users to correct the data and resend the update.

Multi-Store Support

We realise that many Customers maintain multiple web stores on the same platform, and in fact on multiple platforms. The Commerce Connector allows one Pimberly account to integrate to multiple stores and multiple platforms.

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Pimberly & ERP

PIM Integration with ERP systems enables customers to easily pull data from all parts of their business into Pimberly.

We have worked on projects to closely integrate Pimberly with all major ERP platforms, to streamline the data practices of our customers.

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Pimberly & Data Aggregators

PIM integration with Pimberly can be done with some of the leading data aggregators, giving our customers access to millions of enriched data records for new and existing products.

Global eCommerce provides a valuable opportunity for brands to grow their revenue in new countries.
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PIM helps companies to be more productive with product data compared to MDM.

Pimberly & System Integrators

Using integration layers means our customers can develop a single integration point for internal and external systems. We’ve integrated with leading integrators and custom integration layers.

Pimberly’s Open API

An open application programming interface (API) makes integration with a wide variety of systems possible – including ERP, eCommerce and marketplace platforms – which is why we’ve made it the heart of the Pimberly platform.

Powerful Automation

Intuitive and customisable workflows allow you to eliminate repetitive and manual processes, freeing up time for your teams to work on things can can really set your business apart from the competition.

Find out more about Pimberly’s technology here. 

Got a specific question on PIM integration?

If you don’t see it here, don’t fret – our API makes PIM integration with most systems simple and flexible.

Drop us a note here: let’s talk about how we can help you transform your product information process.

Setting up an eCommerce store and connecting it to Pimberly takes just minutes.

Dynamic collections, supported by eCommerce and easy to set up in the Pimberly platform, allow you to respond super fast to events or changes in your market.

Add products to your eCommerce sale by quickly changing the price in Pimberly.