Pimberly Success Story: Half Moon Bay

The Pimberly PIM implementation was super straightforward and managed seamlessly by the delivery team. Pimberly has allowed us to centralize all of our product information,  and by using multiple data feeds we now update and synchronize all of our systems giving complete visibility across the business. The platform itself is modern, user-friendly, and intuitive.” 

Systems Administrator, Half Moon Bay 










An award-winning, family-owned business

Since 1995, Half Moon Bay has been supplying global retailers with award-winning licensed and themed giftware. Although it has offices in the UK and China, Half Moon Bay has very much remained a family-owned business. It now represents products from some of the world’s biggest entertainment brands  

Over 25 years, Half Moon Bay has grown considerably, as a business and also in terms of its product offering. As a result of this growth, there was a need to adopt a more powerful solution to manage products and monitor where they are in the product lifecycle. 

Creating a “golden record” for all aspects of product data

Before the Pimberly PIM implementation, Half Moon Bay created products within its ERP system — SAGE 200. The enriched product data was then stored in various spreadsheets. The biggest issue for Half Moon Bay was not having a central repository for all aspects of its product data. Product information was stored in various locations across different servers. So, publishing product data across different sales channels was super manual and time-consuming. 

Half Moon Bay needed a central hub to store all aspects of its product data. The Pimberly platform provides this muchneeded central location for all of Half Moon Bay’s product data. Taking data from external feeds and channels, Pimberly collates product information and pushes it out to Shopify and other sales channels.  

Centrally holding product data and having the ability to quickly publish across multiple channels has brought a wealth of benefits. Having more visibility and control over product data has resulted in a massive reduction in manual errors. Therefore, customers have totally accurate product data that enables them to make fully informed buying decisions.  

Furthermore, more streamlined, and efficient processes mean Half Moon Bay can drastically speed its time to market. Overall, this enhances its competitive edge and opens up vital extra selling days for Half Moon Bay.  


“Pimberly’s ability to automatically feed product record changes to our many websites and systems has drastically reduced the time required to keep our data in order”.

Systems Administrator, Half Moon Bay

A panoramic view across the entire product range


“With Pimberly, we now have full visibility of our products lifecycle and what needs to be done to get products to the next stage. Before we had this feature in place, the process to progress a product was challenging and extremely long-winded. We have massively increased productivity and reduced the time it takes for a product to get to market ”.

Head of Operations, Half Moon Bay 

Half Moon Bays impressive year-on-year growth meant it needed more stringent processes in place to manage product lifecycles.  Before Pimberly, products were often published with missing or inaccurate data or no imagery. Moreover, products didn’t always go through the correct enrichment or approval process. In addition, the approval process was very manual and products went through different teams before they could be approved. If something needed to be changed, the product would have to go back to the previous team, who would make the amendments. This back-and-forth exchange was inefficient and sometimes delayed product launches  

Pimberlys lifecycle feature enables Half Moon Bay to define what stage a product is at, from product creation through to it being released to channels. With lifecycles, users can set requirements to define what data must be populated for a stage to be complete. If a stage is incomplete, the user cannot move to the next stage of the lifecycle. Half Moon Bay now has a complete 360-degree view of its products and total confidence that products will never be released with incomplete or inaccurate data. This is because specific requirements must be met for the product to move from one lifecycle stage to the next.  

Looking to the Future

Now that PIM implementation is complete, expansion is on the cards for Half Moon Bay, with the business looking to grow considerably in the next few years. With a focus on developing autonomously, Half Moon Bay is looking to move towards self-service support, and with the use of Pimberlys Knowledge Base, is taking sure steps in doing so.  

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