PIM for Homewares eCommerce

Why Homewares Needs PIM

PIM for homewares is revolutionizing how shoppers buy home decor, kitchenware, furniture, and lighting. Discover how your business can create top-drawer shopping eCommerce and in-store experiences with Pimberly, the world’s leading SaaS Product Information Management (PIM) & Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform.

The Changing Face of Homewares

At Pimberly, we know that shopping for homewares is traditionally a physical experience. It’s fair to say that more and more shoppers are opting to browse virtual showrooms alongside brick-and-mortar outlets.  A third of consumers worldwide stated they frequently purchased home decor and furniture via both online and offline channels. In homewares especially, the gap between online and offline is closing, so replicating the in-store shopping experience is vital for eCommerce sales.

More and more consumers are researching products online before entering a physical store. In fact, 70% of consumers begin shopping for furniture online. So, you must provide high-quality, ready product information and digital assets to help consumers feel at home when browsing from laptops or tablets.

This is where Pimberly enters the conversation.

Transforming Homewares eCommerce with PIM

  • Create, enrich, optimize, and store all your product data and digital assets from a central repository, meaning your product information is 100% trusted when going to market.
  • Say ‘goodbye’ to spreadsheets, disparate systems, and manual processes, improving the quality of your product data.
  • Robust automation and workflows facilitate collaboration across departments, reducing the number of manual tasks and ensuring product information is up-to-date across sales channels.
  • Pimberly’s CopyAI functionality generated SEO-optimized product descriptions, features, and benefits, helping your products rank #1 on Google.
  • Auto-generate sizing charts, accurate right down to SKU level, giving customers more confidence to buy your products and reducing the likelihood of returns.
  • Efficiently manage technical products with hundreds of attributes and variations on a fit-for-purpose software solution.
  • Leverage Pimberly’s DAM capabilities to create high-quality shopping experiences for your customers, mirroring the in-store shopping experiences with images, photography, videos, color swatch palettes, material closeups, 3D renders, etc.
  • Streamlined supplier onboarding with Vendor Portal means no more onboarding product data via emails, spreadsheets, or PDFs from suppliers.
  • Create product data sheets, catalogs, POS material, and sizing charts in seconds.

Keep reading to dive further into the full benefits PIM provides…

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What our homewares customers say:


“Great support team and software”

Pimberly has so many features helping us to automate our processes and store product information in a detailed and uniform way that integrates with our sales channels. Pimberly are always improving their product and have been very helpful with making changes that we’ve requested and helping us get the most from the system. It’s easy enough to use for our teams that need product information adhoc but also provides enough detail to be our main source of truth for product-related info.

Pimberlys team are also great fun, super approachable, and knowledgeable.


“Pimberly is a great solution for managing product data and digital assets”

Pimberly is a great solution for managing product data and digital assets across multiple channels and markets. I have been using Pimberly for a few months now, and I am very impressed with its features and performance.

Pimberly is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It also has a powerful and flexible cloud-based technology that can handle millions of products and attributes. Pimberly is constantly improving and adding new features based on customer feedback. The support team is very responsive and helpful.

Pimberly is the world’s most powerful PIM platform and it shows.


“Excellent PIM software backed by superb support relations”

Pimberly offers the most pliable configuration and interaction of any PIM we have reviewed. The support and guidance of the scoping and onboarding specialists really help in achieving the optimum output from a PIM solution that feels virtually custom-built.

The abundance of resources, in terms of online collateral, ticket support, and targeted sessions, really drives the partnership feel of a key tool within our business. It is clear there is a never-ending mission for feature development, which is ultimately very clearly planned and implemented.

Global brands using Pimberly to drive growth

Here are some the ways Pimberly drives growth for our enterprise homewares customers

  • Expand and scale your product range

    Everyone we talk to in homewares has growth ambitions. However, as you look to grow your business—through expanding your product range or your customer base—the volume of product data increases. This is where Pimberly enters the conversation.

    As your product range expands, adding new items (seasonal line of home textiles/an exclusive collection) becomes significantly more manageable with Pimberly.

    The homewares market is dynamic, and trends come and go. Pimberly’s flexibility allows your product range to evolve in line with these market shifts.

  • Rapid product launches

    In homewares, product ranges are vast and varied. With automation and workflows, Pimberly streamlines, adding new products to your catalog. Pimberly facilitates the input and enrichment of all relevant product data, ensuring products are ready to market quickly.

    In addition, Pimberly allows pre-scheduled product launches to align with marketing. For instance, you can prepare and schedule exclusive product launches for events such as Black Friday, ensuring a synchronized launch across all sales channels.

  • Match product data requirements across channels

    Selling on multiple marketplaces is challenging as each platform has different format requirements. Pimberly automates the adaption of product data to meet the unique specifications of each marketplace. Whether adjusting the image size for Etsy or modifying the product description for eBay, Pimberly streamlines these tasks, making them efficient and error-free.

  • Improved customer trust

    In homewares, details are essential. Dimensions, materials, and care instructions are all crucial. Getting the details right when making a sale (and long-term customer satisfaction!) is make-or-break. Pimberly ensures all product listings across all sales channels are accurate and consistent.

    For instance, if a customer is looking for a luxury bedding set, they’ll have everything they need to make an informed choice, such as fabric composition, size options, color descriptions, etc.

    Because Pimberly ensures the accuracy of your product details, customers can sleep soundly knowing they’ve made the right choice.

Eliminate Manual Processes with Pimberly’s Automation

With the help of workflows and data governance tools, Pimberly automates the time-consuming task of data entry and product updates. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and other error-prone manual processes.

In homewares, where products like customer furniture or intricate lighting fixtures come with extensive specifications, Pimberly will automatically pull product attributes from supplier data feeds, reducing the scope for error and accelerating time-to-market.

Pimberly ensures that your products are accurate and consistent across all sales channels. Pimberly’s lifecycles give you a complete overview of a product and what it needs before it’s launched to market.

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Revolutionize Product Launches with Speed and Precision

Pimberly significantly reduces the time it takes to bring new products to market. For instance, this process is accelerated if you’re preparing to launch new seasonal items. This is crucial for capitalizing on consumer demand, giving you vital extra selling days and a competitive edge.

In addition, Pimberly allows for precise scheduling of product launches, ensuring that new collections are released at the optimal time. You can coordinate product launches to align with key industry dates, ensuring maximum impact without product launch bottlenecks.

Furthermore, if there’s an embargo on a particular product, Pimberly will ensure it doesn’t get launched before it’s supposed to. This way, you won’t damage your relationships with your sales partners.

Ensure your product information is accurate and high-quality

High-quality, detailed, and accurate product information is essential to homewares. Because the products are specialized and large, the delivery and returns process is cumbersome.

For products requiring detailed specifications, like modular furniture sets, Pimberly ensures all product data is accurate and enriched before going live, which is crucial for building customer trust and reducing returns.

Master Multi-Channel with Consistent Product Data

Pimberly centralized product data, ensuring consistent and accurate data across all sales channels. For homeware retailers selling through their website, marketplaces like Amazon, Wayfair, or Etsy, and brick-and-mortar stores, Pimberly ensures your products have uniform descriptions, pricing, and imagery, providing a consistent customer experience.

Because each marketplace has unique requirements and formats, Pimberly will adapt your product data accordingly, ensuring it’s optimized for each channel. For instance, the same kitchenware collection will be tailored to the standards of eBay, Wayfair, Amazon, Walmart, and so on, saving significant time and resources.

Scope product information for different markets

PIM for homewares enables the customization of product information for different markets. For example, a line of home furnishings may require additional product descriptions in various units of measurement for different customer segments. Pimberly will automate these variations, ensuring your product data resonates with the audience.

Pimberly holds translations of product descriptions, converts measurements (e.g., metric to imperial), and currency conversion, ensuring products are appropriate for each market.

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  • Seamless multi-channel integration

    Multichannel is all about reach and tapping into new demographics. Many consumers have marketplaces they trust, and if you’re not visible—they won’t buy from you. Pimberly integrates with an unlimited number of sales channels, streamlining multi-channel expansion.

    If you’re selling products across various online and offline channels, Pimberly ensures complete uniformity in product information. For instance, a designer lamp on your eCommerce store, physical store, or third-party platforms (Amazon, Wayfair, Etsy, Next, etc.) will have consistent product descriptions, tone of voice, and imagery, providing a cohesive brand experience.

    Ultimately, your brand’s tone of voice reflects your brand’s personality, helping people connect with your business. When working across spreadsheets and disparate systems, your branding becomes fragmented. Your customers will notice this, too.

  • Auto-generate sizing charts, catalogs, and data sheets

    The Pimberly product suite is constantly growing. Pimberly additional modules include Catalog, Automated Product Spec & Sell Sheets, and Auto Sizing Charts.

    With the help of these modules, you can create product catalogs, sizing charts, and data sheets in no time. And because they pull product data from the PIM, you can ensure they’re 100% accurate. You can even use them in-store too!

  • No more manual tasks, spreadsheets, or disparate systems

    With Pimberly, you manage your product data from a central repository. This becomes your golden source of truth, available across the entire business. So, you no longer have to rely on spreadsheets of disparate systems to manage product data and digital assets.

    With Pimberly, manual tasks, and human error have become a thing of the past, with powerful enrichment workflows and data governance ensuring your product details are always up-to-date and reliable.

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities

    Product photography is a key driver for homeware sales. If your products look different in real life from those on your website, your returns rate will skyrocket. You must supply online consumers with various detailed, high-quality photos from multiple angles. High-quality product photos have a 94% higher conversion rate than low-quality photos.

    Pimberly’s DAM capabilities make our platform stand out from the competition. Easily leverage Pimberly’s DAM capabilities to store high-resolution images, videos, and 3D models of products, catalogs, data sheets, certifications, and so on.

    Pimberly’s centralized system prevents asset duplication, ensuring the latest and most accurate versions are always used. You can store multiple images showing different angles and details of a product, providing a dynamic and detailed product experience for your customers across multiple sales channels.

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Seamlessly Onboard Product Data from your Supply Chain

PIM for homewares simplifies the flow of product data throughout the supply chain. By seamlessly importing various data formats, Pimberly’s powerful automation will standardize your product data so your listings are fit for purpose across sales channels.

When receiving new shipments of seasonal decor from multiple suppliers, product specifications, images, pattern books, and inventory details are gathered and arranged in Pimberly, streamlining the process and reducing manual workload. Whether receiving product data in spreadsheets, XML files, or via APIs, Pimberly will process and integrate all product information, resulting in a smooth onboarding process.

Rapid Catalog Expansion with Pimberly’s Vendor Portal

If you’re looking for even more control of suppliers, Pimberly’s Vendor Portal module saves even more time and rapidly accelerates your time to market.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Vendor Portal functions as a lightweight version of Pimberly, which they access via an email link
  2. The email contains a product data template—an Excel file containing a pre-defined set of attributes configured by you (you set the qualities you want, so you only get the data you need!)
  3. The supplier completes the template and uploads it to their lightweight Pimberly instance
  4. Any failed uploads are recognized and returned to the supplier to amend
  5. You don’t have to import all of your suppliers’ products. You can pick and choose the products you want Pimberly to ingest!

With Vendor Portal, you can ensure the data you receive from your suppliers is comprehensive. By supplying external vendors with a self-service portal, validating new line forms has never been as easy. Preparing for new seasonal collections and expanding your product range takes a fraction of the time.

Mirror the In-Store Experience

Because shopping for homewares is a tactile experience, Pimberly helps to replicate the in-store experience closely. Pimberly facilitates managing and distributing high-resolution images, videos, and 360-degree views. This results in more confident purchasing decisions from customers.

Pimberly’s integrated enterprise DAM

Pimberly’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities are essential for homewares businesses to store a wide range of digital associates against your products. With Pimberly, you can provide online shoppers with everything they need to explore a luxury sofa set from all angles, zooming in on the fabric texture as they would in a physical store.

With homewares having an average of 11.5% for product returns, it’s crucial to portray your products in the best light possible to avoid costly and cumbersome returns.

Here are some of the assets our homeware customers store using the Pimberly DAM:

  • High-resolution product images
  • Product videos
  • 3D models and interactive views
  • Dimensional drawings/schematics
  • Sustainability certification
  • Material and fabric samples
  • Color variants
  • Pattern books
  • Instruction manuals
  • Product packaging and labels

Detailed and accurate product pages

Pimberly ensures your product listings are detailed and accurate, mirroring the information a customer would receive from an in-store salesperson. This way, online shoppers have everything they need to click ‘add to cart’ with confidence.

‘Shop the Room/Look’ with personalized product recommendations

Pimberly supports personalized online experiences similar to the tailored suggestions customers receive in-store. With ‘Shop the Room,’ you can auto-associate products via metadata, allowing you to create tailored product experiences. This is a great way to deliver a personalized shopping experience and Average Order Value (AOV).

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Leverage Pimberly’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Functionality

While Pimberly is primarily a PIM system, it offers the essential functionalities of a PLM system. If you’re a homewares business without a dedicated PLM system, then Pimberly features crucial tools for managing the lifecycle of products, from conception to discontinuation.

Pimberly’s lifecycle functionality will track products from the early stages of development. Pimberly’s dashboard makes it easy to see when a product meets the requirements to be launched to market. In the Pimberly DAM, you can store all of the supporting documentation (3D renders and CAD drawings, specs, samples) throughout the stages of product development.

Extended Pimberly Features and Modules

The Pimberly product suite doesn’t end here. With an ambitious product roadmap, we’re constantly looking toward the future.

Here are some of the Pimberly modules our homewares customers use:

Automated Product/Spec/Sell Sheets & POS Materials

Pimberly’s Product Data Sheet/Spec Sheet module automates the creation of data sheets. This module will drastically reduce your team’s time to create these assets. Instead of taking days, creating data sheets takes less than a minute.

When Pimberly launches your product, the platform triggers an API to generate a data sheet. In 60 seconds, you’ll have a data sheet ready to go, stored in the Pimberly damn alongside the corresponding product. If you have brick-and-mortar stores, you can use these as additional sales collateral.

Many homeware brands have limited floor space in stores. In fact, it’s unlikely you’ll have your entire product range out on display. Many of our customers feature printed sales sheets on pedestals, where customers can scan Pimberly QR codes to access a comprehensive product range. This is all powered by Pimberly.

Pimberly Catalog

We know your product catalog is an essential part of your marketing collateral. With 76% of consumers saying catalogus give them inspiration for things to buy, they’re a crucial part of your sales armor. However, creating them from scratch is time-consuming and tricky. Whether launching mini catalogs for new launches—or more comprehensive catalogs—Pimberly Catalog takes the pain out of creating catalogs.

Difficult jobs such as indexing are automated, saving your team time to focus on other strategic areas. In addition, because the catalog data is all pulled from Pimberly, you can expand your product range without undergoing time-consuming catalog edits. The process is entirely dynamic and streamlined.

Auto Sizing Charts

Eliminate the guesswork from online shopping and drive confident purchasing decisions with Pimberly’s sizing charts.

One of the primary reasons for returns in homewares is size-related issues. By providing accurate and accessible sizing information, homewares retailers can reduce returns by providing detailed sizing charts to help customers imagine how a product fits into their living environment.

Pimberly’s Auto Sizing Charts automates the process of making these assets. Easily distribute them among your sales channels and any internal teams requiring them.

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