Innovate, Educate, and Grow your business!

True to its name our Sandbox environments allows your business to experiment with some of the powerful automation capabilities of Pimberly Workflows and allow your staff to be innovating and educate in a safe environment away from your live production platform.




Pimberly Sandbox

Maximise your ROI and accelerate growth

Pimberly Sandboxes enables you to:

  • Try new automation workflows to reduce manual tasks
  • Safe environment away from your live production
  • Agile development of your systems – let users “play”
  • Train new starters and teams in a realistic environment
  • Allow other team members to experiment
  • Archive old products to keep you production site lean

How our customers use their Pimberly Sandboxes deliver innovation to their businesses


  •  New sales channels in an instant – creating and testing new feeds out to marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay
  •  Minimising EOL by automating excess stocks to be switched “on and off” into alternate sales channels
  •  Optimising SEO – by defining what “great” looks like and letting Pimberly alert when products don’t meet the minimium requirements
  •  Improving your supply chain – by creating automated feedback on the quality of supplier product data
  •  Increasing AOV through seasonal campaigns that add new upsells/cross-sells with bespoke descriptions and images


  •  Enhance SEO by capturing Keywords in Pimberly and monitoring their inclusion in marketing text
  •  Auto-tagging images using the AI image recognition kit
  •  Produce PDF technical Product Data Sheets the instant any new/amends are made to a product
  •  Auto-size/format and file naming of images to maximise SEO that is Channel specific
  •  Ultra personalisation with product descriptions and images that change depending on (eg) age, use case, and geography


  •  Create a safe training environment for you new starters
  •  Allow your system administrators to test new features and get feedback
  •  Encourage innovation by expanding access to the platform to a wider team or external partners
  •  Learn to create and launch new channels and A/B testing

Our Sandbox Offerings

Choose from one of our three Sandbox options to meet your current and future needs:

Developer Sandbox

A copy of your production configuration is included which is best suited for the isolated testing of complex configuration/API integration that is being developed by your system administrator or development team.

Partial Copy Sandbox

Provides an environment to carry out tasks such as User Acceptance Testing or where you only want a 3rd party to see select product data when testing.

Full Sandbox

Our Full Sandbox is perfect for trying out any new features that you’ve developed on existing frameworks to ensure everything works together perfectly and includes your production configuration and also all the current SKUs of your production environment

“Those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”


Pimberly grows with your business, with tiers to suit you.

Our standard pricing for all three types of our sandboxes is 25% of the standard license fee + VAT, for the first license and each subsequent one is offered at half price.

  • Regular
  • £6,000
    per year
  • Pro
  • £12,000
    per year
  • Corporate
  • £18,000
    per year
  • Enterprise
  • Contact
    for quote

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