PIM for Distributors

Product Information Management is becoming a necessity for distributors as they often sit in the middle of complex supply chains. Distributors face a real challenge in managing increasing volumes of high-quality, consistent product data.

Delivering content in multiple formats to many locations is crucial to meeting rising customer expectations.

Pimberly allows distributors to stay ahead of the competition by providing a totally scalable, user-friendly solution to automate the management of their product data. 

Increase efficiency

Increase accuracy

Increase profitability


Cloud-based platforms such as Pimberly have emerged as the most scalable and hassle-free solutions for managing rich data, and reduce implementation times, maintenance costs and workhours.

With Pimberly, managing large numbers of incoming feeds is easier than ever and distributors also benefit from the ease and speed with which content can be pushed out in any form to all your routes-to-market.

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  • up and running in days not months
  • quickly & accurately manage all your data
  • differentiate yourself from the competition
  • stay ahead in the marketplace

powerful but totally user-friendly


We know that for distributors, pushing product information to all of your sales channels is an increasingly intricate process. With Pimberly providing a crucial link between distributors and suppliers, you can ensure product information is consistent and accurate across all channels.


You might be holding information on more than 100,000 products, each with a potential 150 attributes – that’s a lot of data! We understand the unique challenge distributors face in being both the buyer and supplier, needing to process incoming information as well as pushing it out to retailers.

make your data work for you

Tick all the boxes.

Be in control of your data and regulation compliance.

Understand your product information.

Pimberly’s dashboard show you the status of all your data.

Totally cloud-based & scalable.

Pimberly can handle any amount of data, growing with your business.

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It’s not just the sheer number of products, feeds and channels that make PIM essential for success in distribution.

We know that for many industries (such as construction or scientific supplies), product details are complicated and hugely important, often subject to regulations.

PIM gives you control of exactly how this data is managed so ensure everything is accurate, and available to those who need it.

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