PIM for Distributors

Why Distributors/Wholesalers Need PIM

Modern distributors are working to improve online shopping experiences whilst streamlining supply chain operations. However, like other B2B eCommerce organizations, they’re playing catch up with B2C and D2C-focused businesses.

Implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) system like Pimberly closes the gap. Deliver real-time and long-term results, drive sales, expand your product range, and keep your partner network happy. Managing extensive product variants and data across different channels and platforms is effortless with Pimberly.

Distributors regularly deal with thousands of products and millions of SKUs. Each will have its own assortment of highly technical product attributes. When managing such a volume of product data in spreadsheets and disparate systems—things get messy. Errors and omissions become routine, causing a loss of your sales and supply chain trust.

Drive growth with Pimberly

Pimberly is a leading SaaS solution that provides a central repository for effective product data management, helping you to organize your product data and digital assets effectively across tens of thousands of products.

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Why Enterprise Distributors Need Pimberly

To be a successful, value-added distributor with global reach, delivering consistent, high-quality product data tailored to your customer’s needs is a major differentiator.

Discover how Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, innovation experts, and marketing leaders continue to grow their business with Pimberly:

  • Store, enrich, and create product information from scratch, increasing the reliability of product data for your channel partners
  • Easily manage millions of SKUs, data points, and product attributes from a central source of truth, ensuring product data meets your network’s standards and market regulations
  • Push reliable and consistent product data to unlimited sales channels and marketplaces
  • Leverage Pimberly’s Vendor Portal to easily import, transform, enrich, standardize, and onboard supplier information at scale
  • Automate the creation of on-brand spec sheets/data sheets, eliminating cumbersome tasks
  • Deploy unlimited D2C/B2C channels with rapid time to market, enabling efficient expansion and white labelling eCommerce for your brands
  • Easily standardize product data by leveraging Pimberly’s powerful automation and AI tools
  • Manage all digital assets (images/videos/certification/design files/manufacturing drawings, etc.) with Pimberly’s integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Transform your tech stack into a world-leading, fit-for-purpose eCommerce engine room

Keep reading to dive further into the full benefits PIM provides…

Here is how Pimberly drives growth for our enterprise distributor/wholesale customers

  • Centralized Product Information Management

    A PIM solution like Pimberly ensures product data across internal departments is accurate, reliable, and consistent. Pimberly will eliminate errors arising from product data management in siloed systems, spreadsheets, and disparate systems.

    With Pimberly, you will have complete assurance that your product data is fit for your supply chain partners. And you won’t have to worry about getting key details of supply chain partners’ products wrong (product attribute accuracy/branding and marketing/quality assurance). As a result, you’ll be the go-to distributor in the supply chain.

  • Streamline Operations and Eliminate Manual Work

    Automated data management significantly reduces the time and effort required for data entry and updates. By eliminating repetitive tasks, you provide your staff with time to focus on other strategic areas, such as expanding your offering of value-added services.

    By integrating disparate systems (Microsoft NAV, Hybris, D365, SAP, etc.), you develop a seamless flow of information, reducing manual data transfers and potential errors.

  • Enhanced Data Quality and Compliance

    Pimberly’s centralized PIM system serves as the cornerstone for data governance. Ensure product data’s uniformity, accuracy, and integrity across all distribution channels and partner ecosystems.

    Workflows and product lifecycles cleanse and enrich your product data across hundreds of thousands of SKUs, eliminating duplications and correcting errors. By doing so, Pimberly facilitates adherence to industry regulations and standards, mitigating risk throughout the supply chain.

  • Easily Onboard Supplier Data with Vendor Portal

    Pimberly’s Vendor Portal module simplifies supplier data integration, allowing for the effortless addition and updates of product information directly by suppliers.

    Vendor Portal ensures all supplier data adheres to the distributor’s requirements and formats, facilitating consistency and speed-to-market across the product range. Accelerate your product range and drive business growth without the extra work.

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What our customers say:


“Service is second-to-none”

Since going live, the support from Pimberly has truly been second to none.

Their response times are unrivaled, and they work with you or jump on a call at the drop of a hat until the issue is sorted. So well done to the support team, truly fantastic.

Now we are up and running we couldn’t really live without the PIM as we use it every day! It has truly made us a more efficient department with all the different features available which we didn’t think were possible and it just makes life easier.


“The best on the market”

As a Marketplace Manager, Pimberly has been invaluable to our team, as we could not store data and media for each marketplace without it.

It’s really easy to use once you have implemented all the attributes, scopes, brands, etc, and it really helps us get all our products quickly to market with content and media that is required by each platform.

The team uses PIM every day in our current roles, whether importing new product data and imagery into PIM or exporting data and image links to a template for a marketplace. If there are any issues, then Customer Support has always been on hand to help, and in my experience, all the support staff are very good and go into detail on how to fix a problem.


“Pimberly is the best PIM in the market.”

Pimberly should be taken into consideration if you’re seeking Product Information Management software that provides the finest value for your money. It’s a robust and adaptable piece of software that enables you to centrally and consistently manage your product data.

Depending on the channel, language, or market you wish to target, you can produce alternative content for the same attributes. Additionally, you may create and use as many APIs as you want to connect your products to a variety of applications and platforms, ensuring that your data is constantly current and synchronized.

Check out these Pimberly success stories from our distributor customers:

Pimberly Success Story: Westcoast

Global distributors/wholesalers using Pimberly to drive growth

Centralize your Product Data for Unmatched Accuracy

Distributors manage an immense amount of product data. Some manage millions of SKUs, each with its product attributes and digital assets. And distributors typically manage hundreds—if not thousands!—of suppliers.

So, let’s do the math. Per SKU, there will be up to 50 product attributes. As a minimum, there will be ten digital assets. This quickly adds up.

Before you know it, distributors juggle millions of data points and digital assets. In addition, what makes this even trickier is suppliers will each have different ways of providing product data.

Pimberly provides distributors with a single source of truth for all product information. You can easily eliminate inconsistencies and inaccuracies across sales channels and internal systems. Pimberly provides leading distributors a unified database that consolidates product information from various sources, eliminating discrepancies.

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Streamlined Distribution Operations

With hundreds – or thousands – of product data feeds, distributors have no effective means of understanding changes happening in real-time. However, PIM for distributors makes validating product information easy.

However, with Pimberly, you can easily manage large numbers of internal and external data feeds and turbo-charge your time-to-market. Product category managers won’t have to chase incorrect product data through the supply chain because of inaccurate data.

Pimberly’s automation and data governance tools capture product data from suppliers and update product listings across multiple channels in real-time, significantly reducing manual input and human error. Ultimately, improved data quality improves supply chain satisfaction and decreases returns or complaints due to inaccurate product information.

By using Pimberly to automate manual processes, you can shift your team’s focus to other key strategic areas, such as market analysis, strategic planning, or customer engagement.

Easily open a D2C Channel with eCommerce-ready product data

As more and more distributors open D2C channels, Pimberly makes managing the product data for an eCommerce store straightforward. Automation alleviates the workload of your traditional supply chain. So, D2C offers a great strategic avenue for improved business growth outside of your traditional channel.

Utilize Pimberly to ensure product information across D2C platforms is comprehensive, accurate, and appealing, directly influencing consumer purchasing decisions.

Pimberly also integrates with BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Microsoft NAV, and many other platforms. So you don’t have to worry about messy integrations. We take care of everything.

Accelerating Product Launches

Pimberly allows the quick compilation, ingestion, and centralization of product information, reducing the time from product conception to market availability. And, because Pimberly streamlines the process of onboarding suppliers directly into the PIM, launching products (across multiple channels) is even smoother.

Pimberly significantly reduces the time needed to prepare your products for market, facilitating the rapid dissemination of product information across channels.

By accelerating the product launch processes, you get vital extra selling, enabling them to capitalize on market trends and the demands of their supply chain before your competitors.

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  • Rapid-time-to-market for Products

    Effectively standardize product information from multiple suppliers, accelerating the process of bringing new products to market by reducing manual data consolidation efforts.

    Automated product syndication, data governance tools, and workflows enable distributors to publish accurate and comprehensive product information across multiple sales channels/eCommerce platforms nearly instantly. Ensure a quicker presence in the supply chain with Pimberly, giving you the extra competitive edge (and more business!).

  • List TitleMulti-channel and Localization Support

    Pimberly centralizes product information management across multiple sales channels, including online marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, and more, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all product listings.

    Pimberly automatically formats to meet the unique requirements of your sales channel, ensuring you play by the rules of wherever you’re selling. Pimberly’s automation will take care of localization, too. Tailor product descriptions and units of measurement and hold translations to access new markets across the globe quickly.

  • Integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM)

    A single, centralized location for all digital assets (videos, documents, certification, marketing materials, design files) ensures access and visibility of key sales collateral.

    Pimberly’s DAM capabilities mean you don’t have to worry about finding assets in random locations across departments. Everything is streamlined and consistent throughout the supply chain.

  • Auto-generate product catalogs, product data sheets, and POS materials

    Leverage Pimberly to automate data sheets, catalogs, and other POS materials. By taking product data from your centralized product database, you ensure your catalogs and data sheets are always up-to-date with the latest product details/specifications.

    Pimberly will auto-generate your POS, saving your team countless hours on repetitive and tedious tasks. You can trust they’ll adhere to your brand guidelines, ensuring consistency throughout the supply chain. Your brand image will be intact downstream.

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Elevate Data Quality and Compliance with Ease

Distributors must sing from the same hymn sheet regarding data accuracy and compliance. Moreover, with the Pimberly system, you’ll easily store the corresponding certification and quickly expand to new markets.

In the supply chain, end-users across the globe expect:

  • Language: Product descriptions need to be accurately translated. Translations for multiple languages will be stored within the Pimberly platform.
  • Product safety standards: This includes requirements for testing, labeling, and warning labels that represent a hazard. You can store this information in the Pimberly DAM alongside the relevant product.
  • Customs and duty: Properly classifying your products for customs purposes is essential. Ensure you have the documentation, such as a commercial invoice, to support the classification of your products.
  • Product codes: Used downstream to track, manage, and classify products.

Creating a single source of truth in Pimberly ensures the accuracy of product information across all product categories. Pimberly’s validation checks, lifecycles, and data governance tools ensure all products meet predefined quality standards before going live.

High-quality data is an essential strategic asset. By leveraging Pimberly, you enable better customer experiences, streamlined operations, and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Scalability for Growing Distribution Networks

Delivering product content in multiple formats to different locations is crucial for internal expansion. However, global expansion can be tricky because distributors manage vast volumes of product data and digital assets. Subsequently, Pimberly’s robust architecture is designed to handle large datasets without compromising performance.

Pimberly enables distributors to store localized product data against your product listings. For instance, distributors can store, manage, and distribute sizing info, different currencies, localized product catalogs, and translated product descriptions for each country you sell to.

PIM for distributors allows you to store translated product descriptions, so your product data will be multi-language in minutes. Distributors can use Pimberly to adapt their vast product offerings for different marketplaces, leveraging the platform’s flexibility to cater to consumer preferences and compliance standards across the globe.

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Easily Store Imagery and Media with Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Pimberly includes a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. Store a product’s corresponding digital assets – images, videos, certification – alongside the right product. Pimberly’s DAM functionality means distributors don’t have to worry about finding assets in random locations across departments.

Here are just some of the documents that we typically store for our distributor customers:

  • Huge volumes of images
  • Installation and service videos
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Hazardous and Chemical Data Sheets
  • 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) assets
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) files
  • Manufacturing drawings

Optimize your Multi-Channel Strategy

Pimberly empowers distributors to enhance their presence and performance across multiple sales and marketing channels. Subsequently, Pimberly ensures consistent product information, product descriptions, specifications, and other product attributes across all channels.

Pimberly’s ability to perform real-time updates to product information—across eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, etc.—ensures accuracy and consistency across all platforms.

Automated Channel-Specific Adaptations

Through automation, Pimberly will automatically adjust product content to fit each sales channel’s unique requirements/limitations. Examples from Pimberly customers include product description character limits in marketplaces and localized product imagery/product measurements relevant to each territory.

Strengthening Channel Partner Relationships

Pimberly facilitates the streamlined exchange of product information with channel partners, enhancing collaboration and alignment throughout the supply chain. Pimberly simplifies the inherent complexities of multi-channel distribution, enabling distributors to focus on strategic growth rather than operational challenges.

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Control the Supply Chain with Extended Pimberly Functionality

The Pimberly product suite is continually being expanded with an ambitious product roadmap. And, because distributors sit in the middle of the supply chain, we have designed functionality to make your lives even easier. Here are some of the modules our distributor customers utilize:

Vendor Portal

If you’re looking for even more control when onboarding product data from suppliers, Pimberly’s Vendor Portal module saves even more time and rapidly accelerates your time to market. Here’s how it works:

  1. Vendor Portal functions as a lightweight version of Pimberly, which your suppliers access via an email link
  2. The email contains a product data template—an Excel file containing a pre-defined set of attributes configured by you (you set the qualities you want, so you only get the data you need!)
  3. The supplier completes the template and uploads it to their lightweight Pimberly instance
  4. Any failed uploads are recognized and returned to the supplier to amend
  5. You don’t have to import all of your suppliers’ products. You can pick and choose the products you want Pimberly to ingest!

With Vendor Portal, you can ensure the data you receive from your suppliers is comprehensive. By supplying external vendors with a self-service portal, validating new line forms has never been as easy. Preparing for new seasonal collections and expanding your product range takes a fraction of the time.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal does the opposite of Vendor Portal. For instance, where Vendor Portal makes supplier onboarding easy, Customer Portal makes it easy for customers to pick and choose the product data they need. Customer Portal allows you to set parameters regarding which data points you share with your supply chain.

Customer Portal allows your customers to self-serve, cherry-picking the data they need to get your products to market quicker. So, leveraging Customer Portal will enable you to create stronger customer relationships and enforce brand consistency throughout the supply chain.

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  • Update your product range in minutes across all touchpoints