PIM for Food & Beverage

Changes in consumer behavior, coupled with pressure for reliable product data and labeling, means PIM for the food & beverage sector is a key ingredient for modern eCommerce.

Retailers, manufacturers, and distributors need to have a robust tech stack or risk playing catch-up in an increasingly competitive sector.

With PIM, transform your product data to create mouth-watering product experiences. Discover how Pimberly enables the food & beverage sector to enforce product standardization throughout the supply chain.

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Why the food & beverage sector needs PIM

  • Transparent and accurate product information

    In the world of food & beverage, data governance tools and automation ensure your nutritional information and labeling is 100% reliable.

    This includes technical information, cooking instructions, or allergen details, etc.

  • Manage and enrich data from a central source of truth

    Equip yourself with a comprehensive overview of product data coupled with strict user permissions, ensuring legal compliance across all sales channels

  • Tell product stories to consumers

    Deliver digital experiences for modern, tech-savvy consumers. Deliver inspiring customer journeys to engage health-conscious Millennial and Gen Z customers

  • Enforce product standardization across food and beverage management

    Leverage tools such as Pimberly’s Vendor Portal to ensure key details relating to allergen and nutrition don’t get lost in the data onboarding process

  • Leverage DAM capabilities

    Auto-assign product data sheets, menus, recipes, certification, high-quality images, cookery videos, etc. next to its corresponding to curate seamless shopping experiences

  • Manage unlimited product attributes

    From energy drinks and chocolate bars to red wine labeling and dietary supplements.

    Manage and enrich an unlimited number of complex data attributes against food and beverage products

  • Accelerate time to market

    Increased business agility makes it easier to onboard and sell perishable items before they expire

  • No more manual tasks

    Powerful automation and data governance tools will do the leg-work – so you don’t have to!

    This includes auto-converting measurements and automating product launches across sales channels

Take charge of your product data

As food & beverage continues to embrace eCommerce, high-quality product information is becoming more and more important.

With millions across the globe having food-based allergies, incorrect product data has very real consequences.

Managing product data from a central source of truth equips you with the tools to enrich and maintain product information. This way, you’ll ensure compliance with the sector’s high standards for safety whilst curating a consistent brand experience.

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image of red wine in glasses during a cheers moment

Create mouth-watering customer experiences

Online shoppers want a slick and streamlined digital shopping experience. Using red wine as an example, customers want to be able to zoom in on the label; they want to know the winery and region the wine was produced.

They’ll even want to compare it to other wines, read about the history of the vineyard, compare tasting notes, and find out the best food it pairs with.

A PIM solution like Pimberly will help facilitate detailed shopping experiences for your customers. Because Pimberly holds an unlimited number of product attributes against a product, there’s no end to the level of detail.

Quickly respond to changing consumer demand

Consumer trends in the food and beverage industry are more varied than ever. Data shows that 22% of the world population are vegetarian, with 6% of the US population identifying as vegetarians. The number is steadily rising, too. That’s before we even consider veganism, ketogenic, kosher, halal, and gluten-free diets.

With PIM, correctly display reliable ingredients next to each product to allow consumers to make informed choices.

You’re also quickly able to tailor your product range to meet emerging dietary requirements, trends, or lifestyle choices.

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Reduce costly product returns and wastage

Inadequate labeling, food safety concerns, and incorrect product information are some of the main reasons for returns in the food & beverage sector.

Ultimately, the more accurate product data, the fewer returns you’ll have to deal with. This is where PIM steps in to streamline food product information, ensuring consistency and quality control.

In addition, if perishable food goods are returned, it’s unlikely they can be re-sold at full cost, leading to losses for your business.

With PIM, you can implement and automate stricter policies around product information, reducing business costs and environmental impact.

Push products to unlimited sales channels

With Pimberly, you’re able to expand to marketplaces, social commerce and social media, B2B platforms, and much more.

The Pimberly product suite provides intuitive tools out-of-the-box to tailor your product data to each channel, ensuring your compliance with each platform’s requirements.

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Increase business efficiencies when onboarding supplier data

Supplier data is often provided in a different format or structure than you require. During the onboarding process, this causes headaches. And, bits of crucial information are easily missed.

With Pimberly, workflows, data governance tools, and Vendor Portal ensure your product information is standardized in a format suiting the requirements of your business. Then, it’s ready to go-to-market.

Why Pimberly is the best software for the food & beverage industry

Competition in the food and beverage industry is rife. So, to enable your business to be the cream of the crop, Pimberly comes loaded with tools to transform your product data and grow your business.

Integrating a PIM will enable your business to standardize and manage complex product data, create product experiences that convert browsers to buyers, and provide you with tools to expand your product range and accelerate your time to market.

If your business wants to simplify the flow of product data management and is spending too much time on manual processes, then PIM is something your eCommerce business should prioritize.