Pimberly Success Story: SIGMA Surplus

“The team at Pimberly has been nothing short of outstanding. Being US-based, we were originally worried about the time difference. This worry soon faded as the sales and support teams are super speedy at responding. The team and their powerful PIM solution have helped guide us to the great place we are now.





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About the company — All the parts to make a successful eCommerce strategy

SIGMA Surplus‌, a division of SIGMA Group, is one of America’s leading surplus maintenance, repair, and operations part providers for ‌Automation,‌ ‌Electrical,‌ ‌and‌ ‌Industrial‌ ‌Parts‌. Founded in 2013 in Indiana, it prides itself on going above and beyond to meet customers’ surplus needs. It serves all manufacturing industries, making the process of buying and selling these parts super easy. 

Deploying with total ease and efficiency 

Previously, the team had to battle with their 15-year-old product system. It knew this would create a barrier to its global eCommerce growth aspirations due to the limitations of the technology. If it was to increase the offering to its customers and reduce manual processes, a PIM would be essential.   

Pimberly connection directly to SIGMA’s eCommerce platform – BigCommerce was a big driver in the choice for a PIM. The connector was set up at super-speed and 1 month after setting it up, SIGMA Group is already seeing more sales than was ever expected!   

With Pimberly, the team at SIGMA was able to upload more than 160,000 assets in one go in a timely manner. Not only were these assets added with haste to the platform when uploaded, they were also automatically assigned to the right products by setting up rules within Pimberly. As a result of this nifty bit of automation, the team at SIGMA  saved a day of tedious work assigning assets to the correct product.  

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Pimberly connected to BigCommerce straight out of the box! It couldn’t have been easier to set up.  

Randa Doleh, Business Systems & Analytics Manager

Super solid webhooks & flexible APIs 

Screenshot of SIGMA Surplus Store on eBay

We chose Pimberly after an extensive search of all PIM providers because it had a much stronger feature set for refining product data than other anyone else. The API calls are super straightforward and have enabled us to set up a direct channel to eBay. This saves us hours! We can’t wait to see what other efficiencies we can make in the organization thanks to the Pimberly PIM solution


Until now, the team at SIGMA had built all their systems in-house using their team of developers. However, it came to a point where they needed to redirect their skill-set. The company wanted to scale and unify its platforms.  

Now the developers at SIGMA are using Pimberly in a sophisticated manner, utilizing the APIs and webhooks to ensure their processes are event-based. This means products are directed to the right sales channels in near real-time maximizing sales opportunities. 

A great example of this is how they have connected Pimberly directly into eBay’s merchant integration using an FTP, meaning their products can get to market as soon as they have been enriched, allowing SIGMA Group to gain a competitive edge over other businesses. 

SIGMA Group to enjoy a surplus of success in the future 

The team at SIGMA Group plans to roll out Pimberly to their two other brands, SIGMA Equipment, and SIGMA Recovery. This will triple the success it’s seen so far thanks to PIM. With Pimberly effectively managing all product data processes for its brands, it can create amazing product experiences.  

Now processes are streamlined, SIGMA Group can now think about selling products overseas. It will be looking to increase online sales on a global scale. Having a PIM solution in place means it’s on track to enjoy a surplus of success in the future. 

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