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Pimberly Reviews & Testimonials

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“With Pimberly centrally managing all of our product information, we were easily able to launch a new IronmongeryDirect website in half the time we expected…onboarding new products is a breeze. We can handle far more products than we thought we could, and we can deeply enrich all of them with ease.”

-Ironmongery Direct

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“Pimberly helped my team to work dynamically regarding the retail challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic impact of global shutdowns meant that consumers were less likely to make big purchases, like expensive jackets, and were also spending less time on the water.”

-Gill Marine

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“Pimberly had all the feature set that we needed out of the box. We didn’t have to  change anything! Pimberly does what it says on the tin: It’s our central source of truth.

That’s what it does incredibly well, and we can now manage our product data more efficiently.”


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“We wanted the whole team to benefit from the power of Pimberly.  We’re creating a central source of truth, so anyone within the team can look at any of our products and see what stage they are at. The team can now get their own status updates which means they feel so much more empowered.”


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“We feel empowered knowing that our teams are going into supplier meetings equipped with all the knowledge they need to drive the right conversations.

It’s like a whole new world of process and product presentation. We are very excited about our future with Pimberly there are so many things we’re looking forward to doing.”


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“Thanks to the Pimberly PIM system, we are able to work smarter and more efficiently. Onboarding new products used to take the product team weeks.

Now it only takes an afternoon…our communications team now has more data in one place than they’ve ever had before. We are so much more organized and we’re thrilled!”

-J Rosenthal & Son

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“The rich feature set and the ease of use of the software are what first got our attention when choosing a new PIM system.

The bonus we weren’t expecting was how knowledgeable and personable all the team at Pimberly are.

At each touchpoint, we’ve just had a great experience.”

-YESSS Electrical

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“As the company and our expectations grew, we knew we needed a standalone PIM platform that wasn’t driven by internal web developers, so we could remain competitive.

Pimberly came to us and said; we are building something from the ground up, do you want to be a part of this? And this opportunity was too good to miss.”


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G2 Pimberly Reviews


Nov  2023

“Fantastic Company to Work With!”

Where we sell on so many different channels Pimberly is able to adapt our product data to create simple feeds meaning we can upload listings and new products in a matter of minutes rather than previous hours. It’s also the source of truth for all product data, streamlining our process for data collection and accuracy.


Oct 2023

“Great software and brilliant team to work with too”

Having all product data in one area, formatted in every way we could need as a concise, easy to search tool is great. Our product data is quite complex with bundles and sellable components which could need bulk data transformations or mass exports and Pimberly allows us to store data at bundle level…


Aug 2023

“Data Governance at your fingertips”

We had a big problem in our company which was that we relied on spreadsheets and websites to host our data and now we have a dynamic database that we finally feel we are in charge of.


Nov 2023

“Service is second to none!”

Since go live the support from Pimberly has truly been second to none. Their response times are unrivalled and they work with you or jump on a call at the drop of a hat until the issue is sorted. So well done to the support team, truly fantastic. Now we are up and running we couldn’t really live without the PIM…


Oct 2023

“User friendly, intuitive system with amazing customer support”

Our business is fast growing. As we acquire businesses, we acquire products. Pimberly is helping us put rules & requirements around our product data, which is enriching our data for customer use.

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Capterra Pimberly Reviews


Nov 2023

“Fantastic PIM Platform”

Ease of use/customisation – Range of integrations – Extremely good support with any issues/questions – New software update deployment


Sep 2023

“Great time-saving PIM”

Pimberly is easy to use, and compared to other options that we looked into the most cost-effective for our needs. It has greatly improved efficiencies in our product enrichment process.


Jun 2023

“Great System”

Great team and easy to work with during the onboarding process and after. Always happy to help with any questions we have. The software is great, easy to use, it has really helped optimise product enrichment…


Jan 2023

“Pimberly makes PIM easy”

PIM has helped us create a clear shared working area for our team and helps keep product information consistent between our multiple platforms. We couldn’t be happier…


April 2021

“The best PIM solution”

We have a large and complex product catalogue – Pimberly has helped us double our product range in 5 months. We’d never have been able to do that without the platform.

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Google Account Pimberly Reviews


Sept 2023

Fantastic software, and absolutely brilliant people to work with too. The PIM has revolutionised how we work and given us so much scope for the future. Would definitely recommend their product.


Sept 2023

Pimberly is a world class PIM that allows our merchants to succeed in enriching product data for the appropriate channels without an army of merchandisers and copyrighters. We love working with the team and will continue to recommend.


Jul 2023

Fantastic software that has revolutionised how we manage our product data and integrate with multiple sales channels.

First class support and account management.

Highly recommended.


Sept 2023

Pimberley is clearly a modern, forward thinking company with a top product and service. 5 star hospitality experience from Matt and Jess 🙂


Nov 2023

I’ve been using Pimberly for our product import management needs, and I wanted to share my positive experience, particularly regarding our Customer Success representative, Rick…