Pimberly Success Story: Yesss Electrical

“Our old PIM system was overcomplicated and not a pleasure to use. Pimberly has been a joy to set up in comparison. We’re super excited to see what extra efficiencies it can bring to the business.”  

PIM Manager, YESSS Electrical 

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Shockingly great growth in the last 9 years    

YESSS Electrical is the fastest growing electrical wholesaler in the UK. Founded in 2012 by the Mackie Family, they now have over 95 branches nationwide and a turnover well in excess of £200 million. YESSS Electrical  is also part of the YESSS Group, founded in 1974 in Europe with nearly 500 branches and sales in excess of £1 Billion per annum.

Quick off the spark to fully enrich products  

Before Pimberly, YESSS Electrical was using another Product Information Platform. However, the configuration was complex, clunky, and confusing. Product data updates took 15 minutes which led to products being released before they were fully enriched. Consequently, a lot of products reached the website with incorrect pricing and descriptions.

Now, managing product data is a breeze with Pimberly. The user-friendly interface gives the team more autonomy when enriching their highly technical products. The team was able to create 6,000 products in Pimberly in just 3 months. Furthermore, over half of these are now fully populated, all without any training! The team is also confident that all these products have the correct data which is something the old PIM system didn’t offer.

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Our eCommerce managers can now do their own imports and exports. This wasn’t something they could do before. Pimberly empowers them because it’s that easy to use. The usability is great!

Richard Longbone, YESSS Electrical

Easy to fuse when you’re backed by the right people    

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The rich feature set and the ease of use of the software are what first got our attention when choosing a new PIM system. The bonus we weren’t expecting was how knowledgeable and personable all the team at Pimberly are. At each touchpoint, we’ve just had a great experience.

YESSS Electrical

When looking for a new PIM, YESSS Electrical was very thorough in its selection process. The company was keen for the next PIM investment to be the right one! Pimberly quickly grabbed the attention of the company with its highly skilled and approachable team.

Pimberly was the only vendor they shortlisted that managed the implementation in-house and did not push a third-party partner. Having PIM expertise they could easily and readily rely on was a big selling point for YESSS Electrical. It has big growth ambitions and knew it needed to invest in a partner that would support it on this journey. The YESSS Electrical team had full confidence that Pimberly was the right fit.

Head full charge into an electrifying future

YESSS Electrical has its sights firmly set on the future. It’s looking to add 50,000 products to the platform in the next couple of months. Doing this will give the company a golden record helping it feed all parts of the organization.

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