Pimberly Success Story: Ralawise

Pimberly has been fantastic for Ralawise. We now have a central PIM system that serves as a single source of truth for all our product data. The flexibility of the system has enabled us to integrate with several applications and websites quickly and seamlessly. I’ve no doubt that Pimberly will continue to support our growth in the future”.   

eCommerce Manager, Ralawise

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Making brands effortlessly stylish since the ’80s    

Ralawise is the ultimate one-stop clothing distributor stocking over 120 different brands. It was founded in the family kitchen of the Baston family in the early 1980s and has since quickly expanded into several markets. It became an authorized distributor of Jerzees (Russell Europe) in 1991 and Fruit of the Loom shortly after. Today, Ralawise now stocks over 120+ different brands. 

Saying goodbye to erroneous data    

Before Pimberly, Ralawise found it challenging to effectively manage product data. Their master data sat on multiple spreadsheets which were shared throughout the businesses via email. This data silo meant there was a very linear way of working. As a result, only one person could work on product enrichment at any given time. This meant time to market was incredibly slow which had a negative impact on its competitive advantage. 

When creating product catalogs, some teams would make changes directly to the catalog software. In other words, it was almost impossible to know which version was the most up-to-date and there was no single source of truth.  Because these changes were made on an ad-hoc basis, they weren’t linking up to their stock management system. Consequently, customers were purchasing products that weren’t in stock, resulting in a poor online experience.  

Ralawise needed a central hub where it could manage all of its product data to create a single source of truth. This is where Pimberly comes in! Product data changes only have to be made once and they’re reflected in real time. In addition to this, powerful automation means the changes are published to all sales channels and catalogs with the click of a button.      

Ralawise Single Source of Truth

Having a central platform to manage our product data has increased our productivity by 30%.  Not only are we getting to market quicker, we’re increasing the accuracy of this data. 

Nick Howard,  eCommerce Manager

Creating strong customer relationships    

Ralawise Single Source of Truth

We’ve been able to create a solution with the team at Pimberly that empowers our customers. They couldn’t be happier — they are now able to purchase products with more confidence.


Ralawise likes to share as much content with its customers as possible. Above all, it wants to create amazing online experiences by giving customers confidence in their purchasing decisions. Product team members were copying and pasting every image for the chosen products across to an FTP site. Not having a single location for these digital assets resulted in an incredibly laborious way of working. As the customer base grew, this process became more and more time-consuming. On the other hand, these digital assets were something customers simply couldn’t go without.  

Working with Pimberly, Ralawise was able to create a solution that automatically shares the desired product imagery with their customers. To overcome this challenge, Pimberly wrote a script that fed into this FTP site. This meant the Ralawise teams could release and un-release imagery to this site. What’s important to note is that this saved Ralawise up to 10 hours a week!  

Creating better customer experiences with fully enriched product information

Ralawise is looking to expand its eCommerce operations internationally. However, managing product data for multiple languages from disparate data sources was a very onerous task for the already busy team. Moreover, the teams were struggling to enrich thousands of products in one language as it was.     

Pimberly’s locale feature means Ralawise can easily manage five different languages including; Swedish, German, Dutch, French, Danish, and English. As a result, it has been able to massively extend its market reach and increase sales.  

Ralawise Single Source of Truth

Without Pimberly’s locale feature, we wouldn’t have ever been able to manage as many languages as we can now. It’s been a great success so far.    

Nick Howard, Ralawise

Packing their bags for eCommerce world domination

Ralawise is empowered now its product data is managed and enriched in a central location. The business now has its sights set on international expansion. A major business decision will be the launch of another website. Ralawise will also be looking at how it can leverage the Pimberly platform to speed its time to market, especially in new territories.    

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