Improved Product Onboarding with a Seamless Data Flow with ProSolve®

“Pimberly is an extremely user-friendly hub for product information and having a central point of contact that neighbouring departments can also populate and utilise has been very advantageous for us as a business to date”

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Reconstructing the Product Onboarding Experience

Established in 1982, ProSolve® is a family-owned business dedicated to providing consumable products and hardware to the Construction, Civil Engineering, DIY, Charity, Educational and Wholesale sectors. Their commitment extends beyond product supply, as they offer expert guidance and project support to empower their customers’ success.

As ProSolve® evolved, it required a solution to streamline its data flow for increased productivity and accelerated time to market. By leveraging Pimberly’s functionality, ProSolve® experienced heightened operational efficiency, allowing it to respond to market demands while maintaining its commitment to serving its core customer base.

A Central Hub for Product Information and Digital Assets

Prior to Pimberly, ProSolve® encountered challenges in organizing its product information. This data was dispersed across various platforms, including its website, ERP system (Sage 200), multiple spreadsheets, and SharePoint. They were also managing frequent customer requests for catalogs, intensifying the complexity. So overall, this fragmentation in data storage took a considerable time to consolidate.

With Pimberly, ProSolve® has now achieved a pivotal shift in its product data management strategy. The Pimberly platform is a centralised repository, encompassing all facets of product data and digital assets. This consolidation has simplified their product data management processes, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

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Moreover, this “central source of truth” enables ProSolve® to provide its customers with up-to-date and accurate product information. As a result, ProSolve® now respond to their customers’ needs more effectively.

Streamlining the Data Flow for Internal and External Use

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The dispersion of data across multiple locations within the organisation presented challenges both internally and externally. The reliance on manual processes, such as sending spreadsheets back and forth among team members, proved to be time-consuming and inefficient.

Through the adoption of Pimberly, ProSolve® has achieved remarkable improvements in its product data management process, leading to heightened productivity and time savings. This transformation has not only positively impacted internal operations but has also enhanced the customer experience.

Pimberly’s channel functionality, allows ProSolve® to promptly deliver accurate and up-to-date product information to their website, partners and customers. By leveraging Pimberly’s capabilities, ProSolve® has established a streamlined workflow, eliminating bottlenecks and manual interventions that previously hindered data availability.

Remodelling the Product Enrichment Process with Powerful Automation

The distribution of product data across various locations posed challenges in maintaining a consistent tone of voice for ProSolve®. Additionally, there was little in terms of validation which made it difficult to ensure the completeness and accuracy of product information during product onboarding. This led to instances where incorrect product details were published on the company’s website.

Pimberly has streamlined and automated crucial aspects of its product management process. With Pimberly’s assistance, ProSolve® can now ensure (with the help of our wonderful workflows) that each product available to its website has all the critical sales and marketing information it needs to ensure that customers find the right product with ease.

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Pimberly serves as central hub  for all product onboarding and enrichment, with products originating in ProSolve’s®   system (Sage 200). This information is then seamlessly fed into Pimberly for further enhancement and refinement.

Our workflows and lifecycles ensure products undergo the necessary enrichment processes before being released to the website. This approach prevents any products from being published without the correct and comprehensive information. Additionally, by consolidating product information within the Pimberly platform, ProSolve® now maintain a consistent tone of voice across all its marketing channels.

Looking to the Future with Pimberly AI

ProSolve® has taken a step in embracing cutting-edge technology by becoming an early adopter of PimberlyAI . With a keen focus on leveraging the auto-generated product description functionality, ProSolve® aims to create compelling marketing descriptions for its diverse range of products.

As one of the first users of the feature, this collaboration marks an exciting phase for both Pimberly and ProSolve®. This strategic partnership reflects the shared vision of both organisations to stay at the forefront of advancements in their industries.

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Easily Import

You can quickly import data into Pimberly from multiple sources in any form. The platform can connect to all your supplier, manufacturer and data feeds in minutes. You’ll see faster product on-boarding with less work!

Centrally Manage

Pimberly manages all of your product information, attributes and assets. Dashboards give a clear view of completeness across product ranges, and with the power to handle unlimited SKUs, Pimberly grows with your business.