How Williams Commerce Facilitate Scalability

Williams Commerce is one of our valued partners, and we’ve worked side-by-side to help our customers to achieve business growth. Williams Commerce is a leading digital services agency that builds and transforms their customers’ eCommerce businesses worldwide. Like the Pimberly team, they focus on creating incredible digital experiences. Williams Commerce offers a range of services spanning from eCommerce, digital marketing and sophisticated integration with third-party systems.

At Pimberly, we’re passionate about helping our customers leverage their product data and digital assets to create amazing online experiences. The synergy between Pimberly and Williams Commerce lies in what we’re both passionate about: Helping our customers create online experiences that surprise and delight, all whilst streamlining day-to-day operations. Here’s a little insight into the work we completed on one of our joint accounts – Gill Marine:


Gill Marine business growth success story

Gill Marine is a leader in the marine apparel sector and was founded by avid sailor, Nick Gill, in 1975. The business growth has been very rapid. This meant adopting a digital transformation strategy was crucial to scale and expand their technical clothing business.

Gill Marine is a prime example of how COVID has anchored its eCommerce strategy. Gill Marine worked with Pimberly and Williams Commerce to take the business from ‘safe and reliable’ to ‘new and exciting’. It scaled its brands and expanded into new markets. Consequently, SEO, AOV and conversion rates were much improved. Now the world is its oyster!

During the height of the pandemic, it launched Gill Fishing to capitalize on growing demand for fishing equipment in the US. It saved a lot of time and money by being able to do this so quickly with our powerful solutions. From the build of the Gill Fishing eCommerce site to launching, it was dealing with the first orders in as soon as one month.

The role of Pimberly

Creating new sales channels in Pimberly can literally be completed with a few simple clicks. Use powerful scoping facilities to tailor the product data and digital assets you distribute to sales channels. The channel configurator will ensure data is always distributed in line with their specific requirements. Wherever you’re reaching your audience, they’ll always have the best possible customer experience.

Localisation features in Pimberly mean you can translate and store product data in the languages you need, convert prices into the currencies you need and use scoping features to make sure your audience will see the measurements in metrics that make sense to them. Use the scoping functionality to personalize the experience depending on region to really up your game.

Real-time, bulk updates mean that you can quickly diversify your product range, and any changes will be instantly reflected across all your sales channels. This gives you a super-fast route to market. Without the need to manually update your products, you’ll save loads of time, be more productive and increase sales.

Pimberly also has loads of other essential features and functionalities that give you the ability to create personalized and superior customer experiences.

The role of Williams Commerce

Increasing your online exposure is one of the things Williams Commerce is most passionate about. Entering new markets or expanding your product range is a great way to scale, so make sure you’re getting your products in front of the right people at the right time. Williams Commerce has a wide array of digital services that will achieve this for you. This means you can grow your business with full confidence.

Website issues – issues are always fixed with a super-fast turnaround, therefore you’ll have minimal disruption. No problem is too big or small. Williams Commerce will often pick up historic code and bring it up to scratch. Williams Commerce will work with you to determine your eCommerce goals. The team keeps site development moving forward, adding enhancements and functionalities that will enable you to work with more efficiency.

Website builds can typically be completed in a week for .net and php sites. For those based on Magento, Venda or Salesforce Commerce Cloud, it’s even faster. They’ll work with you to understand your specific requirements and make sure the site they build fits the bill in every way. A powerful eCommerce site is the groundwork you need to make sure you’re delivering customer experiences that will surprise and delight.

Digital transformation is the way to achieve business growth

Now is the time to embrace digital transformation, leveraging technology to optimize resources and produce better results. Streamline the way you work with Williams Commerce and Pimberly. With more free time, you can get back to bossing your eCommerce strategy.

This will ultimately set you apart from the competition. This is crucial for online retailers facing increases in demand and changing consumer behavior. Having forward-thinking and proactive technology partners is a must for any businesses looking to smash their eCommerce strategy.

Learn more about the Williams Commerce & Pimberly partnership and start your journey to online excellence