5 Reasons BigCommerce Merchants Love our PIM Connector

Pimberly’s BigCommerce Connector is a tried-and-tested BigCommerce integration, trusted by a number of our customers across the globe to scale their business.

In this blog, we’re going to look at what sets the BigCommerce Connector apart. And, dive into why merchants hold it in such high esteem.

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1. We manage the implementation and maintenance in-house

You need to link your BigCommerce store to your PIM to leverage its benefits. You could do this through extra middleware or costly custom code. But, this brings extra work and more money.

With Pimberly’s BigCommerce Connector, you won’t get your hands dirty. Instead, you’ll be able to sit back as our in-house team do the heavy lifting. And, if anything changes, we’ll own the maintenance and updates. There’s no need to outsource work to expensive BigCommerce developers.

In addition, our professional services team ensures your product data matches the requirements of your BigCommerce store. As BigCommerce users are well aware, the eCommerce platform has its own criteria for managing product variants.

So, through the BigCommerce Connector and a seamless integration, we make sure your trusted product data flows through seamlessly on your behalf.

The BigCommerce Connector features multi-store functionality

BigCommerce Multi-Storefront (MSF) is a great asset for merchants with multiple brands or who operate across B2C and B2B. Alternatively, some merchants use additional storefronts as a marketing tool. Creating and managing headless storefronts – from a single control panel – has never been easier.

However, whatever they’re using MSF for, a key pain point for merchants is managing product data quality.  This is because, without a BigCommerce PIM, managing product information across storefronts is frustrating and time-consuming.

But, with Pimberly as your centralized hub for product information management, you’re able to individually scope data for each storefront. This saves your business heaps of time and accelerates your time-to-market.

Additionally, you don’t have to manage the connection to your storefronts yourself. This is because, unlike other BigCommerce integrations, Pimberly’s experienced team configures the seamless connection entirely.

Image of a schematic demonstrating how Pimberly and BigCommerce connect

2. The Connector’s queueing system ensures product updates are near real-time

Pimberly’s BigCommerce Connector enables product updates to be reflected near real-time in your eCommerce platform. This is because the BigCommerce Connector follows an event-driven queue system (more on this below!).

In other words, you don’t have to manage product content via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or additional BigCommerce API calls. It offers a much, much, quicker solution.

So, any changes you make to product data in the PIM will trigger an action via the BigCommerce integrated connector.  This means, planning a flash sale or launching a new product is lightning-quick.

How the Connector queues product updates

However, if you’re bulk updating thousands of products, the BigCommerce Connector manages the updates into an efficient queue at a fraction of the time, straight into BigCommerce.

For example, a change to a parent product is likely to result in lots of updates, as it would include updating child products, too. This could result in dozens – or hundreds – of product updates. So the Connector’s queuing system runs in the order of events within the queue, ensuring the updates are as effective, quick, and seamless as possible.

Architecturally, this is a much quicker process than if you were to manage product updates via FTP.

3. The Connector updates both custom and basic attributes

The Pimberly-BigCommerce Connector doesn’t just update basic product attributes. Moreover, it also updates custom attributes that exist against products in your BigCommerce store.

Taking an armchair as an example, basic attributes typically include product name, material, or dimensions. However, it’s likely you’ll have custom attributes configured within BigCommerce. For an armchair, this will include cleaning instructions, warranty information, cushion type, or if it reclines.

Pimberly’s BigCommerce Connector enables you to update both basic and custom attributes. This way, you don’t have to edit customer product attributes from within BigCommerce. Doing so would be a tricky and time consuming process.

Instead, you manage all elements of product information from the PIM. This offers you a more user-friendly interface for managing complex product data, accessible from any device with an internet connection.

The Connector manages multi-tiered product hierarchy

Pimberly comes fully-loaded with functionality for managing multi-tiered SKU hierarchies. This makes it easy to standardize and meet individual web store requirements,

This ensures even the smallest piece of product information is up-to-scratch, across all data sources. From technical metadata, to digital assets!

4. You have complete visibility of errors in a readable and actionable format

There’s nothing more frustrating than incorrect product data being pushed to your BigCommerce store. These failures might be due to data validation, BigCommerce outages, or timing issues.

That’s why Pimberly’s error handling and listing services ensure any failures are logged and made visible within Pimberly for you to manage. The BigCommerce Connector will push the incorrect product data back to Pimberly, readily available to access in the Logs section. From here, users can edit and resubmit the product information.

In addition, the BigCommerce Connector presents errors in a human and readable format. This means, you’ll be able to identify any mismatched attributes and technical attributes without any headaches. You’ll quickly get to the bottom of any problems with your product catalog data.

5. It’s an established technology between two MACH Alliance partners

Our BigCommerce PIM solution is a best-of-breed industry-established piece of API-API technology. This means, we fit seamlessly into composable tech stacks. As BigCommerce lends itself to customization, the BigCommerce Connector makes it easier for merchants to scale their tech stacks (and their business!).

It’s no surprise in 2023 Pimberly were accepted into the MACH Alliance. In order to be accepted into the group, members have to match high-standards for API-first technology. As a result, sleep well knowing data is being pushed to BigCommerce securely and privately.

Key Points

  • The Pimberly-BigCommerce Connector isn’t merely a script or a run-of-the-mill automation tool. It’s a state-of-the-art piece of technology.
  • BigCommerce merchants don’t have to worry about implementation and maintenance. This is all managed in-house by a dedicated and experienced team.
  • The Connector enables you to manage complex product data from a single trusted repository.
  • Finally, Pimberly is the best PIM for BigCommerce as lightning-quick product updates enable your business to adapt quickly to market changes. And, you’re able to expand your product range across multiple storefronts at a moment’s notice.