Pimberly Partners With eCommerce Powerhouse Platform BigCommerce

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with BigCommerce, a fast-growing and dynamic SaaS eCommerce platform that powers online business growth. This partnership provides some exceptional capabilities for BigCommerce users that are focused on improving their product information and strengthening the connection with their customers.

BigCommerce is an eCommerce growth platform that promotes online growth.

Harness the Awesome Potential of Product Data

The intuitive nature of our Product Information Management (PIM) platform combined with the versatile features of BigCommerce makes for a strong combination. Brands have the ability to harness the power of their product data for ongoing eCommerce success.

The Pimberly and BigCommerce connector enables real-time updates to product data, rapidly speeding up time to market and ensuring consumers receive accurate information.

By using the connector, companies can achieve some incredible benefits, such as streamlining the management of product information. Not only does this supercharge productivity, but marketing teams have more time to focus on creating eCommerce campaigns, driving more business revenue.

Another benefit is that companies can open multiple sales channels in multiple marketplaces. Whether this means scoping product data for different audiences or creating localised product descriptions, brands can lay the foundation for expanding on a global scale.

Forging New Partnerships for the Future

Partnering with BigCommerce continues a year of great success for Pimberly. We were recently recognised as one of the UK’s fastest growing tech scaleups as part of the prestigious Tech Nation Upscale 5.0 programme.

We’ll continue to work closely with BigCommerce to ensure that customers are able to get the most out of their product data and build long-term customer relationships.

At Pimberly, we’re focused on expanding our partnership channels and forging connections with brands and agencies in the eCommerce space. To learn more about our partners or to join our partnership referral programme, get in touch and one of our consultants will be happy to answer any questions.