How you can expand easily into new markets with PIM

There’s a lot to consider when launching your products in a new country or marketplace. You have to account for language, audience, currency and more. Localising product data enables you to tailor your inventory and meet the demands of consumers no matter where they are in the world. 

In this video, we’ll show you the benefits of PIM in relation to expanding into international markets.

  • Translated product data provides the right amount of information for customers in different countries 
  • Localised products provide a personalised approach for standing out in specific marketplaces 
  • Create a consistent golden record with localised attributes and distribute it for international growth

Localisation made easy with Pimberly 

By using Pimberly, you’ll be able to create rich, localised product data with ease. Utilise the scoping feature to tailor your products to audiences in new countries. You can easily set up new channels and expand into foreign markets. There’s also the opportunity to grow your product range into new locales and increase brand awareness.

Next Steps

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