Why PIM is Key to eCommerce Success

Using Product Information Management (PIM) to achieve eCommerce success is fast becoming a focal point for anyone selling online. To add to that, eCommerce is becoming an increasingly important sales channel for both online retailers and distributors. 

If you’re looking to improve your eCommerce strategy and performance, here are a few of the things you need to be thinking about: 

The list goes on, and we’ve not even started on the product data yet – so, let’s dive in! 

We know that customer experience and eCommerce go hand in hand. But, we also know it’s easy to forget that customers are there to browse (and hopefully buy) your products. It’s not just about your customers enjoying a well-built website. The key to creating a great customer experience is providing the right information for the right customers, at exactly the right time. If you’re handling large amounts of product data, PIM for eCommerce success is just what you need.


Eliminate errors and inconsistency

Customer loyalty is invaluable in a world where your competitors are merely a click away. Essentially, this means you need to quickly gain the trust of your eCommerce site visitors. If your product data is inaccurate or inconsistent across different sales channels, you’ll deter potential customers and lose sales. 

By creating a single source of truth for your product data, you can be sure that no matter where customers see your products, the information will be correct and up to date. Good product information management processes make cleansing and enriching your data faster and easier. Overall, this allows you to focus on creating the rich content you need to gain a competitive edge.

Increase online conversions with rich data

Speaking of rich content; it’s never been more important to provide tech-savvy customers with all the rich digital assets you can. Online manuals and specifications, 360-degree views, zoom, and videos of products in action all help push customers further down the sales funnel. Ultimately, they’ll be more likely to click “BUY NOW” and you’ll see improved online conversion rates.   

Managing this wealth of rich information might seem daunting. However, a solid PIM system enables you to easily achieve higher conversion rates, higher margins, more new customers, and more sales. With PIM you can effectively manage your omnichannel strategy and serve customers with the right product information at the right time. 

Get your products found by improving SEO

Improving the quality of your product data and digital assets doesn’t just contribute to a better experience for your customers – it will help get your products found! The best way to increase your SEO rankings is through enriched product data. This will drive your relevant keywords and differentiate you from your competitors.

A great PIM system makes it easy to describe your products differently across specific platforms. Consequently, you can ensure you’re targeting the right customers within the right market. In other words, close management of keywords will improve your SEO results and drive customers towards your online store.

Realize your up-sell and cross-sell potential

Increasing traffic through SEO and conversions with rich media and data are both great for your eCommerce performance. But, you can do so much more! Quality data will also help you increase the Average Order Value (AOV) of the customers who are browsing your eCommerce site. Accurate information makes pulling together product bundles a breeze. Importantly, it can improve the product suggestions customers receive. Moreover, this won’t just be on your website, but across all your sales channels too.

PIM is the key

With customer expectations evolving, distributors and retails need to evolve with them or risk being left behind. That’s why a solid PIM solution is essential to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Provide rich, accurate, and timely information to ensure your customers get the best possible product experience.

Solutions like Pimberly enable you to distribute rich, accurate real-time data on your entire product range across all your sales channels. PIM will help you get the full potential from your product data, meaning you can increase conversions and up your AOV with online experiences your customers will love! 

Keen to find out more about PIM for eCommerce success? Take a look at our mini demo to see what Pimberly can do for your business. 

We always want to make sure we deliver the highest quality content, which is why we updated this blog in April 2021. This blog was originally published in 2017.