Sneak Peek at AI-Generated Product Descriptions

Finding the right product information management tool (PIM) for your business is not just about what that tool offers today. It’s also about how your software provider helps your company remain more agile in the future. We continuously look for new opportunities that enable our customers to leverage their product information in unexpected ways. Here we offer a sneak preview of AI-generated product descriptions and how they’ll expand the efficiency and uses of your PIM.

1. The importance of potent product descriptions

When we attended PI Apparel in NYC last year, we learned how the fashion industry is embracing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. AI generates product descriptions and content not only through copywriting capabilities but also by introducing a tone that fits your brand’s voice. This advancement is enabling us to develop new PIM features designed to improve your ability to create potent, AI-generated product descriptions.

Essentially, AI copywriting uses machine learning to generate compelling copy based on your existing product data. Better yet, it can incorporate customer data to create different variations of product descriptions based on the needs of your customer segments. By being more responsive with content development, you can build trust and increase conversions.

AI-generated product descriptions and SEO

AI also optimizes product descriptions using machine learning to improve keyword research and help increase your product SERP rankings. As more customers find you, you can boost conversions. AI tracks how your customers search for products online and analyzes data to determine important factors such as buyer intent.

As a result, the content produced targets the needs of a customer as they shop. AI’s generation of other SEO-friendly essentials, such as title tags, improves visibility and ensures your content is searchable, reader-friendly, and persuasive.

2. Have a specific voice in mind? Pimberly has you covered

Pimberly has been researching the possibilities AI-generated product descriptions provide to help you create content in a myriad of tones of voice. Obviously, tone of voice is important. It separates your brand from the competition and ensures you connect with a specific audience. Changing tone effectively sends the right message using a natural language that connects with different customers.

If your products appeal to various segments, you should adjust that tone to resonate with each segment. You differentiate yourself with a brand-specific tone, while ensuring the content of each product description brings value to each individual shopper.

AI enables you to consider your product descriptions, look at the top sellers and find ways to improve tone across your entire product line. Also, machine learning enables your team to find the best words to appeal to your target audience(s) using a specific voice.

You can improve the quality of your product descriptions, and the originality of your content and clarify description meaning.  All the while, you are ensuring you answer your customer’s most pressing questions. AI-generated product descriptions can appeal to specific customer segments or based on an individual customer’s history and needs.